Going to the gym by yourself

Should I go to the gym by myself? Is it weird to be a loner at the gym? I would go with friends if I had any. But I can't make any friends, only acquaintances. How do I make friends at the gym? I'm a guy by the way.

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>I'm a guy by the way

Do you feel like a guy? Because you sound like a little girl.

Go to the fucking gym and don't worry about anyone else but you and your improvement. Step one is completing getting rid of your little bitch attitude.

I am being genuine here.

all gyms are full of loner guys. they spend all the time looking at themselves in mirrors at various angles interspersed with pumping iron

Wrong board but just throw some headphones on and go and do your thing, no one gives a fuck about you unironically

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Do starting strength. Everything else you will burn out. Look up Mark Rippetoe Starting Strength and follow it to a tee. Do not skip deadlift day. Do not cheat on squats.

>Is it weird to be a loner at the gym
>being this much of a pussy
Just go for like a month and you'll make friends with the regulars.

Why do you keep posting retarded questions on Veeky Forums instead of Veeky Forums every day? Are you unironically retarded or is this some long-term rustle?

the gym is actually a place where it's completely normal to be alone

I go with my mate but it's perfectly normal to go alone too.
Tbh almost everyone goes alone.

Who the fucks goes to a gym with friends or something? you will get distracted and maybe even triple your time at the gym, the same with cellphones, don't take them to the gym, if you don't want to be alone then make friends in the gym to practice social skills or something, i don't do this since i hate humans

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Dude, join jui jitsu instead. Get /fit while you alpha out with other anons. You'll start becoming part of the pack when you dedicate yourself.

/fit and /biz are the most useful

I am also interested in BJJ but you made it sound kind of gay.

>blackbelt 7 dan bjj

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ofc you go to the gym alone wtf... why is this board so autistic

Sounds, looks homo but it gives results. Take muy thai or a boxing course if rolling on the mat with another sweaty man threatens your sexuality. In other words, do a true combat sport and not a mcdojo 80% pattern (dance) class

i workout alone 99% of the time. whenever friends are on a workout spree they come with me, but it never lasts before they stop going.

Coordinating workouts is difficult op. if you both work and have shit to do its even harder if schedules dont align. just go and do your thing on your own. its not weird in the slightest. most people at the gym go alone. only a few go in groups or with others and im sure they all regularly run into misaligned schedules.

you can make friends with people who are there whe nyou generally go after some time. its onyl normal to get familiar with people ventually if you go for years and see each other.

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op this guy is right, do jiu jitsu. Also stop being a little bitch. Solidarity isn't something to spend a lifetime avoiding.

Most people I see at the gym go alone. This is a question you wouldn't even expect someone to ask it's actually that common.

If you're going to go to the gym and are serious about it, only go with others who are serious about it. I tried going with this little faggot at my job and he just sat there and wouldn't shut the fuck up. First and last time I went with him. Sometimes I go with the gf but well just basically carpool then do our own thing.

Going to the gym alone isnt weird at all. And unless your anti social , if you go on a regular basis youll befriend familiar faces .

Only relevant contribution

most people go to the gym alone

What the flying fuck is this shit. Saged

What the fuck is with all the wrong board posts today?

Literally everyone goes to the gym by themselves, wtf

I started bringing a friend a few weeks ago because he needs help/guidance, and it still feels fucking weird.

gyms are for homsexuals

Just go to the gym, lift and go home. Who gives a shit it you go alone? It's not a fucking a tea party. You're there to work on your physical strength not chill around.

Everything he said except do Stronglifts or Veeky Forums Greyskull LP.

Once you've got your form right and made decent strength gains on the main 5 compound lifts, add upper body accessories like incline DB bench, side raises, hammer curls etc.

>Is it weird to be a loner at the gym?
>Help is retard

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Also make sure you use your gym time to listen to new music. This will help your social gains. What a lot of autists don't understand is how important music is for socializing. Use Spotify to listen to lots of different artists. If you don't like a particular artist just listen to 2 songs so you have a frame of reference when it comes up in a social situation

If at all possible, throw together a home gym. I used to feel the same way about the gym. Hated being around other people when I'm trying to focus on myself. It was the best decision I ever made.

the gym isn't a fucking club you moron, you go there to workout not socialize. 90% of the people there go after work, alone. they dont have to have a fucking meet and greet.

>Should I go to the gym by myself?
Going to the gym alone is the rule, not the exception.

Are you me

>Do starting strength

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>Do this
>Stay weak faggot

need other men watch you


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you must be young
literally nobody cares about you, just go about your routine with headphones on and go home

just forget that anyone else is even present, because they don't even know you exist

even if you walk in front of them they will forget you forever in 30 seconds

>thread about how everyone goes to the gym alone and no one cares or pays attention to you while you are there
>you need people to watch you and care about you while you work out if you want to make gains
I guess pic related is you?

Home gym self conscious

No motivation

Stay weak. Stay self conscious

Maybe work for you

Not for newfag user

He quit

That's it, the point of no-return. The crypto field is getting like the gym field, same type of mentality, communities and circlejerks and all the other shits. The absolute state of biz.

Right board, Veeky Forums is young investors’ interests
>getting the job/promotion
>happiness, finding your niche
Other than that you’re right.
Your right too.

How have you liked GreySkull compared to SS?

>No motivation
Are you stupid? I don't need anyone but myself to motivate me. It's easier to focus alone and it's more relaxing. I'm not going to waste my time and money driving out to some fucking gym and waiting my turn to do a few reps.

Do starting strength while avoiding Gomad. I have never looked better.

read 2nd

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Is this some kind of bot?

Just go, the sooner the better. I have one ripped friend i train with while i'm just a sticc. but i do go alone occasionally when he can't meet or one of us are working at odd hours. Put your own music on in a headset and go train (make sure you can hear yourself so you can contain the groaning to an acceptable level). oh and don't drop the fucking weights, people who insist that they have to drop 90 pounds from two feet because they can't be assed to bend their legs should be executed on the spot.

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What are your stats friendos?

Bench: 185
Squat: 300
Deadlift: 295
Barbell Rows: 195
Overhead Press: 105

Still feels weak man, and the cut is starting soon. Ah well.

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Uh huh.

if this guy cuts he'll look great
he's just chubby, it's not a big deal

bench 185
squat 215 (?)
deadlift 315
not sure about barbell rows but your number on that is huge, defintely can't do that
OHP no clue but definitely more than 105 lol

I don't get it, I think I'm built weird
but also your numbers are all over the place

to others you're just another pleb in the gym, people only think about how they appear to others, not vice versa, so stop caring you big faggot


The fuck is wrong with you.

I go the the gym by myself 98% of the time.

My best advice is to find frugal ways of staying fit.
I went to the gym for 3 years and spend about 720 over the course of 3 years (20 a mo).
When I bought a house, instead of paying for 3 more years of gym, I bough a squat rack and a weight set for about 400-500. Think long term and learn to be frugal so you can invest that money in the market.


the difference of max $320 is irrelevant
you can make that in a single day with a decent job

money > friends

It is pretty gay. went to one for about half a year my coach was a manlet who I choked out despite him being a blackbelt w/ a record of 2-0-13. all the other students were fatties and heroin addicts. And people payed more in hospital bills than training dues. It'll never be worth it because youll never use it and it only incurs more legal risk if you do.

i'm unemployed but i'm not cutting the gym, still cheaper than internet.
benefits of exercise much better and help me with market psychology.

if I had a house i'd probably keep the membership just to be around other people occasionally. even if i don't talk to them. something about being around other people makes it easier to work out. at home ijust feel lazy

Do not follow his diet advice though.

Everyone goes to the gym alone

sticklet here
Bench: 135
Squat: 155
Deadlift: 135
Barbell Row: 95
Overhead Press: 65

started a month ago. feels weak man.