24h without breaking resistance

24h without breaking resistance
Time to short this bitch

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After you

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Thanks Uncle Tito.

Should I sell

Yes, the 50 day and 200 day MA is about to cross too. Price hasn't managed to break resistance for many hours. Time to sell and buy lower.

Do you think it’s gonna to 9k first?

no chance in hell

Impossible to say at all. No one knows, don't try to time the top. Sell wherever you fell comfortable. 8600 is a good number, but we already rejected it.

don't short BTC, short NEO and EOS, people who buy those shitcoins have the weakest hands

Are you saying that 50 day and 200 day MA won't cross? You know that in the history of BTC, 50 day and 200 day MA has only crossed twice right? And right now we are heading closer towards a cross than ever before. This will be a big event if it happened.

no i'm saying theres no chance it goes to 9k

As the ancient Hawaiians used to say

Then I'm with you.

>goes up $44 while you write this sentence
That's my Veeky Forums. The place people go to peddle bullshit and make up lies on the Internet.

Stupid comment. Are you implying we are headed for 9k right now?

meme lines gives a retrace to 7900-8.2k before the next run up

should dip again at 9200 resistance, i've got longs laddered to 7900 and shorts at 8800-9200

I'm not implying anything. I'm explicitly STATING that nobody knows where it's going right now. It could be accumulating before a jump to 9k+, or it could be ready to take a dive.

if your retarded ass voodoo worked you would already be a billionaire

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Also for the record, this is what I'm personally betting on though really nobody has a fucking clue.

TA is about probability. Of course anything could happened, but right now we are looking bearish.

There isn't accumulation just whales slowly unloading their bags before the demand runs out and they start dumping.

I don't think it feels like anything. Gdax is very resistant to drop even $10 right now. It looks exactly like the price point at $8200 earlier before it shot up to $8600.

And now it's going to hit $8600-$8700 again. So much for being bearish.

I said earlier, sell around 8600. Read my post.

>8600 is a good number, but we already rejected it
>but we already rejected it
>already rejected it
Doesn't look to rejected to me.

>Doesn't look to rejected to me.
It doesn't?

Are we living in the same universe?

that turd burglar is looking at gdax ffs. what kind of hillbilly thinks gdax is a market making exchange?

Gdax has the volume. Gdax drives the price action.

what do you think about bitstamp and bitfinex?

Shitstamp is a meme. As for Bitfinex, the price is even higher there, so that doesn't really help your argument.

I use Bittrex for charting and Gdax for volume. Gdax mirrors Bitfinex well enough without the chink manipulation.


Good contribution. Upboated.

>gdax drives the price action

lol you obviously have no fucking idea what you're talking about so stop giving others advice

How are you feeling now, you dumb nigger turbo fag.

nothing unnatural about this the price action in the past 24h nope totally organic bull run

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you where saying?

why don't you just make your claim instead of being a passive aggressive fucking faggot? oh that's because you're not sure of your position on this and you're casting a wide net for opinions of others

fucking loser

lol t. increasingly nervous 8.7k bagholder

once the buy walls propping this shit coin up get pulled we're going back to 7k

tethered since 11k, waiting for 2k

actually i hold altcoins so i already lost everything
thanks for your input nigger

:( all in qtum on the btc dump and hope for the best