When did you get into crypto?
What was the initial investment?

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please tell me this goddess was not tainted by the black

It's a 7/10 basic trash whore. You dehumanize yourself when you worship pussy like a pathetic dog.

2014, $900


August, $600

this was them relaxing right after the shoot.


She kinda looks like the high elfs from LOTR
and yes shes been taken by a black man with bad teeth

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t. black user being extremely obvious

She is kinda overweight tho

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2011, got ~15 bitcoin at 8 dollars each doing online surveys

2013, lose it all on mt gox and forget about bitcoin

2016, back in with all disposable income

I really don't understand how women can have sex with black guys, they're ugly as fuck. I only have sex with white guys.

I "bought the dip" on january 15th.

Only a couple hundred bucks though. Everything looks so delicious right now.

actually now that I think about it I may have btc on my old computer's harddrive that wasn't on Mt.gox

Has it ever occurred to you that maybe people have different tastes?

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What's the deal with blondes and thug looking niggers all the time, I mean all of them look like they have the name Stacy or something.

Is anyone else seeing this phenomenon?

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>black guys
Yeah okay

girl on the left went for the black dude

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It's really amazing how triggered some people get when they see a mixed race couple.

It's really the ultimate troll even after all these years. You can just post a picture of a white girl and a black guy and dozen of butthurt /pol/tards will come out of the woodwork to voice their anger and disapproval of the sex life of complete strangers.

It works every single time.

Whatever an eighth of molly cost
I think 85 bucks

Hes really good looking and handsome plus she comes from a rich white family

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Forbidden fruit syndrome. Darwinism in action, showing that mind is just as important as body.

>It's a 7/10

In La creatura land perhaps. Here she wouldn't rise above 4.5/10.

>your wife texts you this picture

What do?

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Quit posting coal burners you fucking kike

She's definitely one of the ugly girls..

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>Early February this year
>Put in $12k when BTC was hovering around $8-10k
>Holding ETH, LTC, LINK, BTC, VEN, and a tiny amount of shit tier altcoins

No ragrets


Literal faggots don't get opinions, didn't you hear?


2013, bought .25 BTC @ $870 USD. Immediately got rekt and forgot about it until around a year ago.

She's easily a 8/10 lol. You butthurt incels are just mad she got blacked so you're lowballing her haha. None of you would have a snowballs chance in hell with her. Stay mad

Nigger pls

what's more disturbing is that you spent 2 hours crawling instagram to find a pretty yet psychologically damaged girl who dates some pavement ape just so you can feel better about your pathetic nigger existence

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dabbled starting may 2016. Didnt get in full bore till a year later.

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Tiny dick virgins S E E T H I N G


U had no shot anyway bottle pisser

$4k in 2011, then blew it on asicminer shares in 2013. Got back in with 4k again in march last year. ATH of 340k.

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I literally fucked a black girl last night, rich family and high IQ. got her up to my apartment after 2 beers and on the first date. rawdogged. now ghosting her

hows it feel nigger?

she looks like some fucking tramp with shit skin, maybe similarities attract....

damn you mad or nahhh

who the hell are you?

You’re trying to normalize white genocide.

It’s manipulative and it should be called out. So basically die, in a fire, along with your whole family.

No, I didn't. I'm just here laughing at insecure losers like yourself.

the ape burner

Two people fucking is genocide now? k

So you suck and fuck black cock?
Thats gross what you do in your private life is your business you weird autistic freak!

150k usd in may/june 2017

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Now if your sorry ass ever has a kid that will happen to it also you will die in 3 months

>i wish i had a 10/10 aryan white instagram girlfriend i could watch get railed by niggers :(

First bought 10$ worth of BTC in August, bought 150$ worth throughout January. Sent it all to kucoin and binance to swing trade. Down 50$. Not even mad.

At least niglets are already mentally retarded so she's not doing a whole lot of damage dropping hin on his head

But this already happens to your children...
Calm down now pooky. Lets relax jail dunt have good tv. You know this first hand.

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>still projecting

thats what im saying!

i like how they hit her in the head with a 4x4 then started punching her in the face then then started ti freak out they just killed her. all niggers should be hung

beastiality is a sin. repent

This is horrible.

it's bazemore ffs. he gets a pass. fuck you guys are so fucking autistic

really disgusting. all of these white women fucking monkeys should be punished

I was interested from the early days, and even tried mining on my shitty Dell 4700 in 2008. I think I gave up without finding any blocks.

I got involved in a few projects that never went anywhere. I was always put off by the immaturity and immorality of the community though. At one point I even tracked down a scammer who stole about 50 BTC, and I forced him to return it.

Then in 2015 someone tipped me .10 BTC for some programming work, which was like $30 at the time. I traded that for about 6 Ethereum and held. Now I trade here and there, but I never put fiat into it.

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she has brown eyes so who gives a fuck

>really good looking and handsome
kek, even compared to most niggers this dude is fucking goofy looking. You can see the "fuck you, dad" in that roastie whore's eyes.

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2014. In for about 40k

bought $30 dollars worth of doge in 2013, forgot about it until last april. rolled that $700 into DNT, rolled that 5x into WTC, currently at ~$19k

>a “you can fuck our white women” pass

Jesus Christ man

August 2017. 1500 was initial investment. Have been buying every few months ever since. Have probably put a total of 3500 into it.

>population on average getting more ethically diverse is genocide now
Maybe he's worried about white culture? But like? There will still be mayonnaise and casual racism 100 years from now, so idk what you're worried about.

Diversity only means "fewer white people"

fuck is your point

what the hell are you afraid of

5k in April 2017

oh did I upset you?

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it's a serious question

why do you care

dicklet detected. who the fuck cares if some dumb 6/10 roastie wants to fuck an nba player. absolutely beta

kys kike

>Trying to post a legitimate question to justify cuckposting

I hope you die a violent painful death

you're on the wrong site lad

>reddit spacing
>ignorance of monopolies
go be retarded somewhere else

be more alpha so huwyte wymyn choose you over some nig. you're the one fucking shit up for the white race pussy. unironically neck yourself you khv neet

Everyone finds it disgusting, they just can't voice it anywhere except here. It might not bother you cause you're a filthy kike

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So since I'm white I can fuck your woman? Cool.

I've been here for almost a decade. This is my home now.

Nah I just don't give a fuck who other people are fucking. Would it make you less angry if she was fucking some chav or redneck white guy?

Most definitely. She is tainted now

>She is tainted now
Who cares? Is she your wife or girlfriend? Why do you care who she's fucking?

any white man who gets (((intimidated))) by mixed race couples = beta

white men are superior. the acceptable response is laughter, disgust, pity. white chads like me get this and thus are not threatened because we are the single most desirable beings on the planet and always will be

As long as it's not an asian woman, idgaf

How do monopolies come into this?

It's an innate response. Just utter disgust. It's a natural feeling, like when you see something beautiful start to rot. Degenerates probably don't feel it, as they can have the sickness inside them as well.

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>May 21st 2017
came to the front page as usual and saw a post from Veeky Forums shilling DGB, shoved some money in there because I thought it was neat

this nigger literally has a gun nearby for eating popsicles and hanging out with his gf. Not even once

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What about black culture? Will there still be stabbings and ape-like aggression 100 years from now?

It's a fact that babies who are 50% Black are ugly af. No one accepts them, not even Black people.

So zero logic in your "arguement" just

>i don't like it because it upsets me ;_;

You sound like a huge faggot. Just remember, even if those girls weren't with black guys they still wouldn't touch a loser like you.

>it's a fact
>they're ugly
We've already established that beauty is subjective to a large extent. Hence why girls have "types" that they're attracted to.

Like it or not, the gangsta/rapper/thug type is popular with a lot of women.