Reddit is waking up to Jibrel

Time is running out if you didnt buy

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10 cents in 3 months. screencap etc

You made that thread you yellow nigger chink

Its limited to MENA and maybe Korea. It's going to have a small cap and won't even be the most popular or global one. Hitch your horse to something with value not this shit. They have said they won't be pursing American or European use.

they said they are pursuing european use they have a banking license in switzerland

primary targets right now are mena korea and eu

They do not have a banking license in Switzerland. They don't have one anywhere.

have one / getting one idgaf its coming

Getting a banking license is HARD. You can't just say the fact that they want one means they are getting one. They are two vastly different things.

why do they have an office in NYC>

Do you have any fucking idea how hard it is to get a banking licence lol. How long do you expect this process to take? (hint: years)


Come on dude, the reverse of meme magic. Jew magic.

will i make it with 44k?

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No ideas but Talal has said before they have zero intention of pursing jCash in the US.

An ex-soros fund manager who split with him over large differences. He isn't magic and can't make banking licenses just appear.

>muh jibrel

>he thinks he'll make it with 44k shitrel

they think advisors matter
>hurrr durr don topscott was advising icx, so we gonna moon 90x too he he
>rich oil money, hehe guys, you will see

Talal is a moron if he thinks he is getting a banking license within the year.

I dunno, he only managed billions of dollars. He has no idea how banking works probably.

Hahahaha let me type that out for yout:

>[cockgobbler] how many years away is the licensing from getting put in place/APPLIED FOR

>[king pageet] ;)

Lol you could APPLY for a banking licence yourself this week, I'm not giving you any fucking money though

i myself actually have 4 banking lisences i use for my personal operations

Talal is a moron if he thinks he can get don tapscott aboard

Talal is a moron if he thinks he can get the coo of the soros fund aboard

Talal is a moron if he thinks he can get don tapscott, cz and hongfei to speak at his conference

Talal is a moron if he thinks he can get the dubai royal family behind him

Talal is a moron if he think they will let him work out of their private office

Talal is a moron if he thinks he can get 250 million dollars of funding a month after the coin is released

Etc etc

Wake up tards

This coin should be called JibScam ahahahahahhah

what is this shitmeme?
you honestly think the 25yrs old intern at deloitte managed billions in money?
he maybe corrected some excel sheets for his boss
deluded retards
asking the dude with the selfie pic of the two morons in a sweater about a banking license
user, desperate to make it part 3

he worked as the junior member of a team that managed billions of dollars. probably copy pasting some huge spreadsheet designed by someone else and putting some different numbers in it

You can bet the banking license has been in progress since late 2016, early 2017 ish.dont act like he just applied now.Just like dont act like he walked in to the sheiks office 2 weeks ago and asked for 250m.he has pulled off some impossible moves so far.Banking license will seem tame to what he has done.

For the retards, the banks are currently eating out of his hand

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No mention of Europe though like the posts above were saying

hmm this evidence seems flimsy

believing the arab after you gave him 30 mio
user, i ....

yea because creating an erc20 shitcoins matching the amount of real money is so difficult. Every bank on earth included the central banks will begg your boi talal to print some erc 20 shitcoins for them.
I heard The Federal Reserve just contacted Jibrel asking politely if they could get some of them juicy erc20 dollars too

Because printing paper money is so difficult.Why doesnt everyone do it?

Because you would be arrested for forgery O_o
Was that a real question?

go back to plebbit

Yes, becuase i havnt setup my own federal reserve.Just like some neet on Veeky Forums cant setup an outfit like jibrel, nobody here has the contacts, influence, business accumen, finances, etc etc.Of course anyone can make an erc 20 token, just like anyone can register a company.Doesnt mean shit, its just one part.

You are trusting Talal of the six lies. He also doesn't specify WHERE those banks are or the quality of them. He signed up a few fuckhole nowhere banks. Wowee how impressive.

This is a good point. Talaal doesn't give specifics

Holy shit, why is this getting fudded so hard? Every other shitcoin just gets ignored, but this one seems to summon a sea of actual RAGE from multiple people. Anyone care to explain?

>6 posts by this ID

wew pajeet, you are heating up too much, go poop somewhere else.

I don’t know why this coin is loved by pajeets who believe that bu fudding it they will be able to buy 100 or 200 more before it moons. Literal shit tier faggots

because they need the price to stay low for another week until their mcdonalds paycheck comes through

It has a veneer of quality that hides it's true shit nature. People won't know this without someone telling them.

Maybe I'm wrong though and you will have lambos on top of lambos. However if I am wrong it doesn't matter what I say as it will moon regardless because biz has zero impact on the market. But I doubt I'm wrong so I'm giving people warning. The shilling here is too constant and most people are too retarded to understand it so I have to explain it for them so they know better than to invest.

it's like a stock.

Its very simple.The fudders ignore most other coins because most other coins are just hyped shit and are no threat to their ego.The fudder typically is someone who got in the market late or never had the money to buy anything.So when they see a legit project they can see is the golden ticket, and they have no money to put in while the people helping spread the word obviously did, they get overcome by a jealous rage, they pucture these people making it while they are stuck in the same shit life.My honest opinion is this also played a large part in the market crashing, jealous people who came in late, saw everyone else making it so they wanted to fud the shit out of the market so nobody made it.This whole market is based off emotion.

To sum it up, the huge bitter wave of jealous fudders is the biggest buy signal ive ever seen on biz.They basically wish they owned it but dont have the money.They wish they were the jibrel token holders.

I wouldn't call this reddit waking up to anything, it just looks like a handful of people shilling their bags
JNT holders are starting to seem a little desperate
I hold it too but some of you guys need to chill out and stop shilling

Yeah but why do you care then? It's not exactly like biz has anyone truly caring about others, so don't give me that shit that you want to let others know.

There is a seething rage going on, no matter whether justified or not, it just seems odd. I have no clue about the project, just know they tokenize assets or something with Arab banks.

But I check the threads from time to time and they are absolute shitshows. There is always at least one guy who claims to not hold any tokens but has 10+ very long comments where they repeat the same claim over and over and like 10 other people who just express deep hate for the coin. Why not use that time to shill your own shitcoins or do something productive? I don't get it. It just seems really pathetic to me.

Shills should turn down but the project is pretty fun to discuss. Incredibly promising.

threadly reminder to not fall for the camel fucker tricks

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What does tokenized assets mean?

If I have ten birch wood trees in my front yard, I can sell the wood as tokens which can be redeemed as wood? Sounds tight!

It gets rage because it looks legit at first glance.
If you fall for bitconnect you probably can't be helped, but professionally shilled telegramcoins like JNT and AMB are scamming otherwise careful people.

I don't know actually. I occasionally pick coins I consider shitcoins and research and fud them out of boredom. I do the same thing with ARY, TRTL, WABI, ARK and several more. People seem to get this idea that anyone who fuds actually cares. I do this purely because I think it has no real future value and it amuses me to interact with people that think it does.

Your life must be great.

Good question man, let’s hope somebody answers

Anyone who is here instead of doing literally anything else can't really point that finger.

pic related, me and my research team at the last amb conference

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You are a winner bro.

thats pretty pathetic user

>Anyone who is here instead of doing literally anything else can't really point that finger.

Except for the ones getting paid to shitpost...

come on

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Nope, not at all.
I mostly read here. Not enough time for fudding.

Your argument is poor.You picked the one coin that has told everyone that circa 250mill will be tokenized in the future, which will reflect 1:1 or more on the marketcap, which currently sits at 40m, when you could have picked any of the other 1000 purely speculative coins that have no token economics to raise price.Epic fail.

it is fun to discuss when people know what they're talking about but that's not the case usually

Those other coins aren't being shilled haven't been shilled here lately. I left Link out because those poor souls played themselves. Just because the said it doesn't mean anything. They aim to do that in an unspecified amount of time that could very well be years if at all as this is based on the largess of a finicky Sheikh.

But you said "it has no future value", when its the one coin that due to token economics and the 250m will be sure of future value.If you had to bet your life on a coin having a higher future value than this point in time right now, jibrel would be top of your list.Please name me another that isnt just speculation, and if you name it please provide the evidence of the token economics and the money going in to it to guarantee the future rise.Ill be waiting.

Dude, cmon. They are not doing that over the course of years. You can say that all you want, but it simply doesn't make any sense. If they believe in the project enough to put 250m into it, they're going to want to do that in a relatively timely manner. Crypto and blockchain is a race right now and no one wants to get burned. Also you have to consider the fact that Dubai wants to be a motherfucking blockchain-based city BY 2020, meaning they want their shit in order by that time. Will that happen? I don't know, and I'd wager probably not. But you can be sure the financial sector is going to be the first part to get a proper blockchain treatment.

quality meme

my question to you user is would you buy the coin yourself if persuaded?

Maybe this has all been a larp and I have a top 40 wallet.

kill yourself you toxic faggot

Welp it was fun while it was lasted. Reddit has finally figured out why Jibrel is such a good bet. Prepare for the influx of redditors to the telegram.

How many JNT do you have?

>a sheik is going to write Veeky Forums NEETs a $250 million check

Around 410K split into a few wallets.

the FUD just made me buy 2k

thx biz

kek, nice. saddle up jibroni

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Don't think of it like he's writing us a check, it's more that we are parasites latching onto this project from an early stage. We're speculating and he's investing in a project that he thinks may fit into the economy of Dubai, it's that simple.

The absolute state of JNT fuders.

Look at his fucking retard

>sheikh: hey biztards pump the cost of JNT so it's worth $250 million so I can buy it at 5x its current cost

>a sheik is going to write Veeky Forums NEETs a $250 million check

don't forget - numerous pajeets as well

in us, he is purchasing a reserve of shills. the use of us is, when they need the dao to hold JNT to claim solvency, they barely have to put out any funds - just make the announcement, do a couple market buys, and let the shills do the rest to drive up the market cap to the needed level. The entire solvency can be created for a few % of the notional market cap value. this is in effect fractional reserve banking .

^^ this is part of the reason they can't fully explain the business model. it relies on the fact that crypto valuation is driven at the thin margins by tiny amounts of real cash injected

This.Yazan is a genius coming up with this whole model.

Does the same thing apply to Chainlink?

link has a lot of hardcore nerd true believers, which is why it gets pumped and dumped so easily every few weeks.