What the fuck are the point of these things? They are annoying as fuck and next to worthless...

What the fuck are the point of these things? They are annoying as fuck and next to worthless, actually they're less than worthless because most of the time you're just trying to get rid of them.

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I've literally never seen a nickle like that.

Ikr, they pile up and then you don’t know where to put them.

I believe in the copper technology. Penny metal is used for electronics. 1000x by eoy.

I only use them for the pool table

our coins used to be made of real money: silver, but the bureaucrats sold us out to the jews so now its a bunch of funny money garbage

Dump em all in a Coinstar machine for gift cards.

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and lose like what 7% or something?
take them to a bank and get real cash

the melt value of a copper penny is more than 1 cent.

That’s right and the dollars were gold certificates

Fiat: agreement to let the Jews take 2% of your money constantly

For playing arcade games and other coin-operated machines.

what's to prevent someone from buying a shitload of pennies and melting them into copper?

Make the coins imaginary and Veeky Forums would think they're worth more.

I keep all my coins in a water cooler jug.
saving up like a hebrew.

Pennies are made of zinc

You get gift cards for free. Some have Amazon

federal law

Only pre 1984 ones are solid copper. Prove that I melted mine, oh wait, you can't. :0)

Because the miners lobby Congress to keep them around.

It's fucking bullshit. Everything should be rounded to the dollar. No more coins!

holy shit im a fucking retard, i am sorry Veeky Forums

im pretty sure melting pennies is highly illegal anyways

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unless they are dated before 1982 then they're copper

Copper pennies are a known alloy. 95% copper, 5% zinc. Plus it's illegal, but if you have the tools and can purify the copper, then nothing. But you're looking at about 20 cents an ounce.

You're better off dealing with scrap copper, but I save my copper pennies for when/if that law ever gets revoked like it did for silver coinage.

Its one of the requirements of being a currency

Its not, way to keep the myth alive.

at least because it costs more than $0.01 to make a penny that slows down inflation (i think)

Its not illegal, common misinformation. all pennies post 1984 are 100% zinc with a copper clad

almost forgot. that pic adds to 41 cents which you can use to buy 1 LINK

to feed homeless. they run on them

1982 and below.

US Law against melting pennies and nickels.

I can't find shit where this had been revoked

Technically, in material worth those are more valuable than your paper debt based fractional reserve banking bucks. Too bad more people don

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>not knowing pennies are barely copper anymore.