Anyone know how much approximate $ influence Veeky Forums has in crypto?

Anyone know how much approximate $ influence Veeky Forums has in crypto?

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Probably somewhere between 1000BTC and 10000BTC

this would be my guess too.

I have seen BIZ on multiple times fomo and panic sell - it can move the market by a few hundred satoshis.

I've wanted to organize a BIZ pump forever.

We don't move the market so much but when you see a call or a shill here, you can see a little effect on the order books, so yeah Veeky Forums is somehow influencial.

>wanted to organize a BIZ pump
I'm definitely interested, especially there's some kind of litmus test to enter/stay in the channel w/ active moderation.
There are smart people here and I'm sure there are many more that just lurk.

I lurked for months when I first browsed Veeky Forums

But I don't think anyone would trust another person on here. If its not LInk or Ether ponzi coins, they're not interested.

I'd love to pump something tried and true, like DGB.


about tree fiddy.

Ya... I know that whale is trying to pull that xtcc shit. Don't trust it.

I'm 90% sure the only reason DBC reached its ATH was because of biz.

Maybe. I fomo'd in at the tail and picked up someones bags.

I'm super into this idea. People are feeling good because stuff is rising.

Let's trick the asians and europeans into buying stuff up all evening. We gotta pump something easy that doesn't seem like a scam (no doge).

I suggest DGB, since it's so low it could clearly double. Or STORM?

I'm really into it too. STORM isn't a bad idea...
I shilled a coin to the front page of cryptoplebbit before and then dumped my bags after the bump, I can put my skills to use. We need more people in on it first

Easy to do with a smart contract using LINK.

Storm - sure why not.
Link - no link talk for this one thread, right now, let's stay focused.

Storm is holding at 226 right now and showing bullish signs.

It's not too painful of a loss to hold it for a few hours and set a tight stop loss at two percent.

Storms at least a real project with a usecase. The thing to worry about is you will have ongoing sell pressure from the people taking surveys and using the app to earn Storm Tokens. The App pays people in bitcoin, ethereum, and storm but of course you can cashout in Storm Tokens from the dev stash with a very low minimum, btc/eth have a very high minimum to cashout so people earning will choose the storm that comes out of the dev fund, and then dump it for the coin they wanted.

I'm about 1200btc and there are a lot of other ppl with more than I here.

Sweet! How do we get this thing rolling?

Veeky Forums used to be able to pump random shitcoins on its own. Now everyone with more than 10k moved on and the collective worth of everyone here is less than a million.

I think if we have that much we should be keeping bitcoin up right now. Shouldn't we be inspiring people to buy bitcoin to keep the whole market up??? Most new people don't understand crypto that well and want reassurance when they come to a site like this. Don't you think? And people come here and we have memed our selves into oblivion and have lost sight as a board. Saying that biz has always been abit shit. Buy bitcoin.

Agreed, I'm ready to move on it.
I think the idea is that we would shill it faster than people would sell, or that people who would have sold would decide to hold instead because the price is rising

>Hey guys lets do a PnD!
>Hmm that looks like a PnD user I don't like it

I think we can do this in the matter of a few hours.

Do it!!! I can only throw in .1 btc, but I will too.

Can you fucks pump ETH now please

I'm in for pumping STORM

The point of this is to fuck a low satoshi coin, so you can actually see it skyrocket.

I'll post a screen shot of me buying. Memba, I'm a poorfag, putting in .1ish btc

Haha let's do this! Just bought 66K coins

So here's what I'm thinking:
There was an article on Medium that talked about how coins that aren't widespread and used by the masses aren't going to change the status quo/be successful because it's the story of a minority owning the majority of the value.

So with that in mind, we shill the idea that storm is spreading crypto to a wider userbase and has more real world use and as a result it will go to the moon (obviously expand on the shill, there are a ton of ways you can approach it). Exaggerating will get more people in too.

Any time you see a storm shill thread, write something bullish and intelligent about it. Don't feed the trolls and keep the "intellectual" conversation going.

Money where my mouth is.

Money where my mouth is.
Let's do this!!!

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This might seem small, but I'd be happy making 10%. Just for the feels.

my condolences if u fall for staged shit like this rofl

Nice! I threw some ETH at it.
Ready for the perfect STORM

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Think of it more as an experiment. And it's only been staged for about 15 mins. :)

>an experiment
The cost per coin is so low that anyone on biz can jump in and join the shillventure

It's down two satoshis. Where'd the 1200 btc guy go. Toss it in!!!

I'm here to make two satoshis, dammit. :)

1200btc would definitely help...

Once this thread hits the archives I'll line up some posts

not a market mover considering link isn't top 10

Haha!!! True.

But we're aiming for achievable goals. Much lower.

DBC pump when?

Oh wait it already started without /biz..

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every coin is pumping

Ya. But our goal is STORM.

We want to see it rise tonight.

Does anyone want to create a discord for this

NO. That's some bullshit.

It's time to pour the fuck in, people.

about $3.50





We need a mini whale, or at least a few fat tunas to help out.

It's happening, I can feel the meme power building

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I’ll buy some, STORM advisor is the founder of bittrex so it will moon when it’s listed

Big if true


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You 3 guys are retarded

If you guys wanna shill storm join the binance trading group and get all the normies I troll the fuck out of them all the time spam storm

on telegram or plebbit? or discord? wat do

on reddit?


Facebook it's full of normie fucks

Who has a facebook account?

STORM train!

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Race Car When?

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we must notify the normies

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The beginnining

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literally THOUSANDS of dollars

Can someone make a legit STORM meme with Trump wearing the "please be patient" hat?

Lets pump ZIL

Or storm is good too

doing some telegram shilling

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When is there going to be a communal trading bot that does pumps and dumps. Owner of the bot keeps the left over coins once selling becomes unprofitable as a fee, to be unloaded later to add further damage to said shitcoin. Payouts to wallet holders are made according to percentage deposited into said bot.

How much STORM?

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Add trustless and decentralized to the bots website. Faggot love that shit right now.

literally 10 minutes to mars

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fucking gay logo
you're a fag

>didn't buy STORM
it's ok there's still time

honestly if Veeky Forums can find shia labeoufs flag with the sound of bird and flight im sure we can figure out how to pump one measily coin to combat the losses weve had to endure thanks to bog.

Veeky Forums before June 2016 was able to influence shitcoins a lot. See trumpcoin. It was pumped 3 times and it even over 10xed its value. Coins like bitbean or DGB were probably the last coins Veeky Forums has mass influence before pajeets and normies flooded this board and the market in general.

Biz alone has pumped the Signatum 2 times (a Pajeet coin)

Join the Chancoin Discord and you shall see.

Can we please do this? 4chin pump group activated.

Alright fags, lets get a pump group going.

discord /yBP4k

Alright fags, lets get a pump group going.

discord gg/3XkFypN

This thread and idea gets made like every 2 months kek. There are more Veeky Forums pump groups than you realize.

Anyway seeing this same thread again is actually a good sign that more newfags are coming so it's ok.

list em out then

You have to pump a coin that isnt a total shitcoin, something in the top 25, and even then across all the exchanges it would have to be done, Idk getting a group of /b/ tier pajeets niggers and chinks sounds like a plan doomed to fail

Why would it have to be across all exchanges? Wouldn’t arbitrage bots take care of that?