Vechain. Wheres the beef

>no whitepaper
>$500 3d printer for production
>working product, really jyst a sql db
>outright lies or conflatrs who they are working with
>developed a node model for no technical reasons, only to create false scarcity
>empty github

This is one of 3 projects we will look back on and winder how our generation was so glib to the red flags.
Gotta hand it to sunny lu, he will be taught along side sun tzu on how to decieve the round eyes

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when I saw them with that plastic hammer I sold and never looked back

but but mr. breyer is invested

been telling these VENfucks for months

Venchain is a wanna be walten cone

What website is this?

LOL vechain is one of the only coins where the token actually has value, since businesses will need to buy it to get service

Still indisputed

>post is from jan 6

Kek not even close

I feel bad for faggots that believe this blog post. It is literally just an "anyone who knows anything about eth wouldnt pay more than 1 dollar for it" high iq FUD.

Nice rebuttal. Checked

>Vechain actually has value because Sunny said so

all this and a marketcap of 2,5 bio
>no ponzi user, new paradigma
lel, 2018 will
not be the year of the dex's
not be the year of supply chain tokens
not be the year of interoperability
2018 will be the year of suicides

screencap if you like, retards

Yeah, but its speculative valuation is still too high bozo. It’s a glorified bar code scanner that only works on wine lmfao.

WTF are you checking. At least the other pajeets lurk a little before fudding

no, just terribly uninformed

Ill rebut a couple points at a time.

1. Author claims the price of THOR will be manipulated by the foundation. This is not the case. Any change in thor generation will need to be approved through consensus by all voting stakeholders. Sunny also said on the ama on YouTube that the price [of thor] will not be controlled by the foundation and will be set by the open market.

2. Article claims lack of functionality and alpha stage development which has been refuted by many parties. I don't buy luxury items but supposedly there is one brand "unnamed" that has vechain tags inside an entire product line tracking them throughout the entire product life cycle.

don't waste your breath, the author grossly misrepresented the scope of VeChain just to look like a contrarian.

They will have 150 blockchain devs by the end of this year. Their platform will be competing with NEO and ETH

3. He disses the ven foundation for using the ETH they raised in the ico to fund their development and gives that as an example of why ven is not a store of value. He claims that it isn't a store of value or a good token because its currently volatile. He claims it's bad because unbalanced wealth distrobution. All these are terrible arguments in a space as volatile and unbalanced as crypto. He also draws a conclusion that ven isn't a good medium of exchange which is just as foolish.

4. The author claims that the economic model of Vechain "goes against the egalitarian spirit of cryptocurrencies". If you guys think this isn't a fucking high iq troll by this point you're mentally handicapped.

5. He assumes that people won't by ven unless they get a 30% ROI which is ridiculous. Assuming a more reasonable 5% for staking would have given him an estimated VEN price or about 9.5 dollars using his own calculations which are flawed in and of themselves.

That's about all. Peace out.

only way ven will go to that level again is of bitcoin drops to 3k