Doug Ford is Based

>Invest in Ontario manufacturing and forestry
>When Doug Ford gets elected, removes Carbon tax and environmental regulations
>Stocks go up

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Lets hope user, let's hope.

Ontario Mining stocks too. He wants to build the infrastructure to easier access the northern interior


He's cucked, he wants to remove the foreign buyers' tax. Was considering voting for him until I heard that.

That was gay. That will raise property value though.

>implying I want to make it easier for the chinese to use the housing of my home country as a speculative asset/offshore bank and price me out of the market
Nothing against chinks personally but fuck that

I think even with that removed they'll still only put their money in Vancouver.

Need the rundown anons

Shill me on Doug Ford

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Unfortunately without chinks to keep price afloat it will collapse. Honestly foreign buyer tax will end devastate us, not to mention all the secondary spending while their kid goes to uni here. Who the fuck will buy Beemers? Who will buy Porsche and Audi SUVs? Who the fuck will buy Mercedes?

Why do we care? Prosche and Mercedes aren't Canadian or Ontario compaies

It's literally everything they consume. I was making a joke. But domestic Canadians are too broke and poor to keep up consumption levels without increasing already worlds highest personal debt levels. If it were up to us and no foreigners economy would tank

Consumption won't benefit us if they aren't buying Canadian goods. Why do we want them buying foreign goods?

Oh so if a gook buys a foreign car in Canada, say a Porsche at the Toronto dealership, its not like some of that money they brought in and spent on the Porsche goes to a Canadian sales associate, who takes a commission pay and goes spends that money in the Canadian economy. Doesn't count as gdp or anything either. 100% of it goes to Germany, you're right.

The housing crash is going to be so, so sweet.

He's a faux populist that will claim to help to little guy and do things that only benefit the already wealthy. He's Trump lite. He's already flipped on the government monopoly on Cannabis for example. He campaigned on not selling through the LCBO, and bam, today he wants to.

Fucking lols, all you fucking neets with no legitimate background in finance think they know what markets will do or implications of his retarded policies.

This board has turn to shit pool of uneducated sub 50 IQ faggots

Honestly this.

Even in Bitcoin, you need a huge market re-adjustment to make more money. Can't buy low and sell high if it doesn't go low.

Explain why it's in my best interests to make it easier for foreign buyers to buy real estate and price me out of the market.

I will wait for you and your intellectual-yet-idiot "finance background" to convince me, faggot.

obese jew slave from a crackhead family

The only people who benefit from NIMBY zoning relations and the overly inflated market in Toronto and Vancouver are the overly wealthy.

Currently Toronto has more high rises under construction than any city in North America. We are in a bubble. Housing prices already down 13%, number of sales are 30% down. We will have an oversupply of condos coming to market soon, and land prices will fall as well. It's a great thing.

Who knows when user, honestly I hate to be devil advocate but it can keep rising. It's all relative, and Canadians are incredibly poor. The supply of housing is LOW af, everyone wants to be in GTA or Vancouver. I want nothing more than a crash so I can finally afford a home instead of renting for eternity, but if you look at real estate prices here compared to around the world, it's still cheap. Toronto is the NYC of Canada, but compare its prices to NYC, you expect them maybe 10x higher to be in line but they're 100x+ higher. Don't forget real estate here is priced in Canadian dollars, what here gets you a 4000sq ft penthouse in the heart of Toronto you barely get a 1 bedroom in Manhattan. Even compared to Chicago, a mid tier Alpha city, Toronto is still inexpensive. Vancouver you can say is objectivly high, but since Toronto is the financial heart, stock exchange etc. It's cheap af. Seriously look at real estate in London UK, look at Manhattan, Chicago, Sydney, Melbourne, Etc....... We're one of the cheapest, one of the most affordable, especially since we're in Canadian dollars. Problem is it's all relative, and Canucks are some of the poorest, lowest paid, over taxed cucks on the planet