Best returns?

Which one do you guys think is going to be the better ROI by EOY or longer? I am thinking of taking from one stack and moving to the other. Help?


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honestly bro I am equally in NAS/OMG/LINK

I think you should stay 50/50 if you aren't

Im actually about 26% NAS and 16% OMG. Maybe I should even it up a bit at the least. My goal is really to have more OMG

What else do you hold? NAS ~20% is a good choice. Maybe dump other stuff into OMG and only sell a bit of NAS for OMG

I just used some fiat to purchase some more OMG but I swear if we dip again and I could have got more for cheaper, I'm gonna be pissed lol. Right now my portfolio is as follows:

25% NAS
19.5% OMG
17.5% GVT
13.4% Nano
13% ICX
11.5% AMB

Any suggestions?

Depends how much $ you have total my dude. My only other advice is diversifying can bite you, and I think you're a tiny bit too spread out. If you have bigger positions on most of those ($20k+), that's fine, however if you're a little fish or a guppy, I would recommend consolidating a bit when you feel comfortable exiting. Imo OMG is always a solid place to consolidate. I personally like to have 3-4 positions open at any time, but no more. Easier to track as well. Best of luck dude, go with your gut.

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I am actually starting to think I wont touch my NAS but instead sell from the others. Anyone have any suggestions on what they would sell between NANO/ICX/AMB/GVT?

Hpb, bbn, lrc. Cant go wrong with that team.


If you dont see this and reply, I understand you cant babysit this thread. To give you a dollar figure, when breaking even, I have about $9k in crypto in total. So to me its a decent chunk of change but of course compared to others its nothing.

So, you would recommend consolidation. What would you ditch to get more OMG? And how many coins would you split between with $9k?

Thanks man!

Thats kind of what I was leaning towards too, that and AMB and maybe some Nano, but ICX is actually percentage wise right now doing fairly well. But im sure it wont be long before a drop off lol

It's not that ICX is bad, but I would say it has the least worthwhile use case of the holds you have. AMB is super unique and NANO is probablu here to stay as a payment system so I would dump ICX and keep your other holds.

Yeah definitely consolidate those 4. I honestly do not know much about those 4 specifically to give you a call, but personally I would exit at least 2 of those when you feel comfortable.

My only other recommendation is ChainLink. Meme's aside, it will genuinely bridge a crucial gap that is needed right now with the Smart Contract space. Keep an eye on it. I have done some in depth research on it and I am pretty impressed with many of the connections and what they can accomplish. Just keep it in mind and don't let Veeky Forums craziness get to you.

Just saw this reply, with that $ amount I would keep it to 2-3 coins. NAS, OMG - both solid, if you want a third, well that's up to you, choose what you feel is best after researching carefully.

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Hey man, different user here. What are your opinions on ZIL? I'm holding NAS and OMG, but debating on adding ZIL or LINK as my third.

>AMB is super unique

Could be wrong here, but isn't AMB a supply chain crypto? If so, it's by definition not unique

ICX is far from the "least worthwhile" there--platform coins, especially with an interoperability component, have some of the most obvious use cases in the market

A fair assessment. I agree with all of it. AMB does look super promising and im hoping it takes off to VEN levels but who knows. If it did that over time and OMG was still relitively affordable, id love to swap AMB over to OMG once Ive made some money from it. But they may grow at similar rates so Im not sure.

I am actually considering consolidating into 3-4 like you suggest. I know you said 2, but thats a tough one for me. But it could very well be for the best. I just really like all the projects that im involved in and find it hard to narrow down.

The biggest question mark for me is GVT right now. Will it potentially be as big as people say, or will it be just so so? Its got a major release within a month or so, so I am thinking of either sitting in it until at least that, or using it as my 3rd option.

Right now I am leaning towards NAS/OMG/GVT.

I know your asking him and not me, but funny enough with as little money as im playing around with, I would love to get into ZIL as well. Fuck, too many good projects with not enough fiat.

ZIL definitely has promising tech. Here is my only issue with all of these new public block chains like EOS, ADA, ZIL, ACHAIN, and many others. One of my strategies is to find the most unique projects that have less competition. ZIL absolutely looks promising but I really have to wonder what will come of these chains? I realize I am speaking long term but it’s inportant to consider. Will these smart contract platforms like ZIL capture enterprise when there is competition from ETH? I mean just go look at the ETH enterprise alliance, also Hyperledger is important to consider in his equation as well.

GVT seems to fit the bill of something more unique while not being niche, so if that’s what you feel is right those 3 are a good pick. I personally would’nt buy ZIL but please know I am looking it from a long term perspective of 1-2years in the future. That’s why I recommend LINK because it has such a unique first mover advantage in the decentralized oracle space, which will undoubtedly be utilized by businesses to take advantage of smart contracts without having to overhaul their legacy systems.

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It's used to verify medicine and food quality, so the use case is very unique.

I wish I had bought more NAS over the weekend.

I'm personally split between like 10 different coins with only $3k in total value. Not diversifying is a boomer meme from when every trade cost you flat fee. If you are playing the lottery might as well buy as many tickets as you can.

i can understand the idea behind both sides. If one of your coins booms like crazy and the rest just kinda under perform, your going to wish you had more money in that one coin obviously. I think 2-3 coins is a little low for my dollar amount but I can see the validity in consolidation. So I have actively taken steps to do so tonight. Aside from buying more OMG with fiat, I also sold out of AMB (which who knows, maybe ill regret it in the short term) to purchase more OMG. Worst case scenario I can always buy more AMB later. Also I sold half my nano and putting it into more NAS. Its not easy to do this as I like all my projects, but I think itll be for the better.

AMB is super unique because it's actually a platform for building supply chain software, not a packaged solution like VEN.
AMB's goal is to be the "android of supply chain" to use their own words.