Bch is identical to 2011 btc

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3D pyramid

you reaching there. so your saying right now that every altcoin ever created is like bitcoin in 2011

no I'm saying bch is explained by exactly the same gradients as btc was in 2011

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Just bought sea of thieves with bch. Instant transaction. It's a pleasure to use.

>That's because it fucking IS bitcoin

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what's a 2d pyramid?

a triangle you fucking idiot

>redundancy in saying 3d pyramid. read fag


I love this place

>Except people don't even use it for drugs

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So your saying that the minority doesn't defeat the actions of the majority? So you're a racist?

BCH is absolute garbage

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>no developers
>no roadmap
>no viable scaling plan

pic related

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btc merchant adoption is shrinking bch adoption is growing.
Btc's replace by fee makes 0 confirmation transactions 100% unsafe.
There is not a single reason to cap blocks at 1mb (non mining nodes do nothing).
Segwit destroys the mining nash equilibrium incentivising the collusion of miners to change the UTXO without owners signatures. m.youtube.com/watch?v=VoFb3mcxluY You can only trust jihan and roger to not be doing this right now.
BTC is vulnerable to a chain death spiral BCH is not.
Why introduce segwit before a blocksize increase when lightning network requires 133mb as specified in the lightning network whitepaper?
Why introduce segwit at all when it is not necessary for second layer solutions?
Lightning network will not be decentralized because to make decentralised routing in a mesh network is NP hard.
Why would anyone want lightning network when it is not a decentralised ledger? the whole point of bitcoin is to scale on chain as that is what makes decentralised uncensorable money which can free all the people in the world from the financial repression of central banks.

Ahh you see you forgot one key point here cash tard. For you see roger ver is a scammer.

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Ad hominem no. 1

bcashie retard


>Btc's replace by fee makes 0 confirmation transactions 100% unsafe.
0 confirmation is absolutely stupid. The whole point of the blockchain is to have confirmations that give you the confidence that your tx is not in an orphan block or a forked chain. if you want 0 confirmation use a wire transfer or paypal
>There is not a single reason to cap blocks at 1mb (non mining nodes do nothing).
Satoshi himself put that limit to minimize the effect of spam attacks. Smallers block also incentive the community to implement more efficient practices (Batched tx) and to improve the protocol (Segwit, schnorr signatures etc)

0 confirmation are useful for low value transactions you don't have to use them if you don't want to. the chance of a double spend is already much lower than fraud from a centralised system such as a wire transfer or swift

RBF also means you can't guarantee an average 10min settlement time because your transaction is not necessarily included in the next block

Define spa,m. The 1mb limit was never intended to stay it is stopping on chain scaling for no good reason. Off chain scaling is not blockchain