My coworkers make fun of me

and so does my boss

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Like what?

Trips of truth
Share the jokes for us all to enjoy

you know what to do tomorrow here you go

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Stop giving them reasons to make fun of you then dumbass. Make fun of them right back. Be ruthless. Don't let anyone push you around.

>having a job

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tanks fren

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almost everyday something new for example they said i was a nerd for not going to the bar and asked if i had any social life whatsoever

That was weak. Let’s get dirty user

I'll join them
Fucking moron

what are you talking about. then they laughed when i tried to respond because i stuttered

Read a book called "When I Say No I Feel Guilty." It could save your life.

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>buy video recorder disguised as a pen
>record them doing this
>settle out of court
It’s not that hard. By law they really can’t do that.

tell them you're a crypto chad and that you've made it

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Call them fucking homos and tell them to kill themselves when they mock you again. Go after their physical appearance. You have to be aggressive yet nonchalant and they won’t feel they can bantz you anymore.

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Go to bar user

They friend

They help you

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literally whipped my cock out and blew a load all over my laptop

no regrets

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I remember you. You got invited to go to the bar with your co-workers and you fucking DECLINED?! when every other user told you to go.

Fucking retard.

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Oh yea? IIED? You gonna prove that with a recording?

Man up user

Fuck me I hope it's not that guy, what a complete moron he was.

jizz in their coffee