Should i buy more link now or wait?

is the price of link gonna drop even lower to like $0.20 any time soon or should i just buy more now?

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It's gonna get to 20c. Use req as an example

Do you people really measure in cents or is it to troll me?

It seems to bounce pretty hard off of 0.35-0.37. I'd say this is a good time to accumulate. Sure beats what it cost a few weeks ago.

it's only going to go up from here, already hit the bottom together with BTC and is now slowly going up

You never know, especially if BTC decides to go diving again. I think at this price it's a no brainer to accumulate. LINK owners will be rewarded in time and you'll be smiling ear to ear knowing you bought so cheap.

while I do agree with what you're implying it can also be said that valuing in USD can be beneficial if you're weighing how much you could obtain with an initial fiat injection

Why are we talking a year later about a shitcoin that has never mooned? Why obsess over a losing investment? Most on biz bought between 75 cents to a dollar, stop beating a dead horse

Anything under a dollar is a steal. Just accumulate what you can. We’re gonna make it

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Well, I bought at 47 cents (lol). I bought at 0.00064 ETH. I feel pretty comfy.

LINK is for brainfags and brainlets.
Middle-of-the-bell-curve reddit soyboys are not welcome.

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Buy 100 a week. If the price goes up, the cheap weeks cancel out.

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Butthurt fags that obsess over a loser token. You would've been better off buying a Vanguard bond fund, faggots

Ok wow. Rude language is not appreciated on biz, buddy.

>is the price of link gonna drop even lower to like $0.20 any time soon or should i just buy more now?

I buy a few every day and when it heads near 30 pile money in. Just hope I have enough time

>Vanguard bond fund

see how that works out for you in the next 36 months genius

It's a way to measure more independently, but it makes me believe people are still expecting a very high EOY price that may not be in the cards.

Let's say you bought Chainlink on October 6th, 2017. The price was $0.44. I put $10,000 in to LINK. Today it's worth $8636. If you bought the Vanguard S&P you would've made $500 on your $10,000.

What's better, losing money or gaining? That's not including dividends btw

LINK is a shitcoin ponzi

You should only ever buy the exact ATL of anything. If you miss that you missed your chance forever and should never ever buy.

picking your dates carefully like the idiot u are

lets say I bought at 29 yesterday giving me 32482, I've made 2343 dollars. Lets say I bought at ICO?

Fuck off with your garbage. I like chainlink, the project and which is a dam sight more than I can say about the vanguard fun or its major investors