What's the best way to shove my new found wealth in the face of my family and all those who doubted me?

What's the best way to shove my new found wealth in the face of my family and all those who doubted me?

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Just don't give a shit and enjoy your life without worrying about others.
That's the true alpha move.

Buy something insanely retardedly expensive that it makes no logical sense, just to show them that you can.

Bring a different 10 grand a night escort to each holiday family dinner

Nothing. Just walk around knowing you’re impervious to their fud. If you have massive golden balls would you whip it out to show everyone?

Buy a fake expensive watch, tell them it's real. Don't be stupid with your money, this is how nigger rappers and athletes lose it all


I'm about ready to call off being into the gay lifestyle and turn straight

An expensive car is the best way to scream that you made it.

Buy private army and take over small African country

What’s the best way to shove my face in those milkers?

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The more mature you are, the harder it'll hurt.

>What's the best way to shove my new found wealth in the face of my family and all those who doubted me?

Vanish and in one years time send them a picture of you beside your manson and lambo with told you cunts on the back

Find yourself a nice woman, get a nice place, workout and eat good. Then (here's the best part) invite them all over for a grand holiday dinner. Kill them with kindness

Improve your life by getting a new place to live, buy whatever material shit you always wanted in your mind, and go on a 1 month vacation.

Just casually bring these things up to people, post it on social media like it's just a normal thing nothing special.

They will realize.

Hire a hitman to kill them all.

Buy a camera, start an instagram, and travel the world while documenting your adventures on their stupid normie newsfeeds. It's the ultimate revenge.

Actually do the opposite of this. First of all you should let everyone know you are rich, but become even more frugal and cheap than before. It'll drive everyone around you mad.

This is probably the most lowkey fuck you. Basically as long as you're never working, always traveling, always doing something interesting, always have some babes around, you'll make people jealous but they'll look like the shitty person if they ever bring it up.

If you want to be a total douche (no judgement) just go the lambo, mansion, fancy shit route, but a lot of time that stuff kinda reeks of insecurity and unhappiness. Traveling not so much.

I'll tell if you if you reveal the identity of that buxom lass.

Yup. Just check the fuck out. Travel, or do whatever the fuck you want, and Skype them around Thanksgiving from some expensive resort. They'll know you made it.

I believe what you have there is a squisher, not a milker

Lol so easy depends on how much you make. Pretend to be a saint and donate a large amount to a charity then they will slowly die inside thinking that you will share your wealth and you will laugh in thier face.

>What's the best way to shove my new found wealth in the face of my family and all those who doubted me?

By not giving a shit about proving anything.
Shoving it in their face you will lose face.

Just enjoy your lucky blessings and move on.

thats what I do.

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What's the point of money without playing power games?

just tell them you are invested in skycoin and they will literally eat their face with jealousy

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You have to be mentally strong.
Pretend you weren't affected by the fud they spread, live like a king show them
Give them the feeling that they will gain some wealth by being around you but never give them anything.

Take the Instagram camera travel route
Then come back and drop an expensive car that's what we call the double whammy


Dont bother. Showing off and drawing attention to yourself will only invite more problems. People can and will get jealous, envious and spiteful. They will then attempt to gossip about you or cause other problems.

Just enjoy your life alone and in secret.

Buy them stuff. Make them feel guilty by giving them expensive shit under the guise of goodwill

Rolls Royce

If you show off your wealth to family and friends, they could snitch on you to the feds for suspected tax evasion if they are salty. Or they could try to rob you. I don't go around telling people I own crypto. I would rather people think I'm just a NEET loser rather than a crypto NEET. The reward is freedom from wage cuck slavery

This. I made about 600k. definitely not rich but comfortable . Took a year off went to Europe, South America and Asia. Instagram not big but around 2k followers. The amount of jealousy I get is fucking hilarious.

If you want a relatively safe way to brag about your gains, get behind a VPN/Proxy/TOR, create a burner accounts and mock no-coiner wage cucks on the internet from the safety of anonymity

Lambo... why do you even have to ask? Are you new here?

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This. Gonna need sauce OP

Fuck this topic's thread, a man needs a name.

What's the point of money if you still need to play power games?

Do what Matt Harding did. Quit his job and life and instead toured the world, visiting all the famous places, filmed himself dancing in those places and posted the clips to all his old associates. youtube.com/watch?v=zlfKdbWwruY

Marry a gorgeous gold digger and have an extravagant wedding in the most luxurious location possible, don't invite them but post about it on social media, make a Facebook account and add all of them with the sole purpose of rubbing it in

Correction: bring 2 minimum.

For true alpha, also bring a PMC security detail. Deadly looking operators in expensive suits with barely concealed weapons and earpieces that are constantly checking the perimeter. Make absolutely 0 reference to this, just nod silently when you decide to leave and one of them whispers something to you. Then thank everyone graciously and leave with your harem and personal army.


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