Is it now officially alt season or what

Is it now officially alt season or what

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winklevoss twins just deposited like 4000 bitcoins to bittrex to buy up cheap alts. yeah I'd say its alt season

They are buying trx

what are some hot cheap alts?
i already scored on qtum

Winklevoss twins are rumored to be one of the first FunFair operators. Don't post this on Reddit.

bull fucking shit

you heard it here first nigga
just dumped my life savings into this (literally)

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wtf I just bought 100,000k

shit would go to 3 bucks on that news alone. would figure why the shills have been trying every trick in the book to get my ass to sell.

u r a retard

that's mean

Yep confirmed

Didn't they get denied a license by the US gov't or something?


kek they didn't apply. burgers probably don't get to reap profits staking on running a casino

I feel it coming

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lmao, take a picture of screen with timestamp faggot

>2 days ago shitcoin at 5000 sats -10%
>suicidial thoghts
>today shitcoin at 5000 sats + 20%
>bull market bitchtes!

How fucking easy are you to manipulate?


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with your mouse over the "amount: FUN" bit

>fuch you

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$2.14 EOY

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decent move, if I had to pick a coin to all in on it would be this
still pretty risky but you'll make bank, no way this shit goes any lower imo

Yeah, they are buying tether.

kek implying the winkles don't have a structured tax avoidance system making tether irrelevant

We have one up day any you guys act like we are in a recovery? LMAO. Anyone buying after the spike this morning is a sucker. Downtrend will continue through tax day.


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>Implying they do

The keks are on you friendo.

yes billionaires don't have teams of lawyers to minimize taxes. the keks are on me.

Good job buying tier crypto. Should have at least done that for a platform coin like OMG, REQ, LINK, EOS, hell so much would be better than a fucking casino coin goddamn lmao.

only one I agree with is OMG and only if you got in during ICO

holy shit dude.

Fucking godspeed. I ain't even mad.

are you retarded?

Reminder that this guy was a FUNchad

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>anything to do with taxes
>that's not what lawyers do
>confirmed brainlet

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what did he mean by this?

ever heard of a tax lawyer you fucking shithead

CRA getting cucked and BTFO by lawyers



Banyan. BBN on Bibox.

based user was in jail and got ahold of a cell phone and was buying fun and posting here from inside his cell

Fake faggot, this nigger used developer tools to fake his funfair balance

i'd have to transfer it off exchange and sign a message to prove you wrong so instead ill just call you a fag and stick to my sticky note

i'm not proud of it user

How’d you figure the Voss twins have a stake in them?

you'll know in about 8 weeks

this was a joke btw

mfw you're actually causing a small bump in gwei

was honestly not my intention
I don't even give a shit

good luck user

gonna fill the order book with 2000 FUN orders

i'm mostly content with my fun bag for now anyways. thanks for giving me some hope even if it's a larp.

not a LARP
give me one min

lol someone started buying my orders
fuck off

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i believe you have the fun. not sure about the voss bit.


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No, it won't be alt season until after the bitcoin bull run starts then almost ends.

Not even close. They're just rising and falling with bitcoin after being completely fucking ruined for two months straight. This rise hasn't even made up for shit on any coin. I did make money riding a pump on ICX after it tanked to 1.60.

that's fine user
8 weeks, mark it on your calendar

No. May.

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