Mfw when i just realized i've hoarded way too many coins as greedy fucker to get atleast one good bullish moonshot

Mfw when i just realized i've hoarded way too many coins as greedy fucker to get atleast one good bullish moonshot.

Currently i own shitloads diff cryptos

Thats pretty much it... I think i really should do something about this LOL

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How many NEBL do you have?

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Im in a similar position, its like a different type of fomo I guess haha

Just my take, but honestly I'd drop everything after QASH and consolidate into the first five holdings. Elastos too, possibly. Maybe add a large cap coin for stability, but that's personal preference, really.

Not much only around 140
Biggest one's are link+req combo + kelvins china project combo HPB,BBN

I somewhat agree with this. Do something OP and never let that happen again. Focus on 2 or 3 coins you like

Idiots. The coin moonshot game is over. Btc and eth won. The train left the station.... People already made their millions and sold all. Only average frustrated chumps are still in crypto in this bear crypto recession

Im starting to feel this is addiction, currently there is like ten coins i would want to get more.. fck

But there is way too many coins i like.. Literally everything on my list and would also want OMG, ENG, INS, LRC atleast added + the NEX ico is also coming..


Keep Fusion, HPB and Elastos.

keep the ones you can honestly picture still being around in three years
there's a lot of coins here that i don't recognize
but i know for sure that REQ, LINK, QASH, and WAN are solid holds and will make you good money if you hold them long enough

Obviously don’t move it around in the shit market.

The worst thing it makes it so hard to sell the top or get out in time on a crash

what the fuck man
i dont even know most of these
why didnt you just stick with request and link

I hoard coins like I hoard porn

How can you make so many wrong decisions?
>owns 22 dif shitcoins n no EOS

fix yourself

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I'm holding over 40 coins. I've never been comfier

Yeah, OP. gotta catch them all.

>gains 40 cents on each moon

>he missed 39 moonshots

besides i'm not a poorfag.


HPB PRL = good bet

Rest is shit.

NEBL will surpass the previous ATH.

>tfw 90% down on HPB and INT

50 LINK 50 SKY

What do you guys think about SophiaTX (SPHTX)? It appears to have huge things coming.


All those shitcoins but no OMG
You won't make it