Why is Zuck dumping Facebook stock like it's a fire sale?

Why is Zuck dumping Facebook stock like it's a fire sale?

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He’s going to go all in on LINK so he can be the biggest master node, controlling all that data

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he's probably sick of the company and wants to move on with his life

I said this is what Jeff Bezos should do and people called me a fucking retard brainlet.

This. Even Zuckerberg knows Facebook is not long for this world. I wish I could short stocks.

But Amazon isn't toxic to society like Facebook is.

To buy the bottom

True but might as well cashout when you're on top.

Worse than Charlie Lee dumping his LTC

Or continue to develop your company to dominate even more.

>he sold?
>push it sideways and paint a bull flag

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Thats like 40mil fucking dollars. Thats fucking nice.

But they dominate at the cost of actual profits. Amazon never makes a profit, and their P/E is more than 10X bubble territory. Amazon has given up profits to take market share, but when we tank back into recession, Amazon is going to drop like a fucking rock. If you hold Amazon stock, you should've sold it last week.

Destruction of small business and centralizing all commerce through a single corporation isn't toxic to society?

Yeah but if bitcoin has taught me anything is there's always a fall with every rise. Might as well realize some gains.

Facebook has been steadily loosing its user base in recent years and the news about how he's been selling peoples information has got him worried.

In short facebook is dying and Zucc isn't retarded enough to sit around cause he knows it will die soon.

Trump works with (and for) the Russian military to do cyber/information war against the west. Bribery, blackmail, disinformation, propaganda. Facebook facilitated some of this.

More revelations inbound. Screencap this.

inb4 Ivans attack. Fuck off. Enjoy poverty after we embargo your asses.

>Any day now

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>being unironically red scared in the year 2018

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>Destruction of small businesses
>thinks fulfillment by Amazon means it's sold by amazon
KEK. Small businesses thrive by using amazon to sell online. They aren't destroyed

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Sure he does. That's some great info (((user)))

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his asian braphog aint cheap

Mark Zuckerberg is the definition of jew

If you don't login to Facebook often, they spam mail you saying so and so posted this. Bitch I don't care if they had ice cream today at 2:05 PM since I'm busy. Snowden knows whatsup. I hope we can take back power for the people. Crypto gott hold on for a few more years. We'll make it.

don't call that fucking reptile zuck. Simple exit scam while he can like the reptile he is

he’s the richest man in the world desu. unironically

I don’t think he’s too concerned about realizing any gains

its pe is

>he’s the richest man in the world desu. Unironically

and he got there pimping cancer

buying bitcoin

>dump it

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I'm going to say this only once: Weimar 2.0 is coming, pay close attention on what Sucky Sucky and other jews will do with their fiat.

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Because he lost 4MMM today and probably wants to cash out before it drops more. Pretty simple really.

You can short facebook stocks on plus500

Will they buy shitcoins?

those darn ruskies are always looking for a way to infiltrate the US. I heard the wall was their idea, to keep Americans from fleeing to Mexico once the CCCP is reestablished. Because fleeing to Canada would be worse. M I rite?

us debt is in dollars. they can literally just print their entire national debt and call it a day.

Weimar 2.0 started like 10-15 years ago. But most people are only waking up to it now. America is now the same way Germany was in the 1930's. Demoralized, unemployed, and misled. All a result of ((bankers)).

He's probably surprised it got as far as it did. It's not even a cool site anymore. Most people treat it like a second LinkedIn. The information it collects isn't as valuable as it used to be too since everyone knows that employers and even colleges look at the information posted there.

Facebook is actually very liberal, many Trump groups have been getting banned.

P much this. Young people have moved on from facebook and even old people are starting to now that theyre done being amazed how it connected them with old friends etc, No king rules forever

what if your business is online sales

> dumping
> a few measly millions

you do realize how much FB stock zuck has dont you?

Found the commie brainlet.

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Can I have 1 source? Just one. Seriously one.

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>Tfw there are people in the world who actually, truly, and sincerely believe this

How the fuck does that make me communist? Retarded corporate boot licking scum

He knew bad news was coming, nothing surprising

just fuck off already, the markets arent crashing, youre a faggot


Just days before the bad news came out that he was giving away info to Obama/Hilary. He knew news was coming out, is this considered insider trading? Or is it just perfectly legal?

depends on how much the price tanks and how many rich people hate him, and how much he sold.
but he's already been selling every single day for the last month.
he knows its overvalued and its time to dump on normie retards

That isn't what tanked it. Look up "Cambridge Analytica" and Facebook stock

Fb has crested or it's about to. People are just going to the site less and less. It's no longer cool, people see it's a virtue signalling platform. There's also a bunch of shit coming out about the unethical shit fb is doing like trying to make people feel alone.

then you sell using Amazon? is this bait or are people truly this retarded?


Oil magnates in the Gulf are for sure richer, we just don't have the figures. And Putin is likely right up their too.


You mean 4 B. You dense retard.

> Shitcoin
> Value not tied to the network
> No token utility
> Devs dumping coins


Better question: Who the fuck is buying?

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If you're looking for a serious answer, there are several investigations about Facebook's data use, and some of the things that might come out might be things users won't like. There were a lot of investigation threats in the past, but now *it's happening!* so he must predict that the company's stock will at the very least take a hit.

Here's the first hit on Google: fortune.com/2018/03/18/facebook-data-cambridge-analytica-lawmakers/

Gen Z doesn't use facebook because it's lame.
Facebook is ultra fucked, that's why Zuck is trying to diversify as much as he can before his PRISM front ends collpase

>being that much of a fucking retard

This would literally tank the entire world economy.

Instill more panic so people sell, when it's over and done he can buy back more of his shares giving him more control back over his company.

This is illegal.

He's done

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>In short facebook is dying

They own Instagram and WhatsApp, as it is right now they're not going anywhere.

No shit sherlock why do you think bitcoin even exists?

The Zuck is liquidating to buy more LINK

zucc announced he's gonna dump 35-75M shares in the following 12 months


Hahahahahaha you muhhhhh Russia people are the lowest of the low. Please fuck off back to faceberg and leddot for this conspiratorial horseshit.


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u can short stock moron

Facebook have had a good decade but they are going to lose out to competition at some point.

The old eventually makes way for the new. This also apply to crypto.

Wow. This is literally the animated sequence in der Ewige Jude where Jews fly out of the window with the money bags.

>'corporate boot licking scum'
commie detected

Also add fibbs at all levels and clouds everywhere to confuse him.

Nope what a
Bout Coca-Cola

He is a dirty thieving kike. Probably got inside information on the next 100x and needed more shekels to throw into it.

>a few measly millions
Of shares? He has sold nearly a billion USD worth this year.

facecuck has jumped the shark hes cashing out while the goings good

>this is normal growth
I hope the next quarter when Facebook reveals that even less people are using their shitty platform that they tank

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Exactly. By this time next year at the latest he'll be counting his shekels in Israel while Wall Street cucks hold his bags.


That said I fucking unironically wish the USSR had crushed this neoliberal hellhole into the dust in the cold war.

Q predicted this

hope this whole social media mania dies fast I'm so sick of it

that's not how amazon works user...
>mfw this board

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whos that

Seriously though - if you do use Facebook because you want to appear as a normie, at least delete all your Likes/Posts every year.

There is literally NO reason to leave years of history on Facebook - nobody gives a fuck, and it's of no use to anyone except marketers.

To show who you are to new people you might encouter and want to befriend and network with.

No value for people who know they won't get new friends.

This, FB is facing a class action lawsuit. The class could literally be every single fb user. The agreement lays out that each violation has a 40k penalty.....FB is fucked
Btw I never thought I’d say this but:
No facebookers BTFO

Hope I make it

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Yeah but unlike shitcoin actual stocks don't tank by 10% every time somebody sells a share.

He needs money to buy Sociall (SCL) and move his platform to the blockchain.

If I think that Facebook has deliberately been psychomanaging me via my newsfeed and making me chronicle depressed Can I sue?

You just bought fuckerberg's bags, gg