Will you buy his coin Veeky Forums?

Will you buy his coin Veeky Forums?

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Only if it's Trump Hotel

This is how we either explode to new highs, or become regulated overnight. Feeling the latter stronger.


when this boomer faggot is in cryptos, it's time to sell

I am with this guy. I bought jesus coin

tokenized securities are going to be big this year.
as for whether I would buy it.. meh. maybe. boomer coins like this tend to be idea first, tech second. it's likely also for accredited investors only if you live in the US.

>When crypto is being adapted. that means we should sell all of it and live in a cave!
Nonbelievers should leave.

wait till this faggot all the sudden gets rocked by the classic bitcoin dip

Tokenized securities will just be regulated like securities though. The SEC has already said that tokens that resemble securities are securities. Plus, this deal isn't even a surefire thing. The SEC will likely step in and regulate it to shit

i don't like this guy.
i know nothing about hotels.
i'm not putting any crypto in, because they will dump it, if not now, well after it moons.

if they support fiat only, or hell even if fiat is an option, i'll put in $20 for 50% ownership plus rights to the penthouse suite.
otherwise i'm out

Are you talking about the one with OLeary? Because he said in the video that it's already approved by the SEC

Why not both?
Regulated doesn't mean that ahit can't moon, it means that exchanges are secured enough and pajeet can't ran away with wall streets' money

daily reminder that it's your typical scamcoin BTC/Eth grab.

buy only if they support fiat transactions, and only with fiat

how can you not like this man?

Dude if you're swingtrading jesus coin you're making a killing
Buy @ 2 sats sell @ 3 sats
Easy +50%

>The SEC will likely step in and regulate it to shit
my whole point is that rich boomers (mostly) will actually REGISTER THE TOKENS WITH THE SEC THEMSELVES. that is what he is going to do. he even said it. and he's not going to be the only one.

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How would you do it if you wanted to build a hotel? You own the lot already, for the construction to start you need liquid money.

Your own coin?

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How can we sabotage this faggot boomer’s little money making scheme? Fucking piece of shit.

didn't watch the video. he's entertaining i'll give you that.

read this

he's a scam artist, he plays a rich guy on tv but he's not really that rich. i haven't seen him do one deal on his tv shows. that /tv/ meme about him wanting 99% ownership/no proprietary yabadabadoo is so true.
he did something with investments and failed too because he's a scam artist.

i'm putting in $20 bucks fiat though because it's a cool idea.

Stupid people forget that Boomers created and invested in the technology you faggots claim to know so much about yet commit suicide daily because of your shit choices and investments.

watching for the confused cunny

This is a good idea. Blockchain has already proved to the world that it's 100% secure so I don't see why not do this.

I mean, probably issue an erc20 token in exchange for ETH/BTC/BCH and probably also fiat boomer bux. the only reason you'd issue your own coin is if it had to run its own consensus and why mine a hotel coin?

Definitely a security. This will be accredited investors only

anybody who is against GMOs is blatantly misinformed

Or they know exactly what monsanto is doing

hating monsanto or any company/lobbying group is understandable if not fine.

its the idea that "GMOs are bad because you messing with mother nature" nature isnt pretty, it isnt designed for us.

Issuing own token, dont have anybody who knows how that works. I guess you could hire somebody, but no clue how to hire Crypto developers/experts. Remember, you are a construction company..

This is not a 400mil project, but one around 500k (overseas exotic location), equivalent to a hotel worth a few mil in the US or EU.

Would be interesting to get financing thru crypto, then issue monthly or yearly dividents from profits (dividents issued via crypto perhaps). Issuing own token is too much perhaps, would be better to get BTC/ETH and convert to FIAT locally to proceed with the project? Seems the easiest, but how to handle the "TRUST" part, how can you make people trust you giving them your BTC/ETH?

Thoughts? Lets expand further...

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I see people on here claim sometimes that the .com crypto bubble has passed, but we haven't gotten remotely close to everyone adding coin onto everything. We are all very lucky to be here now.

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No but this kind of exposition will help to boost BTC and ETH which I'm okay with.