Why doesn't biz obsess over Steve Ellis when hes the actual one who os creating ChainLink?

Why doesn't biz obsess over Steve Ellis when hes the actual one who os creating ChainLink?

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because sergey is better memes

also checked

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Wwwwoooowwwwww quads omgg so good!
Sergey is fat and triggered so it’s more fun

he looks like a nerdy version of tyler durden

Because he didnt agree to be in the official music video

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this looks like the lead in some unmade cohen brothers film. I'm not even sure I believe this is a real person let alone the developer of chainlink. he's like keanu reeves mixed with rick moranis but attractive

Checked. Don't worry, OP. I do. Anyone with a brain who is actively watching the progress does. Sergey is just a figurehead.

i must have missed this, this is actually pretty good and im not a linkie

It's confirmed, Steve Ellis is Tyler Nerden

he's transcended already

wtf quads, checked mate. anyways, I think it's better we leave steve out of this.

>Don't worry, OP. I do
same if steve wants memes no problem
tyler linker and link club it is

this. let the memes begin.


check these too while you're at it

>tfw Obama is following this nigga

It's fucking happening

This. Steve is unironically our guy. Nothing comfier than checking the GitHub and seeing our guy Steve popping commits live

may sergey bless you

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Your such a cunt, he is not


its unironically true

he is
just checked
fuck off

he is, but he follows 600k people, so it's nothing special

hes not following you

Shill Johnny or rory

>like keanu reeves mixed with rick moranis but attractive
keanu owns this soyboy

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nice pentacles

Steve Ellis is just a pseudonym, he doesn't even exist you idiots, Ken Thompson is programming the whole thing

This is cause Steve is a Chad and Veeky Forums feel threatened by him so go for the low hanging fruit i.e. Sergey

You are like a little baby

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Shit I need to go to /m/ more often instead of wasting my time with the retards here.

Are you implying Sergey Nazareth is not a chad?


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you are doing it wrong you have no connection to kek you have to feel it

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nice quads Steve

Na. Nanananananna nana nana na aaaaa!.
Once you hear it. You can never go back

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Give it up

Very very disrespectful. Sad!

give it up.
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God rewards the humble.

forgive me kek for i have sinned

If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him.

-- James 1:5

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Ffs kek