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Hey how's the gym going

Stop doing steroids btw

get a life, you post this shit every day and it's pathetic.

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What coins do you hold?

Been here since this was first posted. I'm amazed how easily this became a meme.

Ok, if this is really the same person from back in September...
Welcome back. And thanks for making me become a proud Bitcoin maximalist.

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None. I'm waiting to buy Bitcoin.

>when they're following the price of this coin over here

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imagine what the disgusting creature who posts this looks like

keep up the good work chipmunk

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I hate you so fucking much.

I want to fuck this chipmunk

Ellie's a good waifu

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Fucking autist...

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Are you going to make another shitcoin?

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Same one fag posting this ugly chinese anime every day

My alt is still up on btc and still going up you fucking slut.

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>Ruby Spears

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KYS furfag pedo

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