-30% incoming load your shorts Veeky Forums

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That would be pretty funny

You are telling me exactly what I want to hear.... how can I trust you?

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Hi rebbit. Nobody said kikes are inferior. Just that their pernicious plots destroy nations and they should be gassed for real this time.

Also, you have to go back.

Go back to your containment subreddit

You're a moron. Go back to masturbating to anime pics while the adults talks here.

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They stole everything from people who invented everything and made little empires out of it. JP Morgan is Rothschild's affiliated. Rothschilds married into hundreds of families and are still marrying other people. Nicky Hilton, Paris' sister married a Rothschild. Evil fucking family that needs to die.

>Completely misses the point
It's not that they are inferior, it's that they are trying to destroy us, and we aren't doing and damn thing about it

>Nicky Hilton, Paris' sister married a Rothschild.
lol what

>Getting Jewed by your own people: Priceless

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perhaps you overlooked the autistic anti-Semitic pencil scribblings in the image that the OP posted you dumb fucking mong?

The Rothschilds and Hiltons have been invested in blockchain for a long time. Paris bought into the ETH ico and was posting about it in 2015

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fuck that reptile up

>autistic anti-Semitic pencil scribblings

fair enough
he's still a fucking reptile tho

BTC will drop when biz starts going long.... always do the opposite.

everybody worried about jews but they never wonder who their masters are

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hurr durr rich people marry rich people plz tell me more


Wow the kikes are out in full force tonight. You mad, Schlomo?