Comfy Crypto Future

Let go, take flight
Dreams begin to reignite
So clear, so bright
We're glowing in the dead of night
Plug in, online
The datastream linking our minds
Circuits entwined
We'll dream of Neo-Tokyo tonight

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a room for manlets

How fucking good is Scandroid tho?
You are a man of taste.

fuck thats comfy
>that window, comfy during rain, hearing that pitter patter against it
>keeping it open when inviting girls home and fucking them, letting everyone see

fuck yes, I love it.

> not tokyo

Get inspired by one of the best in the Veeky Forums boys

Was picturing this shit aswell.

Even better if you add howling wind to the equation and have the rain lashing rather than pattering.

that's a shitbox dorm room in Chicago if I recall correctly

you have a really nice view

Not even just Scandroid, Klayton's shit is terrific in general.

The only thing I need to get comfy is put his stuff on, open binance, read some Veeky Forums, have a drink or some pot, and think about the up and coming crypto future.

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>>keeping it open when inviting girls home and fucking them, letting everyone see
in a single bed 8)

Where is this in Tokyo? I live in Japan, could go there and make this a reality!

You guys don't know how shitty a huge window like that is.

I pray that this room is facing away from the sunrise/sunset. I've stayed in rooms like this, and it gets fucking boiling because of the window. Like boiling to the point where it drives you insane.

Nice aeshetic bros. Dump more.

Nah. This aesthetic is too glitzy. They're just recycling the optimistic 80s retro vibe and projecting into a cyberpunk future that will not be glamorous or happy at all. Have you noticed how depressing it is to watch a human interact with a machine?
Sorry, but it's a pleb-tier derivative genre. You need to discover Dream Catalogue. Start with this and work your way up. The newer releases bristle with anxiety about a future devoid of humanity.

>this fucking absolute pleb shit attempt at poetry
have you niggers ever read anything in your lives?

>What is air conditioning

pajeet identified

Klayton ftw!
but as far as retrowave goes there is better than Scandroid.

I'll have to agree that Klayton isn't the best at lyrics... but he sure knows production...

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>knows production
Let me guess some vaporwave synth trash

It's the same retarded AB rhyming scheme and alternating meter they teach you in middle school.

Carpenter Brut