Exponential growth guaranteed. Strap yourselves in, boys. We're going to the moon.

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Does anyone know the name of the song they had on repeat at their event last month

its dumping you absolute brainlet, snapshot is over and will now bleed a little, until news comes along then bleed again

Enterprises are already buying VET off the open market, brainlet

Strap it on boys. You're getting fucked.

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bleed over.

hows walton doing

Ready brother - only coin doing something.

I sort of feel sorry for the Linklets on biz

wait longer then 10 minutes you autistic

enjoy your walton bags

lol, if you think youre suddenly gonna see million dollar buy orders, think again
see whos right in a week

>implying this shit isn't going to fucking drop harder now that node ransom is over

enjoy getting sunny lu'd

Amazing how brainwashed you fuckers are.

no thanks im all in ven, just not blind like you
im accumulating to thunder x node

It's like your playing a video game.

"accumulating to a thunder x node".

Do you know how silly that sounds? You've been played.

Ugh Where's the bottom I don't wanna buy in now at only 1000 sat profit but I don't want to stay up all night either

VeChain possesses its own digital ecosystem that is lightyears beyond your understanding. My apologies, brainlet. Your poor genetic lineage has bestowed a 60 IQ onto you and has rendered you incapable of understanding the superiority and longitudinal price trajectory for VeChain. Nigger.

see you at the moon

hahaha no denying youre right mate
thats chink style
im gonna get fucking paid though and dumping it

You should look into changing your name to '1000 sat profit'

>mfw I realize almost all coins are like this
>what the fuck have I been doing with my life

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I fucking love this. The cult of VEN.


Dumped my extra VEN after I got my node and put it in ICX hopefully it's the right play

you dumped one shitcoin to buy another shitcoin?



3000 VEN boys will I make it

Blockchain does nothing more to verify shipments/goods than a sticker already does lol, you've been had

Digits say yes but quantity says no, hmmmmmmmmm

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When the nodes all click in and you don't have enough for a node, I've heard that accumulating enough for one doesn't guarantee you a node. If this is the case, why in God's green earth wouldn't this coin tank like crazy in the short term?

you're right, you can't get an x node anymore
give it a day man, its gonna bleed until the occasional news which people will sell that too

Once i heard some credible FUD about this chink hype coin i ditched it. I may buy in some time again strictly when it has hit a bottom or when it is pumping hard for a swing trade.

But the BMW 'partnership' is a fucking joke
And them selling thousands upon thousands of VEN to investors for the low is shady. They can buy wholesale then dump on you goofs for instant profit.

Omg being this retarded


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You do know holding VEN still gives you THOR right? you dumb shit


obviously dickhead, at mainnet time not now

its bleeding right now, whats your argument?
i already have an extra few thousand if i buy in now but im gonna wait cause its going lower

play the market you emotional bagholder

binance couldn't verify me in time, so I missed the x-node lockup. JUST. All this bagholding and all for nothing

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>Drops 15000 eth pairing

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bleeding means slow dumb ass
plenty of time to go lower
would say low 40k sat or high 30k sat range

Yeah put a buy order at 35k sat. It's not like they're going to announce a big partnership today or something like that, right ?

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yeah youre right, might buy back in and then sell that news

gotta love those pink dildos

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they actually thought it wasn't gonna happen lol

remember, always do the oposide what /biz says.

i did and thats how i made money, everyone was just saying hodl hodl

Sorry to hear that, but you had a month to prepare.

Oh I remember you
You have like $1k in crypto right?
Get to $100k before giving advices