Long at 8600

I made a mistake didn't I

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yes were going down retard, it cant push up so its easier to go down

yes. thank you for your donation.

yup, i have a short for BTC, ETHC and ADA

already have exit price locked in, this is /comfy/ land

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I shorted at 7400. I am not here to judge.... But yes you did. $5,000 by the end of the week.

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Yeah you should probably close it. Path of least resistance is down to $5800 and up.

See you at 6k

Fuck you are right, closed it for a $1k loss. Idk wtf I was thinking.

ADA is sky rocketing

Thanks asshole, now we're going to 12k for sure.

Nah, you're probably safe, as long as you didn't leverage up like a brainlet. I bet we bounce from the bottom at least one more time. Keep it open and put a stop at $8450. Or just watch how it acts, if/when it drops below trend.

Not much sense trying to trade in this range, with the pattern so close to completion anyway.

Not for much longer amigo

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it'll probably bounce just under 8k in the next few days and then try to test 10k

If The Chan agrees that it is going down, confirms bull period back.

who would buy this shit right now? every time i think about going long with this shit to ride coat tails i can never force myself or very rarely make a long buy, because i always think who the fuck would by this garbage rn. ofc ive been burned by pumps though.

Buying high as usual I see.

Your thinking is right, buy high sell low


Your mistake was not setting a fucking stop loss.

Just wait a few years user, it'll recover

yup do this next time. Its ok to lose some money if you believe in what youre doing, just dont lose it all.

You should have waited user

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put another long same size at 8400 so it average out at 8500, then you maybe can get out

idk if i trust stop loss. every time i use it i swear the price swings that direction to knock it out.

doubt it, 2 weeks down means 1 week up. can't go down forever.

well, then set your trades better :p
I dont trust myself with bitmex yet so im stickin with btc/usdt

Getting stopped out is OK. Lose a little bit on 80% of your trades and make the most out of the winners.