60% down from my ATH

>60% down from my ATH

no one is more JUSTed than me, believe me

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I never had an ATH, I only lost money

I am the JUST’d prince

I'm still holding the meme of all memes. Chainlink.

i lost 200k fuck you

There are people who are down from their INITIAL investment. Think about that.

Ive gone from like 320k to like 80-90k

I'm down 500k from ATH.

My initial investment was like $5000 so I'm still pretty good

On Sunday I was down 83% from ATH and at 1/2 my initial investment. Now 'only' down 70%.

Basically, OP, eat shit.

75% down from ATH hahaaaaaa

120k to 16k fuck

Many people have lost 95%-100% falling for the bitmex meme.

kek. How is face app so good?

im down $1400 from my initial investment and -67% ATH
got into crypto on november 1st 2017
kill me

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There are, believe. Just pay attention to the threads around you, there are lots of anons who are much worse off.
I've seen some who claim to be over 60% down from their initial investment - not ATH.

t. 70% down from ATH here. Fell for the hodl meme. Never again, now all my trades have tight stops and thanks to that I've dodged a few bullets already.

I'm down over 60% of my initial investment.

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How do you not get priced out of your stops? The market is so fucking volatile.

this. there's a lot of us who were late but "woke" enough and needed to FOMO or miss out forever or so we thought. We got taken to the cleaners. Hopefully few went all-in

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Everyone on this board is down 70% from ATH you fucking brainlet

I'm like 90% down kek. I no longer hold or invest, I just trade short term.

lol not me, I made most of my gains in early Jan. Get gud retard.

no need to be rude m8

oh my

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For btc/alt pairs I rarely get stopped out if I time my entry right. Usually place stop at 2,5% - 3% down from entry.
Since I started trading instead of investing / holding, what rekt me a lot more than stops was being greedy and waiting too much to take profits...

Think again faggot

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