Folio 1mo

Post your blockfolios 1 month

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I still haven't opened my blockfolio since probably the first week of February.

>> 28 dollars

nah, ill get bullied again :(

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holy shit we have identical graphs

They're close, all these move along with btc for the most part

looks like mar 1-3 i made the biggest mistake of my life but other than that they're 1:1

kek I have btc eth waves ada trx and pot

ETH and FUN here

I thought this was 28.89 btc at first

what the fuck op

First time I see a portfolio with less than what I have (currently at $60 down from $200).

>50 Link

high score?

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Hello darkness my old friend...

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WEW lad lmao

I'ts fine, it's mostly ETH. there is about $3-4k in shitcoins that I probably will never seen again though. I've already cashed out about $20k more than what I put into the markets.


Fuck you user.

For making me look at this shit

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banned on my phone for some reason

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Were all getting JUSTed as fuck.

Christ lads

>looks like mar 1-3 i made the biggest mistake of my life
Was that when you bought FUN?

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I'm not disclosing my coin amounts in your shady shit app

Lost 40% because Vechain

But this one is more fun.

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Fellow poverty tier folio here. 175 actually invested in .

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you're doing better than most of us my friend

Shitcoin sell it. No reason to buy anymore . They've created a cast system with that coin. New buyers are lower citizens.

Nah its just looking like it cause I'm putting money it. I'm stillover 35% down


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I want all you fuckers to make it. Keep adding as you can and switching shit up as the air changes this year

fuck my life

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$28? That's hilarious OP. I didn't realize this board was populated by literal 16 year old pimplefaced losers.

thanks OP, made me laugh

the spikes are where i bought more :'(

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damn bro that's fucked UP, what kinda bags are ya holding?

mostly coss and eth

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COSS is ripe to moon when bull season kicks back in, fundamentals haven’t changed

especially with fiat coming soon.
But it is still way overvalued at current volume

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Why are we looking at 15$?
You wanna sorry for losing a nickel post?


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worst one yet

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don't worry, it's all on LINK
that will be 150k in a few years

Had 30k a month ago
Had a low of 11k during the dip
Now back to 16k...

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Fuck that you're going to see my 3 month

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Holy shit

Which bags are you holding, so I can stay the fuck away from them?

And here I thought my fall from $2200 to $1,300 was intense.

I've had a rough day listening to communist cunts at uni fucking spout shit about "business ethics" and "corporate social responsibility" and really just wanted to take my anger out on some faggot online, and seeing your chart upset me. I wanted to call you a faggot, but man, I can sympathize hard with you.

Hang in there user, but more importantly, learn where you went wrong and don't do the same things next time you're up. Pic related, my 3 month. Started with 10k, peak liquidity was actually 400k

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Really painful month.

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I've seen worse.

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I remember in December all the portfolios of 150k+

Biz is all poor pajeets now

Congrats user. I assume you either cashed out or are still holding bitconnect.

Was thinking the same thing. Did everyone cash out or what?

The true horror cannot be expressed in one month

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don't know if you knew but yesterday CossWhale finally started to talk, let's see

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Crypto going to zero

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hey hey hey


Lemme guess, KCS and ICX?

Either bitconneeeeeeec or or got confido'd or cashed out at 30k which means you will never make it

Why did you make me look at this.

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Could be worse

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Somehow up in sats though

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Some probably held because they didn't want to pay more taxes.



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Just a dip user, hold...

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Good stuff lads, glta

I straight out deleted mine

Felt like a weight being lifted off my shoulders, reminded me exactly of breaking up with a shitty ex that cheats on you. Felt fucking glorious.

Why are you guys still holding? wtf

me too

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Ath 800k. Deleted at 400k.
Current value is a lambo to be used as a counterweight around that branch I chose as the final goodbye.

Fuck me up bro

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Get on my level plebs.

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Kek is anyones 1mo not downward sloping?



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Theirs is sloping down harder if anything


Mm mm no no no

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Come on, crypto! I only need 5 millions.

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>Some poorfag goes almost 7X
>I'm making doubt digit percentage gains with thousands of dollars

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There's a trick. I've been doing some stuff for a growing project, and they paid me with coins.

>28 dollars
Keep it up OP, soon you'll be able to afford a full McDonals menu

Lol It's just been gains this whole month.

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No russian

Those aren't moons

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