Praying to Allah for Bitcoin to 50k EoY

Praying to Allah for Bitcoin to 50k EoY.

Screen Cap this. If 50k+ EoY, You shall pray to Allah.

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id rather be broke than worship your goat fucker. deus vult sand nigger

>religion in 2018
kill yourself

I'll fuck allah in his little bitch mouth you goat fucker.

Fuck off Mohammad, don't you have a first cousin to marry or something?

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If you said pray to Jesus Christ I'd be in, you know the one and only god.

Screencapped. Salaam Alaykum, Brother.

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thanks jaffar

Arab are the most rich stupid people

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Arab makes islam look bad

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Arab is a disgrace to the world in the 21st century islam especially

T. Muslim here

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Hang yourself Muslim filth

>literally the same god

Judging an entire race by the actions of a minority.

Saudi Arabia's government is just like any other government, corrupt. Did you really think that a muslim-majority country would mean they have a non-corrupt government?

kys please.

The pendulum is swinging the other way furfag. Fedoraism is on the way out.


Islam will dominate

Right, Muslims worship the Most Holy Trinity.

Read a book nigger.

lmao deluded polytheist

Arabs are useless NEETs who have never worked but lucked out and now spend their days buying lambo and fucking prostitutes

It really makes you think, doesn't it

If I get a big booty Arabic girl, I'll convert and fight the infidels.

>evidence Allah is a lesbian intersexed

Allah is based AF can I have some oil, moohamhead?

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