ITT: Your dream home

What will be your living situation when you make it?

Personally I'm buying something like this and fucking off to the mountains and starting a nice family. Set up a home gym and library. We'll be /out/, close enough to take day trips to the city a few times a month but far enough that no one will bother us.

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Something like that for me too user, comfy

I'll build something like this
don't need anything crazy and the courtyard area is top tier comfy imo

Fucking introverts

Is it weird to want to build a replica Wright house?

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Nah Prairie School is comfy af

I'll rent a reasonably priced apartment because material objects and wealth don't actually contribute to happiness.

Same. fuck society im going to live on a farm or some shit

I want a post-and-beam log cabin. Gonna find a nice spot up in the mountains of Washington or Idaho and tell the rest of the world to fuck off.

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Show me a billionaire that likes the spotlight other than for business purposes
And don’t say Trump

something really comfy in the country somewhere, one of those nice wooden & brick houses that have a hippy feel to them, with vines and shit growing all over it

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where do u think u r m8

A condo in a high rise so I can shit on the hipsters while they go to work

Bunch of normie shit in this thread.

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I'd either live in a spooky old castle/mansion, or an underground bunker filled with shelf stable food, water, diesel fuel, guns and ammo. This one was Winston Churchill's.

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I’d build the most McMansioniest McMansion you can possibly think of just to piss off poor people who want afford a mansion

cant wait to see your house featured on mcmansion hell

Mcmansions are for poor people...

If she ever did criticize it I’d just build a bigger one with every criticism expanded upon
Would be nice to have fuck you money

This old houses, gothic big houses and large victorian's have such awesome character and at night are semi creepy. Great table talk and classy looks.


I wouldn't even wait for a disaster before living in a bunker. I'd just become the ultimate hikkokomori. This one is cool but it needs a big library.

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The girl who runs that site is so rigid in her application of architectural guidelines.

>Oh my gosh can you believe the combined two different kinds of styles of dormers?
>And that neither are aligned with the portico in accordance with any of the major design philosophies that I learned about at school?

Spoken like an honest to goodness poor faggot.

Owning property at minimum gives you a legacy...

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When I was about 16 I was 100% convinced I'd soon become a billionaire, so I started designing the house of my dreams and it became a hobby of mine to think of all the possibilities and solve all the problems by refining each iteration of it.

I've recently come into something that could realistically make me a few millions in the future, so I'd probably build a small version of it, then with my newfound free time I'd learn how to make a simple videogame and virtually build the big one there.

Comfy place to wait out the niggapocalypse.

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Building an earthship and starting a ranch where I'll never have to see another nigger as long as I live

Same as op.

It'll be on at least 10 acres and will have guest homes on it where my siblings can live if they want. It'll have a garden and the main home will have secret passages, with one leading to an underground maze which leads to a bunker that is stockpiled and comfy.

Can you describe your dream home for us please?

What do you think of this 3 bds • 2.5 ba • 1,968 sqft home I found on Zillow?

They're gonna swarm the whole earth. That's why you need a bunker. The global IQ average is decreasing as the population in Africa increases. The world will look like the movie Idiocracy in a few generations. The niggapocalypse will be when a few hundred thousand whites hide underground for generations waiting for the nigs to nog themselves into extinction.

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Respect his dubs and reply please

I'm planning to be a billionaire so...

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fuuuuuuck that’s cozy

I don't know much about the fake estate market but isn't that insanely overpriced for a house in fucking Alaska? There is literally nothing special about it at all, in fact I'd say it's shit tier from the inside and upon further examination it is also shit tier on the outside.

Comfy as fk bro

Couple of pod houses dropped into a few acres of land near lakes and rivers. Not too terribly far from a town or city. Maximum cozy.

Too big. Wtf am I gonna do with all that space? The cost to heat and cool it would be ridiculous.

heat? not living on the comfy colombian mountains which will resist the great flood incoming banging colombie chicks

Humidity and waterproofing. Talk to engineers that know their shit before you build that or you’ll have fungi all over

I imagined different configurations when it comes to style, since I'd choose it according to the location (but the "basic" image I have is a less tacky version of the houses built by the A-cero studio a few years ago, but that's just a "placeholder" that will change), so I mainly made the plans for what goes where, and how big things should be.

It's divided into three main sections, accessible through the main corridor/s:
In the middle there's the living & kitchen area, on one side there's the gym & indoor pool area, and on the other side there's the studio and "projects" area.
The ground floor of the middle area has a living room, a kitchen, a dining room, and two smaller "maintenance" rooms (one where the security and electronics would be controlled from, and another for whatever is needed for the staff to take care of the house).
In the basement of the middle area there's a movie theater, a big garage (accessed through a ramp in the front), two "lounge" areas connected to the two underground courtyards (one with a slope that connects it to the garden in front of the house and a similar one in the back), and access to the two other areas.

The gym area is underground (above it, on the ground floor, there's a big patio with an outdoor kitchen and a diving board for the outdoor pool), and I have yet to decide if I want to add a proper SPA or just a sauna and some empty space.
Through the gym you can access the indoor pool, which is also underground, but gets natural light from the "ditch" (for lack of a better name) around most of it, and from the double height ceiling (which makes it go up to the ground floor).

On the other side there's a "studio" area that goes from the basement to the first floor (some rooms have single ceilings, some have double, and some triple), and along the corridor connecting it to the ground floor of the "living area" there are four spare rooms for whatever project my family or I want to make.


The first floor is significantly smaller than the lower two, since it mainly only has bedrooms and huge roofs for the lower rooms.
The number of bedrooms is constantly changing depending on the configuration and on whether the living room has double ceiling or not, but usually there are four or six main ones facing the backyard (with their own bathroom and walk-in closet each) and six or eight smaller ones on the opposite side with shared bathrooms.

The second floor only has the stairs/elevator part of the "living area" (which has triple ceiling and a "hole" to the basement) and one room facing the backyard (either an office if I don't put that as a second floor of the "studio area", or a panoramic lounge room if I do). The rest is a huge terrace, perhaps with solar panels.

In the backyard there's only a big pool and the abovementioned patio (which is part of the house), and in the front yard there's only the way for the cars to get in so it's not very big to maximize the backyard size.

In front of the entrance there's a huge terrace protectingwhoever is in front from the weather, and is made so a car can come in, drop the passengers at the front door, and keep going in the same direction to the ramp for the underground garage, or turn around and get out (or the opposite, when the car gets out of the garage to load passengers from the front door).

Around the whole property there are multiple layers of tall trees for privacy, and the front gate and driveway are set so people can't see the house without going in (this heavily depends on the shape of the land and the direction the entrance point to, relative to the optimal backyard position, which should be where the view is).


Most of the time I focus on trying to fit everything in a way that makes all the distances proportional to each other, and the distances are based on a system of a "grid" of imaginary or real square pillars (2m wide) that cover the entire house (and are spaced equally based on the different configurations, but usually around 8 or 10 meters) and are some times visible as elements like literal pillars, or rooms like bathrooms separating a line of balconies by "protruding" relative to the walls of the house (which are two meters in, because of the flush balconies).

Another thing I haven't designed but have considered heavily, is a huge secret bunker under it, with part of it having double ceilings that spans from -2 stories to -1 (the regular basement) and is basically just a huge parking-lot-like space, completely empty except for the abovementioned pillars and a small comfy apartment for when I want to get away and be alone.
I'm not really sure if this is feasible at all, since it would be pretty hard to keep it secret, so maybe I'll just put the small apartment in the basement level and justify it as an entertainment room or something, and close it with the secret passageway.
Or perhaps separate a side of the plot into a separate one, sell it to a company that I control through a complex network of offshore companies, then build the bunker there and connect it to the main house through an underground tunnel. This way I could keep it secret to my family as well, since I could just go out, switch cars, get in the neighboring property, and access my bunker unnoticed.

I tried making everything big but never unreasonable (and when things are significantly bigger than necessary it's because otherwise the sizes wouldn't have been neat and proportional, so I opted to have the rooms a bit bigger).


The basement and ground floor have each a 4m tall ceiling, and the first and second are 3m.
Between each floor there's a 1m distance for the building itself and false ceiling (for air conditioning, cables, etc), and any railing/baluster is 1m tall, so from the outside everything is spaced at two or four meters, except a small part of the patio, which I'm still working on.

The thickness of the walls depends on the room/area, but generally they're supposed to be heavily soundproofed (especially the walls separating the main areas, and around the bedrooms).

Sorry if I didn't describe it properly but I'm ESL and don't know the proper terminology (and CBA to proofread).

I don't have the drawings with me right now, but if you have question, I'll try to answer them as best as I can.


A small house near any of the top party schools in the US.

Only quoted and forgot .My bad.

Pretty much just this. Somewhere I can just escape to every once and a while. Otherwise I'd like to just have the money to keep moving and travelling I think.

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I was always jealous of people with pools. I like to swim but never really got much of a chance to. The messed up part is the people I know with pools never appreciated them, hardly swam in them, and bitched never ending about maintaining them. Want to strangle them every time. I'm 36 years old and proudly only been in a pool like 25 times, if that.

Meant probably for that last sentence.

We're in a fucking Bear Market right now! Fucking broke as hell. You should be having nightmares about how to pay your rent, what ramen noodle to eat, etc. No time to be fucking dreaming about Neverland. Save it for when we get back into Bull mode.

What is the point of ever dreaming?
Shit never comes true. The successful rich people don't even like their lives. Depressing as hell.

How many people live like that in the USA? How can that even be sustainable? Think of all the infrastructure you'll have to install just for that house alone, and the transportation costs and being far off from everywhere.

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>and the transportation costs and being far off from everywhere.
Well, to be fair that's not exactly rare in the US.

Also when you're wealthy you can mitigate the problem by having people do errands for you, take a helicopter or have someone drive you around (so you can work in the meantime), etc.

Not to mention how for many owners of this type of home, it's only a holiday property and their main one is in a more sensible location (perhaps something like the one in your picture).

large modern garage. medium size living quarters. skatepark in the backyard.

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It's easy in US. We have roads everywhere and gas is cheap.

I wonder how much a property like that costs. That is something everyone wants, but there are only so many places along rivers that aren't owned by governments. It's gotta cost a billion.

You have to install water supply, sewrage, connect to electricall grid, and phone.

If I make it, I'd just like a house sizable enough that I can have a room for a gym, one for a private theater, and another for VR.

If I "make it" make it, I'd do that and also get a condo smack dab in the middle of a bustling city. Doesn't need to be big, just have a view and be in the midst of it all, like . I'm mostly introverted but I could never isolate myself without being miserable, I want to live in a place where there's shit to do. I'll worry about getting away from the world when I'm old.

Depends how much I end up with, but on the modest side this

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but this is the dream

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For a few years of traveling at least.

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I'd have this built in the forests and mountains of Alaska. About 20/30 miles from Anchorage

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cant do, love my balcony piss in the morning


I want to live in wayne manor. Fuck this pleb shit.


the whole thing is built on a mine just like batmans and is sinking and will need unbelievable amount of repairs

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think it was on sale for less 20 million or it recently sold for that

probably needs 100 mil repairs lol

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I'm an I trovert and just want to live in a luxury penthouse condo. Can't hear shit from that high.

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Forgot to mention that I will have a replica of the bridge of the Enterprise built in the basement to serve as my theater room. Also going to have a glass-enclosed heated swimming pool with hot tub. Will have a sort of jungle/rock theme and a fireplace in the "pool room". The pool itself will be made to look like a natural rock pool with a window built into the deep in where you can see into the bar/game room I will have in the basement.

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There's a house exactly like this in cape town

wooden house, Are you a fucking bird. Build a real house out of stone and brick.

I have seen the house you are talking about. Are you from Cape Town? small world.

Another introvert here dreaming of the city.

I hate parties, bars and clubs but I'm secretly jealous of people who do socialise often. At the very least, it would be nice being high up in the air like that.

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is this an existing house?

>Leave earth
>Live with earth standard

damn that looks comfy as fuck

how much

Something like this in a semi rural area with fast internet.

I like your taste.

exactly this, i wouldn't say i'm introvert but this is really nice, fuck these big houses with 10 bedrooms


HAHAHAHAHA Calm down spaz. Breathe. Take it nice and slow.

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what's stopping you?

You paranoid stormfags never cease to give me a good chuckle with your delusions