The leech NEET - Lives off of the forced Goodwill of family. Unironically lives with their parents until they are middle aged or older. Could possibly work out long term if their parents die and leave them a life insurance settlement.

The NEETbux NEET - Lives off of government assistance. Usually not from the USA but rather another more socialist nation that would give you money for your """autism""" or whatever. If you don't live in a socialist nation you can't really take this route unless you are legitimately messed up, like blind, deaf, no limbs and 10 IQ and you might get 20 bucks of food stamps a month.

The Trust Fund NEET - Lives off investments. You really only need a couple hundred thousand to live a very meager life alone on investment returns. If you weren't born with money then you can't opt for this route.

The Countdown NEET - This variety actually did work for a while and saved up some money. Usually less than 100,000 dollars or so. They got burned out and are just slowly burning away their savings. Only sustainable for 5-10 years before you run out of money. This NEET variety might take up odd jobs or very minimal jobs to keep a small revenue stream going, so they might be able to get past a decade. Will eventually end up homeless.

What type of NEET are you, biz?

>tfw leech NEET and trust fund NEET.
Feelsgoodman, best of both worlds

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Trust Fund NEET

reminder that wagies are on constant suicide watch

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Countdown/odd jobs. plus I leech (below market rate rent), plus i get decent tax rebates, employment insurance for a few months and have a tiny bit of gibs for having a kid.

Leech/investment neet

I was so close to being investment exclusively but.. We all know how January went.

Hope isn't lost though.

fuck you low life scum.

give me all your crypto

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What about a neet that isn't necessarily burned out bit fits in the countdown NEET catigory. I am not burned out, in fact I am working even harder than I would with a normal job. Everything else fits though and the homeless part is pretty possible but the only reason I took to this position was to try and do my own thing for awhile while I burn through my money. I really need to tick off a bucket list item and make my own indie game project. Once I am done I guess the plan will be to figure out how to re enter the workforce depending on how badly I fall flat on my face.

Its just something I seriously always wanted to do and crypto is making it possible for me right now to do it. super high chance of failure but I really really want to do this.

where is Crypto NEET option? I made $10k from my first job while living with parents, quit, started lurking biz in march last year, started trading in april, cashed out $500k in december, still live with parents

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I have a job, but I don't pay rent. So I guess I'm just a shitty leech neet

Leech/countdown...clock is ticking but I ain't going back to work for the man

You're a trust fund/leech NEET.

You can't be a NEET and have a job.

>You can't be a NEET and have a job

What about self employed?

The former neet. Haven't been this misrable for a long time. Going to quit when I have a bit in savings. Gonna try investing and starting my own business.
Wrong. It's 4:00am hahahahahaha. *contemplates suicide*

If you don't make enough to cover your living expenses, you're still functionally a NEET.

Hybrid leech and countdown neet. I leech to slow down the timer, only have about a year of goodwill left and another year of savings left before I have to kill myself. Really fucking hope Link pulls a 100x so I can get another 5 to 10 years.

status attained. I actually find it endearing. When I kill myself I will feel good about this actually.

You should probably be holding at least a little EOS for the June first moon / crash depending on what happens.

I've been waiting for a lower price, but maybe it's time to scale in already. What's your plan re: eos?

I have been holding EOS for a long time. If it turns out to not be crap I dont KYS. If it drops to zero I KYS. Not sure what else beyond that.

I'm already on that strategy with link, might as well hedge. Hope it works out for you my man.

>If it turns out to not be crap I dont KYS. If it drops to zero I KYS. Not sure what else beyond that.
That's my plan as well

Leech NEET reporting. I'm also a crypto millionaire and nobody close to me knows yet

Neets are the absolute worst

I love how neets are always trying to shit on "wageslaves".

While they dont give a shit about neet.
Just shows how emty and worthless neets are.

You can all go kill yourself like you always think of doing.

Countdown because I only have $35000 invested and my funds have been down since Friday. If there's a recession now, I'm fucked.

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>TFW im a combination NEET utilizing all strategies
>realize im not a NEET since im going to school though

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I was on Veeky Forums all day today. wtf am I doing with my remaining life?

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Pls gib 1k LINK. Im a neet too, but do micro jobs to make insurance payments for my mom's cancer treatment.

Pic related, mom getting the chemo.


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>The Countdown NEET & The leech NEET
I-I'm gonna start working on my SaaS products soon I promise!
I j-just have to finish my backlog first

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