Grandfather passed away he was very wealthy

>grandfather passed away he was very wealthy.
>I just inherited $1,500,000 from his estate
>been hearing about bitcoin from /Pol/ from last December decided to come here to learn about it.
>see that the entire market is crashing crazily but want to make some gains.

So there you guys have it. Im a spoiled little rich boy I guess. But I'm not very wealthy yet. 1.5mm isn't really that much money and I was wondering if some of you guys could shill me some great coins to invest my inheritance into.

No matter what I'm putting 80% into bitcoin as it will be like digital gold in the future. What do you guys suggest my last 20% I should diverse my portfolio to.

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where tf are you going to buy 1.5 mil of bitcoins without worrying about being tax cuked ? do you plan to throw 1.5 mil down the drain

>1.5mm isn't really that much money
Clearly has never worked a day in his life. Or ever paid any bill ever. If you're actually this dumb you should literally put it all in a 100x long and spin the wheel.


if you put it all into a 50-50 bond-stock portfolio you can live modestly tax free for the rest of your life

alternatively you can put half of it into bitcoin, do the same thing as above, live even more modestly maybe in the midwest, and potentially have 3 mil by the time you're 45 or whatever

the choice is yours

personally I'd go with A) 50-50 portfolio and just live like a normie for the rest fo your life except you never have to work

listen bro this is all a gamble. do your research hang out on biz and don't invest in shitcoins that do something like play music

Fuck Veeky Forums and crypto-currency, go buy some income real estate and other tangible assets.

Spread that shit out in buy orders between today's price and about $5000 and thank me later

> 1.5mm isn't really that much money
OP. Bitmex is right place for you to know how much is that much. go there faggot ,its easy larper

This. You're rich enough to stick to safer shit like real estate and blue chip stocks. Put a small portion of money in private start up ventures that are run by smart people.

Then put an even smaller portion into blue chip cryptos and treat it as a silly hobby. And finally, buy 10k link just for memes and laughs.

>What do you guys suggest my last 20% I should diverse my portfolio to.
I’d wait for the fed rate to rise and buy a 10 year Treasury bill with 100k. Of buy a 6 mo. T note and roll into a Bill or Bond at higher interest than now.

80k on Gold and Silver.
>American eagles
>silver eagles
>a few bags of junk silver
>sunshine silver bars, they have a hologram to prove it hasn’t been drilled out and filled with tungsten
>good safe to keep it in, TL 30 recomended, anchor it down, and don’t let anybody know it’s there
>alternately (and not as good), keep it in vault, safety deposit box or a little here little there.
>alternately, paper gold. Legit ETFs SGOL (in Switzerland, accounted for publicly by serial no., not traded heavily by ny Jews like GLD)
>alternately, and maybe better, buy gold when you cash out your BTC gains
>JM Bullion sells for BTC and will keep it in vaults for you if you want/trust them

Put 120k into a stock market brokerage and sit on it for a while, until things settle down politically
>fidelity recommended to open account with
>great service, many great funds and etfs
>put it in FXY (Japanese yen: safe haven) until there’s a correction and it recovers, or until the political picture resolves itself i.e. trump either wins or loses

Recommended fidelity etfs if Trump wins
>oil/“energy” etf and industrials etf
>FSPTX for tech
>FUSVX Fidelity 500 has been kicking everyone’s ass for years
>FHIFX high yield bond fund, FLPSX mid cap, FCAGX small just pay the front load
>FSDIX for high dividends, you can get paid regularly through “dividends”, if you’re unfamiliar with this concept have a broker explain it to you where you open your account
Good luck OP don’t fuck this up.

Your grandpas life went into this money.

imagine working your whole life, saving up a fortune and passing your life's work onto your grandchildren only for them to piss it away with imaginary internet money

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just put like 50k at the most and see how you go


Gives normies access to hedge funds

link is the next ethereum.

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Verge, tron, agi, drgn, spamkchain put It all in and make billions

QTUM and AION are pretty safe

seconding trx. Should a significant portion of your crypto portfolio imho. Very strong fundamentals.

Also maidsafecoin, another very strong coin.

These are the ones i pick for maximum gains with some hedging

Buy DGB, rdd, Tron, xvg, btcp, dbc, Obsidian and bcc. You will x50 your Money

Shamfur dispray

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Couldn't agree more with the guys shilling TRON on here, it's an unbelievable coin with great potential. Justin Sun has been touted as the next Jack Ma. It's a bit risky so I wouldn't put your entire inheritance but I'd definitely put in a good chunk. Thank me later man :)

Tron is a scam OP, it is being promoted by literal paid shills.
Put the other 20% in NEO.

The sooner you understand that most of the people are kids here without 1 working day the more you can laugh.