A bull market has begun and there's nothing bears can do about it

A bull market has begun and there's nothing bears can do about it

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biz is always a great gauge on what normis think

Shorting rn

A bear run has started. Going straight to 1k.

just bought 100k

>bog on phone
>release the mt gox

All I have to do is not by your bags yet.

im not doubting you that now is a good time to short; but why would you short if the normies thought a bull run had begun? wouldn't that be a good time to long, because they are all about to pile in?

no normies are buying right now

Bear fags back to your caves. We bull now.

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that was my point, said "biz is always a great gauge on what normis [sic] think" presumably because OP said they think that a bull run has started and they were, in a round-a-bout way, implying that OP was a normie; they then used that information as a justification for shorting. I was just saying that i dont see their logic in shorting when normies think there is a bull run.

what about lesbian bears
surely they can do something about it

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did someone call?
No but for real, i'm done being a Bear. I unironically want bull market, tired of the faggotry. My alts need pumping but the pumps still looking weak

KUMA SHOCK (bears in disbelief incoming)

It's cheap enough now. I've accumulated. Time to leave poor fags screaming that they'll never make it.

kinda agree with OP everyone is waiting for a dip to buy in so probably wont happen and we will slowly go up day by day so buy right now guys
>alts now mimic btc 1:1
why the fuck would i even short or long those projects.king cant die anyway

>[x] in disbelief
go back to trollbox you dont belong here

suckers rally

google trends is the best predictor. we need to get normie money in.

Once btc passes 13k again you may call it a bull market.
Until then all shits and giggles

I don't believe in fancy TA, but since there were no fundamental changes in the market and it looks like we're on the top of yet another curve, I don't feel too good about our prospects for the next few days.

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That's the worst indicator. Interest grows as price goes up.

Not the other way around.

Normie money will come when there are positives headlines, and there won't be until BTC breaks the previous ATH or something else. Newcomers are rarely the kind to buy the dip; they get in because of FOMO, and this won't kick in until the price goes way over what they ever thought it could be.

I completely agree. I have tried numerous times to show people the charts, it's by far the best predictor and these numbnuts won't bother to look at it. But the trend is down atm, I don't think a bull is happening for a few months, but I'm still buying in small pieces

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so it's a challenge? here we go

I think so. Has I said above, I have a shit feeling about this, but I didn't tether the first time around and don't feel like what I have pumped enough today to move anything. Maybe I'm just traumatized, we'll see, but I expect to see a sea of red tomorrow. Hopefully my coins will keep afloat.

Normies are never coming back. They all got destroyed already.

Thanks for letting us know, OP. They say you're gay but you're so not.