Nebulas (NAS)

If you don't own this, you will never forgive yourself.

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Nebulas Weekly Report #21:

It's pretty cool that even if other competing blockchains beat NAS in utility, NAS still benefits from its search interoperability. Kinda can't lose..

No thanks.

Whoa, who's the qt?

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Her name is Hannah, she hosts blockchain meetups around the Syndey area.

You can tell she loves getting some of that white cock.

So I still have my NAS on Huobi (yeah I know). I'd like to buy more before Mainnet launch. Do I have to do anything before the coin swap?

Eh not really

When's the launch? Thinking about getting some. Which exchange?

It's in the article, March 29.
Buy on Huobi

Why Huobi as opposed to Binance?

It will be coming to binance if you waned to wait, but you will miss a large price spike if you choose to do that.

Even though it's Chink exchange, Huobi is pretty nice.

i have 1k of these, will i make it?

Its pretty comfy.
Yus. I only have 250 :(

All my stuff is tied up with RLC (got in at .35) and XLM (got in at .03, .07, .05, .25).

Im comfy

I have 120k aud in nas. I have never felt more confident about anything in my life. Like I know I'm going to make it

user i promise at $2 ill buy some

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You aren't supposed to tell biz about Nas until 1bil cap. Let them fomo

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what affect do you guys think the extra 10 mil entering the circ supply? it's happening with mainnet so i'm guessing it'll hold back the potential price spike but will it go lower? maybe back to ico?

If people were willing to wait this long to get those coins I don't think they will be in a hurry to dump

ya the mc would would have to increase by like 50 mil to keep the current price. should be easy enough if the market is stable

Did we have to preregister for that airdrop?

Or do people who hold the erc-20 get a bonus?

This. With the amount of new buyers there will be after main net it will only be up from here.
As people are waking up to CryptoCurrency the need for Nebulas will grow and grow and grow.
Just today Kevin O'Leary from CNBC said that Coins Will Eventually Replace Small Cap Stocks.
It's happening

What do you think the price will be in the next couple of years? Do you think this project is going to be necessary for the future of crypto? I bought a small amount a couple of months ago. This is a coin I am just going to hold onto for a couple years and forget about it. I just wish I had money to buy more.

The most conservative estimation I have concluded myself and seen many others say is about 8x the current price.

>8x the current price

by when

end of year sorry

Comfy as fuck. Still accumulating.

So fucking comfy honestly


geile asian ficksau


you people who do price predictions are not going to make it.

Was going to pick up more, but dipping my feet into some ELA first.

>mfw bought at 11$

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Good choice
Stop your fretting. You made a great investment

>NAS is creating the only search engine for blockchain data & smart contracts
>Need a cheap smart contract will?
>Search through NAS and viola you can now top yourself in comfort.
>NAS is building a search engine for ETH
>NAS powered search engines in every good crypto

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Do these need to be in MEW for the upcoming coin swap? I keep reading that's a possibility.

unconfirmed but yes, do it, NAS withdrawal fees are so small its not worth keeping on the exchange.

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Stupid me bought on Gateio, but cool thanks.

JIBREL has jsearch