Losing 5.1 billion in hours. What does it feel like?

Losing 5.1 billion in hours. What does it feel like?

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Hm? Bye.

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What did spergberg do this time to lose so much money?

Peter Thiel sold his shares ATH kek

you get a text from evan spiegel that just says "eat shit zuck"

facebook is going to become irrelvant in a few years like myspace

He gave all the US Facebook data to Obama.

Feels like going all in on Link

This is what happens when you side with Hillary

Death to facebook. It's an enemy of humanity censoring truth and pushing degeneracy.

5 billion doesn't mean shit. I doubt he really cares.

Be honest, would it make a difference to you if you had 5 billion or 10 billion?

I might not be able to afford my Mars vacation this year...

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these articles are all retarded.
zuck is already sold a good chunk of his shares so he's a permabillionaire no matter what happens

once you have a billion... the difference between 1 billion and 10 billion really isn't that much.

only is if you're a control freak and trying to control countries does that make any difference in lifestyle

My son will only have 100 lamborghinis instead of 200...


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>Difference between 10 billion and 1 billion isn't that much

kys faggot

This is retarded. The price was going to fall anyways. This news is not at all what drove the price down. The rsi has been bearishly diverging for a while now. Why the fuck would investors care about these stupid stories?

I thought he gave them to trumps team?

ichigo a cute

what house couldn't you buy for $50 million?
What car couldn't you?
What restaurant couldn't you eat at with 1 billion that you could with 10?
that company couldn't you start?

there's literally nothing you can do with 10 billion that you can't with 1.

why is he Always wearing the same clothes in pictures??????

Can you fund a Mars mission with 1 nil?

jesus christ, in every new picture i see this spergbot alien slips further down into the uncanny valley

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Probably better than you when you lose $100.00, but I'm sure he's just tossing and turning on his california king in a multimillion dollar mansion because of this.

lol do you know how much it cost to manipulate the world ?? Why do you keep thinking about cars and shit when you can destroy the civilization brainlet

The difference is the frequency...how often can you so your stuff with 1b and how often with 10b?

Furthermore a private jet and a yacht are expenses as fuck too

Eat, shit, suck

>tfw been HODLing MySpace and LiveJournal bags

true, but most billionaires don't have crazy aspirations like that
1 billion at 3% gives you 30 million in expendable income, the most expensive jets are 4 million a year. still only 10% of total

lmao good one, what a hedge

Unfortunately this