Shill me on this coin

Anyone here hodling B-trash?If so, why? Asking for a friend.

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never heard of it

I hold nominal BCH equal to my BTC in the unlikely event of a flippening.

It’s a hedge. If BTC dies, miners will switch to BCH because of the sunk cost in switching from SHA256 ASICs to anything different. Real easy for merchants to switch also.

The volume is usually so incredibly low though. How did this shit even get to #4?

I was until I swapped it for xmr when xmr was about 145 and bch was about 700, pretty satisfied with my choice so far. Bcash is a cult

The meme lingo does seem weird. I guess I’m just struggling to reconcile how it’s sustained #4th rank market cap when it seems to typically have very low volume and supporters have to resort to transparent, unique meme language for this shit. Calling people “core cucks,” and whatnot. The shit is sleazy and weird as fuck.

everyone involved with core / cash is retarded and I only have exposure to BTC because its a hedge on alts, when that stops I will gladly dump it

I raged on a live stream because he called my shitcoin fork "Bcash" which I got for free btw. As revenge, I will call it "Bitcoin (BCH)" instead and use /r/btc, and @Bitcoin to promote it as the real Bitcoin.

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I converted most of my BTC over to BCH after segwit2x failed. as a network engineer i realized the people in charge of BTC were completely retarded or corrupt when they refused to increase the blocksize. don't poo poo me about lightning network... too little too late

Bitcoin is decentralized, the majority of miners are the ones that determine the "real chain". Bcash could have been Bitcoin, but clearly the majority don't agree.

Coordinated attack around Christmas, also coordinated propaganda pre and post fork

I'm into it because holy fuck have you read anything about segwit and lightning network's technical deets?
As a software architect, bitcoin core makes me puke

You mean Bitcoin. It’s not Bitcoin “core.” As a Nomenclature Doctor and user of logic and English, that shit is so goddamn stupid to me.

It needs to be named something because it sure as fuck isn't the bitcoin I signed up for in 2012

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That’s actually exactly what it is, you retard.

Corekeks are totally real people, no suckpuppeting

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no, it's willy wonka's fantrabulous lightning layer running on top of an artificially clamped-down tortoise

Not to mention "hurr let's use anyone-can-spend outputs to mean something completely different now". If that's not a design smell I don't know what is

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Right. So, if you gain five pounds and grow a beard, then you have to get a new drivers license, and your gay marriage certificate null and void because you are no longer you. Instead, your husband becomes married to a guy who looks better than you with no beard and who started calling himself by your name last week, but he has a different middle initial. Seriously, kys

>Oh your house is on fire? Just wait 180 months for me to engineer the perfect fire extinguisher!

>the absolute state of corefags

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What a slithering bunch of willfully obtuse retards. Glad your Btrash has such an awful reputation and an offputting moron as it’s face. It’ll never recover. Enjoy your bags.

What are you even arguing?
By your logic, minor changes to block size and difficulty calculation make bitcoin cash "bitcoin"

What is bitcoin? Is it a particular ticker symbol? Is it a particular team/company in charge of development? Is it a particular github url name? Is it whatever particular subreddit has the most sybil accounts? Is it whatever the Bogdanoffs secretly pump the most?

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>uses obese sodomitic fag "marriage" as an argument to explain bcore
sour fustian cunt, ya you are bcore alright

bitmain hold it.

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I dont give a shit about satoshies vision.

>stop misnaming bitcoin!

Got some free ones for holding the real bitcoin when it forked, gonna wait for the next big pump (whenever roger vers next interview is) to sell.

There won't be any pump. Once BTCP is listed on proper exchanges this shit is done for. BTCP has shielded addresses and takes the mining monopoly away from Chinks. That alone makes it better than btrash will ever be.

Im long bchbtc, good buy at this level. It will get pumped, the odds of it being pumped above 0.2 are much much much greater than the idds of it being dumped below 0.1 so I don't see much risk. Hell, bitmain has so much money they could flip btc if they want to but it would also hurt their business

I'm investing in making anti btrash memes, the sooner that shit dies off the sooner the retards Ver & co will stop spamming the BTC tx pool.

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bcashies saying bcash is true to satoshi's vision is like carlos matos saying bitconnect was not a scam, mmmm, no no nooo

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what I ment by that is everyone except them knows it's not the case