Wtf is going on here? Are people afraid of the whole ICOs being banned thing?

Wtf is going on here? Are people afraid of the whole ICOs being banned thing?

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people are no longer interested in chuck e cheese tokens

Dump before the pump so they get cheap coins
Ethereum upgrade is comming bye bye erc20 tokens

You think ETH is a sell???

there is a new man in town

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The EOS devs are still dumping their 140k eth.

I like Ethereum but its time.. too many scam ico's (Ecr20) .. time to kill it

*bzzz* *bzzz*

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Who here is thinking about dumping ETH?

Congrats on this. Really. ::prints another 5 trillion ETH while virtue signaling::

I'm starting to, second day in a row where everything is recovering nicely except for ETH, it also bled much harder than BTC on the way down so buying ETH has really been a bad choice so far.

I'm honestly thinking about trading my ETH for more XRP

People are realizing that PoS is a PoS
Also: mulligan hard forks forever

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The only reason I'm not is because I'm sure it will shoot up like crazy as soon as I replace my ETH with something else.

it's over.

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tru, sharding n shit

Nothing abnormal, as much as the last two days were great for some coins, we're still in a bear market and I wouldn't be surprised if tomorrow everything tanks again. Eth will survive, but there's not reason to worry because it didn't pump for a day.

holy fuck... what a retarded robot alien... so glad i sold my stack back @ 1100 when it dipped from 1400 to 1200 and then back down...

He has a point, and a good one. You dont go to jail for having an thought that would be illegal if it were turned into a document. Why should you go to jail for having digitzed information in an extebsion of your mind that you use for reference? It doesnt matter if its child porn or cat pictures.

The most ethicial of childporn, moral nihilism for the win!

>Holding a coin ran by a communist

haha, no thanks

child porn isn't just created as a figment of the mind, however. It requires the exploitation and possible rape f a child which will have lifelong consequences. Production of child porn is highly immoral and being anywhere in the distribution chain encourages a market for production.

Do you hold any tokens? Maybe something like LINK?


Being surprised by finding communists in crypto is like being surprised by finding beaners in Mexico.

It's getting hard to watch now, it just keeps bleeding...

Buterin is keen for a "living" consciousness to exist in the world.

I think BUTTERIN knows about ETH dumping when he tweeted "crypto can go to 0"

It's like he "knows". And so did that faggot chink Lee

It just keeps dropping...

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>People who dislike childporn are soyboys
Just when I thought Veeky Forums couldn't get more retarded you came along and proved me wrong.

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Its not about child porn specifically you deranged fuckup. It is about the principal of ownership and data storage. Electronics are supposed to be something we use to enhance our capabilities. Until they are considered an integrated part of our personal being along with all privacy and disregard for "taboo" thoughts and content, we are crippling ourselves. Actions are what matter, not content that has been digitized and aquired without effort. Such a thing is no different than using your imagination.

Unless you are prepared to label every single teenage girl that took a naked picture of herself a "child pornographer", you should rethink yoir stance. Digitized information should be considered the same as mental information.

Everyone with half a brain knows it can go near zero. It doesn't mean that it will, but why would ever think that there was any kind of minimum value it can't go below?


wtf i hate ether now??

what was the ath almost $1500?

Holy shiet, I just sold most of my Ether (23k ETH). Thanks OP for the heads up.