How come, user?

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>can't into adblocking software

You're the cancer of this website.

>Oldfag crying about newfags coming to his exclusive anonymous message board that's only for him and "hacker" friend, yet it is on the world wide web
>why can't it be like 07 again muh muh

Get with the times old faggotie cunt and stop dwelling about being 17 again

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Nothing he said was about your age on the site
Though the fact you started waving your dick about being a newfag and no one can stop you, I'll spoon feed you

OP and you are cancer because you're a brainlet incapable of the simplest tasks

Almost everyone looks better at a healthy weight!

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user cried about op being a phoneposter also, which all you oldfags do. Oldfags are the cancer, think about it

>unironically defending phoneposting

>too fucking stupid to root their phone and install adaway
>too fucking retarded to use clover

Learn to read, Pravik

You will get rekt on this board, fucking brainlet

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Clover is absolute shit compared to the mobile browser. Layout is shit, forced boards on "homescreen".

Some phones have hardware switches that trigger if you root them brainlet. Rooting would thus fuck your resell value(S5/6 or something and up for example)

Buy a phone that has an unlocked bootloader that isn't developed by soulless Korean roaches then you dumb fucking faggot.
>resell value
lol my Moto G4 would resell for what rooted or otherwise? $20.
Neck yourself consumer whore.

Ah not only a poorfag but a dumb one bragging about it aswell? I got my s7 edge 2 years ago for 250,-. Just by using luckypatcher you can get around all adds served in apps.
Not worth rooting it with the hardware trigger.
Go flip some burgers again, clearly you're lost.

>moto g5
ahahaha fucking faggot using a lagging piece of shit
>muh unlocked bootloader
fucking neck yourself pleb

>practices poor spending habits buying flagship phones when he can get one with the same functionality for much cheaper
>doesn't even actually own his device
>doesn't understand AOSP custom ROMs eliminate most lag anyways
Not poor just smarter than you ;)

>meme arrows

Nice argument. Did you know people actually use those here?

Because fat people look better when they lose weight

Why the fuck are you watching ads you dumb phoneposter

How come this kid posts from his phone and you don't Veeky Forums?