If you have $150K in crypto right now, you're gonna make it

If you have $150K in crypto right now, you're gonna make it

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>what is inflation

$150k in his time was like 15 mill

I am 21 year old buffet!

43 to 47 must've been fun

Clearly a bubble. He's gonna crash.

wait a minute 5000$ at 14 in 1950.

what the fuck was he doing shortly after WW2 as a tween to earn that much dosh

thats a fucking house and car back then

>pizzagate is real

thats when he started trading indexes

>cheesy walnut sauce

He sold out the zio-booty for sure.

He went all in on bitcoin cash during the flippening weekend

i laf

I wonder what happened with the guy who bought at 9k on Coinbase and couldn't cancel or sell since the servers crashed. He said he wasn't even mad because he wanted to buy it and he was sure it would go higher than that again lol

No way he only has $140k at age 26.

it was a different time

I have $1.2m in crypto Right now. Will I make it. I’m tired of neeting

how can i short warren buffet's net worth?

Pajeet pnd shitcoin. This thing's going to crash badly. See you at 1k

he lost 15 million in bitconnect between age 43 and 44. fuck

my 200k crypto is now sub 10k, I think Im gonna inverse-make it

Does this take into account inflation or no?

fucking pervert

Im 22 and had more than my net worth NOW , at 13 in 19 fucking 48

Do I Kms or what here

But you've already lost it, since you're here

damn dude, how did you manage that? never thought someone could do worse than me (from 250k to 30k)

> tfw u r a 10yo buffett equivalent

I am sorry my brudda, we could have had it all huh

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he bought pinball machines (with a loan his dad took) ,, put them in lunchrooms and bars (in cooperation with the owners) and took a cut from the pinbal machine profits..

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>tfw 21 and turned $3,000 into over $300,000 in 2017
Holy shit I'm better than Warren Buffet!
But seriously to have turned 1.4 mil into 2.4 mil in just a year at age 32 is impressive. Wow.

Also how do i short warren buffet?

New paradigm.

Wow lad, he may soon be able to afford a basic Stacey

kek. no, not that extreme. By the time he had $1MM it was worth around $8MM in today's dollars.

He delivered 500,000 newspapers for $0.01 each

Poloniex robbed me of my money

he's dead very soon, how bou tdat