Who's buying this shit?

Seriously, this is one of the most autistic pattern that I've ever seen.
WTF is that?
How can't that thing drop as a rock?

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Hahahahahah literally disbelief hahahaha faggot

>How can't that thing drop as a rock?

People could buy more than they sell

1. It is going up
2. It broke resistance
3. People are waiting to enter
4. No one is selling low

>This is a suckers rally
All the signals are here boys, bitcorn is back in the menu

don't jinx it faggot. this shit is going to 5k for sure

and thats exactly why it will go up

Open up a short you dirty bitmexican lick ya mommies toes as you get liquidated. Ya dads dick.

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It's the bubble finally about to pop. Bye bye btc.

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The bull-run is starting. Get on board now before moon.

wow its almost like market sentiment can change with good news

confirm, bitcoon die at 7 year old


Actually I think we're in the first box..... maybe the second box but I suppose we'll find out over the next day or two. Everybody all in!!!!!

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At this point noone is buying, only panic sellers, traders and those spikes you see are cadcading liquidations
Lrn2leveraged trading, ye olde shitcoin bonanza is over but that doesn't mean there's no money to be made

Remember that time we were at 6k a few weeks ago and then the US said crypto was great and we rallied to 11.8 twice

The rise will happen in a week or so. You SHOULD buy.

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t. increasingly nervous bottom seller

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That downtrend took a year to form. Each cycle will be longer and longer as more people join the table and the market gets more stabilized. We can't be in the bottom.

>Flashpumping in order liquidate shorts is manipulation
>Flashdumping in order to liquidate longs is natural

As we all know, BTC can only go down and everything else is complete bullshit!

Don't worry, it's being propped up right now. Nobody is buying this shit.