How the hell can I scam an incredible amount of money without doing anything...

How the hell can I scam an incredible amount of money without doing anything? Playing the victim and getting paid would be nice.

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"damages". and how the fuck is that the school's fault? they wouldn't know

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Some people have all the luck.

I did insurance scam once and pretended to be the victim and all damages were paid for. That's about it. I didn't really get anything out of it, though.

>buy high sell low
never change Veeky Forums

Says they sued the teach, not the school. How the hell is a highschool teacher supposed to come up with three-quarters of a million? This fucking entitled prick got laid 8 times with a pretty hot cougar and then wants a fat nest egg? I'm only cool with it because that's basically all divorce is anyways.

Nice clock, Ahmed

>on football team
>asian so probably smart
>has a dad that cares about him
>fucks hot teacher not once, not twice but 8 times
>gets paid $750,000 for his troubles


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>>Eng's mom Maureen sued Sayar and school officials for $10 million citing the teen's emotional distress

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Fucking what. Made it before even graduating

are those the fabled white-female-asian-male creatures?

I know a guy who got a settlement for 200k because a city water truck demolished his car. You could try that. He's in crippling pain for the rest of his life and almost died though.

This always happen user, you're just to stupid to realise what this means. It's the justice system that is forcing you to spend more by appealing. After the appeal it will be lowered to a few 1000's, 10.000's. This is dumb media hype.

>Hot teacher fucks you and you get $750k for it

Life isn't fair bros

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it was rape becuse he was underage delet this

Good life insurance and then break your fucking limbs

>Get laid by a teacher
>Get her to pay you almost a million dollars

It's like a dream come true

>be student
>fuck your teacher 8 times
>get paid $750,000
wtf i love america now

You just described holocaust inc. be a jew, collect shekels



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NYC teachers make 6 figures. At 41 she definitely has been in the system long enough to accumulate.

Also to answer OPs question, step 1 is be a high school Chad capable of seducing a MILF double your age.
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ok, i bet he's broke now

It happened in 2012 but he got paid recently. Court took half a decade.

>tfw I would have gone to horndog high.

The girlfriend was a narc. I bet he fucking hates her guts.