Hi everyone I'm 32 and have a dead end job I never hurt anyone clean record and have $500 to invest in cryptocurrencies...

Hi everyone I'm 32 and have a dead end job I never hurt anyone clean record and have $500 to invest in cryptocurrencies. I live with my mom and she pretty much busted her ass 40 years making minimum wage sewing clothes never bought a home (single parent) and just lost her job because company health insurance went up. I'm bummed out with allot stuff I'm currently out of work no GF and all I know is electroneum. Please share with me a coin that will motivate me and hopefully one day accomplish my dream of buying my mom a home. Thanks Veeky Forums

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First get a job. Even if you're delivering pizza or something. Don't vegatate. And dyor.

TRAC. But like 2500 of them now and sit tight for a year or two and sell them when you make a decent profit.

Might not make enough for a house, but at least you won't be a broke piece of shit anymore

your magic coin of the week is: Mudkipz


my mom was a seamstress too. lost her job in the 90s

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might as well just murder-suicide you pathetic loser

Thank you

Seeing as you seem genuinely fucked-
Spend $500 on Chainlink (LINK)
Don't believe the bullshit you read here about it (DYOR) and hold for 2 years.

Since the contents of your motives aren't selfish I'll start by saying work any min wage job you can get your hands on concurrently studying/learning skills at night to better yourself to earn a better wage

Have interview tomorrow looking forward

p.s Crypto is a fucking meme don't meme yourself with the retards here

just not electroneum

Put $150 in ICX $150 in AION, $50 in LUX , $50 in SHIP then $100 is what ever you fancy,

Or consolidate it into one coin at a market cap of 30- 100 million but make sure you do your due diligence, with your free time I'd swot up as much as I could and buy what YOU think is best.

Just remember you pay to play the game, consider it money spent , money your are happy to lose.

Remember to take your initial investment out,

Do not be greedy.

Bitcoin is king , never bet against it.

Do not get emotionally attached to your investment,

Punish the company if they make a mistake, do not forgive.

Don't cry over missed opportunity,

Think a head , have a plan b).

Buy the bottom. Not the top.

Never FOMO.

Believe in your own investment.

Learn to differentiate between shills and genuine people.

Assume everyone is scamming you never trust.

Learn TA, it isn't a complete meme.

Use social media as a guage of sentiment not as advice.

Never join pump groups.

This is all shit I had to learn for myself.

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I heard it from a conversation person didn't want to share much so I looked online and so far it seems stable but I'll definitely look into other coins if I can get an idea what's good for the future or long term . I'm not here for a quick buck I read of the many ways people lose when they get desperate so I figure I make the right move i can possibly look forward to a good outcome if Bitcoin does well even if it takes couple of years. I made mistakes in the past I'm paying for dearly and as much I care for my mother I guess I'm just trying to get my foot in before it's too late (I'm the only son and getting her a home has become my top priority) In this day and age I feel society doesnt care much but I know thats not the case and good people do exist. So to anyone that shares their coin pick thank you kindly. To me the idea of digital money without a central authority is marvelous especially when you can access so much information on Veeky Forums. I'm still learning but so far the replies shows me that good people do exist and are willing to help. Thank you

Will do thank you

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Missed a couple,

Never fall for FUD

Ask yourself when you sell, what do they have to gain ?

LINK is a good choice, but JNT is another high risk high reward option. Again, the FUD is pretty weak, so DYOR

Just saw this

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Thank you


Biz being helpful for once? Pajeets gone due to bear market?

Get a job to pay the bills, put spare cash into actual nonshit crypto. Treat it as money down the bin, because it's a real possibility. Any unforeseen expenses will make you want to withdraw it, and missing possible gains will crush you even more than you know.

T. All in link req

Just go all in on LINK. If you've been here long enough it's not even of question of if but when this project redefines the crypto market.

This desu



I don't know a better project shill me I do research

Zero coin ? ZER

Look into COSS. It's at 26 cents now. Was as low as 5 cents and as high as $2.91. It is an exchange coin used by COSS.io which is currently in Beta and has a lot of stuff that needs to get worked out. If the exchange gets a new UI, implements fiat to crypto like they hope to and gets a new engine, the coin's price may rise again. Also, by holding this coin, you stake 50% of the fee split so it generates dividends for you just by holding it. As always, DYOR.

Thank you sir

Again, just want to stress it's a high risk "investment". We don't know what's going to happen. We are HOPING the exchange pulls through with what it wants to do.

You might want to go on COSS.io and open an account and take a look at the exchange, then start reading about them on Reddit, the medium posts, join the slack channel, etc. If you think they're going to make it and believe in the project, then grab some COSS.

buy one litecoin
Throw the rest into BBN

Thank you

>Father is nowhere to be seen
>Raised by Single Mother
>Worships Chairman Sanders
The absolute state of Amerimutts

With $500, you only worthwhile RoA would be all in on LINK. But you will have to wait until adoption, which could be as far as 2-3 years away. You'd need to get a job regardless, $500 LINK is only going to be $50,000. That ain't shit, You'd gonna need at least $5000+ in LINK to make any meaningful returns, but that $50,000 could be a down payment. Sorry user. Everything else is going to be much slower growth, or a loss.

>I have 500$ and want to buy my mom a home.


Question, why but alt coins instead of straight out BTC, why is everybody shilling link?

This is the kind of autist that listens to other autsists / shills here, puts his 500$ into link then cashes it out for 300$ a week later when he realizes he doesn't have any money for food.

His only salvation is being too stupid to figure out how to deposit the 500$. Though that could also lead to him getting scammed, and lose the 500$ outright.

Goodmorning didn't expect this much help. I'm not a Democrat I believe in better quality of life while still upholding core American values

I was supposed to share that with you

Are you new or

BTC wont give OP any significant gains at 500 USD. And LINK is the most undervalued project as well as the most mature and gamechanging project in this shitty speculation space that is blockchain, if you dont have faith in weaponized autism at this point in time then you dont belong on Veeky Forums.

Nice list!I suggest put a bit more to aion though

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Why does so much Chain Link propaganda exist ?

Half a mile from my apartment building 10 to 15 homeless people live under a bridge with tents and trash all over the place. I should take a picture to show you but the homeless encampments are in a dense area with city traffic. The traffic light sometimes takes 2-3 minutes to change (for some reason it's like they want you to stare at the less fortunate). Please follow me I'm getting onto something and it's because of so much Chain Link propaganda.

Bench ads are really expensive so if I want to advertise let's say Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies in general if have to pay a pretty penny right ?

Well that's where the homeless people can help ? Please hold the laughter but I seriously get irritated having to walk by the same bridge day after day not having a way to help these sick individuals. It's mesmerizing how the authorities come by every other day to clean up the streets but the indigent are persistent to always come back, homeless people don't have a choice or it's very hard for them to get back on their feet.

I only know 2 people that live in that section and I was going to come up with proposal to offer them $5/week to hold up crypto advertisements small billboards if you will, all along the busy intersection, think HOLLYWOOD BLVD In sunshine state.

All my friends tell me you can't depend on a crackhead or they aren't smart enough to comprehend what cryptocurrencies are which I understand, BUT if they are smart enough to outwit city officials using their BUM tactics I'll take a chance because if I know persistence it's from those group of people always setting up their TEnts.

I mean how cool would it be ? 30-40 cars sitting in traffic staring at 10-15 homeless encampments with Chain Link propaganda to buy or be poor for the rest of your life (that's probably the worst sales pitch I know) I think it's a win win situation that way I can pay the homeless for a simple task that goes a long way. I know it's sounds foolish and might not work but if it did and actually made it to major news outlets ? What then ? was it worth paying a bum and expecting him to hold a piece of cardboard the size of his tent with Chain Link ? It's too logical but in the end I understand it's not in line with a proper business model to remain solvent. I don't have computer skills so paint was the best I could use to illustrate what I'm talking about.

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back to reality. going out for job interview here we go


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Live homeless for 1 year and I promise you'll be a millionaire... but you need alittle more capital.

thank you