Been on holiday since last December. Return to biz to learn about chainlink

>been on holiday since last December. Return to biz to learn about chainlink
>started investigating their github. Actually surprised at the amount of comits
>thinking of putting 20% of my bitcoin stack into this thing because it's the most unique project.

So uh guys I had a real good extremely fucking amazing good year last year that's why I've been gone for 2 months. I missed all of the December gains but that didn't matter.

I went all in on ethereum last year at $40 then went 60% into Antshares and the rest into ark at $0.20. I also caught the icon ico so I am very very very well off. I started with $45,000 last year. I won't say how much I have because everyone of the new fags who missed the 2017 bull run will call me a larper.

My question to you is. I am unironically either lucky or really good at picking winners. I am seriously getting the same feeling on chainlink as I did with ethereum, Antshares , ark and icon.

Should I be trying to accumulate 50-60 bitcoin worth of chainlink over the next 2 months on dips? And if so why? If these smart contacts actually are going to be adopted... Won't chainlink be pumping like to $50 or $100 per coin?

If fucking shit coins like ada can have a 26 billion dollar market cap then why the fuck can't chainlink get up to 13 billion? Seriously tell me why this isn't possible.

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If you do this You're going to be too rich to handle bro!

Its possible, but biz is too stupid to listen. You may reach an answer when it moons. Most of people who call link a meme are those who didnt even read the whitepaper and judge its value based on the unstoppable shilling. If you dont own atleast 1k of this, youre done

LINK is intrinsically worthless. Node operators can be paid in existing cryptocurrencies. Just look at the testnet right now, it only accepts ETH instead of LINK lmao. It means that ETH can easily be substituted for it, that is, if someone wants to fork the token to accept ETH (an established cryptocurrency instead of some fucking ERC20 token made with a two-man team), LINK is basically useless. That is besides the fact that everything LINK aims to do can be easily done by cryptographically signing the data from the API source.
>muh next ETH

Link, 5 months in: 35 cents (3.5x ICO)
Ethereum, 5 months in: $5.50 (17x ICO)

Uh oh, pissed stinker incoming HAHA.

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Eth was a revolutionary step forward for crypto. Neo/Antshares was an evolution along that path. They expand cryptocurrency chains into a new dimension. They deserve their market caps. What does Chainlink do? The Oracle Problem doesn't actually exist - a decentralized smart contract doesn't need a decentralized oracle, it just needs to aggregate data from multiple centralized sources, which is all Chainlink was proposing anyways. Just because you "get a feel" doesn't mean it's actually fundamentally worth anything.

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This guy probably owns a bunch of link and wants it to dip so he can buy more; his arguments are retarded.

The fact nodes can take payment in other crypto like ETH is a good thing; it increases incentives for people to want to be nodes. Tokens don't get value from being used as a currency DESU because of the absurdly high token velocity if nobody has a reason to actually hold (and not sell) the token. Nodes need to hold and stake link, so as the network grows more and more link is taken off the market. Link actual has good token economics unlike most shitcoins

I’ve done my research and I bought at 0,70 cent(1.5k) I’m all in, for now thats everything I can afford, I’m still studying so hope that after I finish college(2 years) I have some money, to buy a washing machine and refridgerator and have some money for 6 months of rent or something, I have Iron hands so I plan to HOLD..

Tfw I went all in on Ethereum at the same time with £3k, didn't buy antshares because it's chink shit, sold ETH after a crash and bought OMG, made no gains, bought LINK a few days after it hit the market and it crashed and I now have only £15k

and how does the smart contract aggregate this data

oh yea, an oracle

OP probably knows that attracting desperate and stale FUD like this within the first 4 posts is a clear bull flag

Buy up brother

If you believe blockchain technology will get huge adoption in the coming years nothing makes more sense than investing in Link.

Im just curious that from whar you said you already made it, unless you are aiming for 10 million or more.

It's a clear flag that Veeky Forums is fed up with your constant shilling and samefagging for a shit token that's not going anywhere.

You are the most desperate and pathetic shills I've ever seen.

>OP probably knows
Keep replying to yourself, faggot.

>getting 'already mooned coin' vibes from this one

The tokenomics are retarded unless one of the fiat-linked dex liquidity solutions (omg, req most likely) becomes streamlined and makes payments easy for companies that don't want to risk holding Eth/Link.

If it had a dual token system like Factom, Link would be 100% guaranteed, but the payment scheme is such total trash.

Lmao copy pasta thread

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Oh I know you guys all have your cuck gains of "oh wow I made 5mm in crypto I'm going to just stick it in stocks or real estate" you see I've already made more than 5mm from last years gains. Of course I was extremely lucky but that isn't enough to make it where I live.

I'm not in some literal fucking fly over state in the middle of America. I live in Canada bc Vancouver where I want this type of a house.

Can't forget the Whistler cabin too.

This means I have a long way to go. And if link is going to go x100 from here. Why the fuck wouldn't I throw in 1 million? To me making it is having 30-40 million worth of real estate and 300-400 mill in the bank so I can go anywhere and do anything I want for the rest of my life.

I know yeah you guys might think I'm larping but I'm genuinely serious. If you can't notice that being able to obtain 800-2000 bitcoin and bitcoin will be worth $380,000 each after we conquer golds market cap with gold being an absolute peice of shit compared to bitcoin you guys need to wake up and do some more research.

We are on the brink of the greatest biggest invention in the entire existence of the human race. Crypto currencies are the future and will be apart of our lives in every single aspect within the next 10 years. This is why I laugh at cucks wanting to cash out at 4mm. What the fuck can you even buy with that. Give me a break fuck off.

love this pasta

>been on holiday since last December. Return to biz to learn about chainlink
Veeky Forums has been religiously shilling link since october so there is zero way you didn't know about it

>tfw accumulated more LINK pasta than LINK

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NO larp, I also made in the millions of eth, Neo and Walton. Now I have over a million link. It’s my top position now. Has humongous potential if partnerships are what we think they are and tech isn’t good.

Also, check out skycoin too. Got a feeling about that coin personally but dyor

You should just start buying now as the market will start going up. Chainlink is very cheap right now. Good job on the gains to.

I'm pretty sure you know your shit if you are real op, lucky cunt kek. Buy a nice stack of link and, it's going pretty cheap. After that check out jibrel, it's soooo fucking cheap as well and thank me later for making you no longer rich but wealthy. Jelly I can't buy a stack as big as you will be buying.
I have 50% link and 20% jnt at the moment, but my stacks are not so big, 8000 link and 3000jnt. Fucking need more....

You're a fucking weirdo mate even if you aren't larping

This is sad, get help user

>it only accepts ETH instead of LINK lmao.
wrong. And I invented that fud get ur own

I love link. You don't belong

People laughed at smart contracts when ETH was a shitcoin. People criticise Ethereum but it still exists in some working form,which is more than you can say for 99% of other vapourware. If chainlink moves to main net it'll get picked up regardless of whether it can perform or not.

It's all speculation. NEO does like under 10 TPS but because it at least works, people that gambled on it won. Same will happen with decentralised oracles which are cutting edge tech whether FUDsters admit it or not

when will the mainnet start?

nice ID desu

tfw I live in Vancouver and just want a roof to sleep under. Fuck u op!

I love LINK, OP, but I'm honestly getting the ETH/Antshares vibe more from JNT (Jibrel).

>ons of eth, Neo and Walton. Now I have over a million link. It’s my top position now. Has humongous potential if partnerships are what we think they are and tech isn’t good.
>Also, check out skycoin too. Got a feeling about that coin personally but dy
Hey, this is you, but a poor you. Or you are a rich me. What do you think of Suncoin and Spaco?

>Buy Jibrel and Allah's fortunes will rain on you, infidel. Is not scam. Will make you richer than any sheikh. Insha'allah

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>It's all speculation.
In my opinion we will move from a speculative market to a utility market in 2019. There will be speculation, of course, but only crypto with real use cases will really benefit.