You stupid whiteys wish you're girls were as prrtty as ours
>Wish ur people were as educated as ours 4/10 top engineering universities are indian.
>3 Most billionairs in the world are indian
>1/3Crypto programmers are indian

Stats don't lie , europe is dying , usa has trump.
India will be the 1st super power by 2020!

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but pajeet, that is a european rape baby

I'm not saying that high-born Indians aren't /based/, but in general, I've not met many attractive Indian women. Now, Nepali women on the other hand...

This is a white larper.


Picture says everything that needs to be said. Great opportunity wasted as the whole country spends their time shitting in a field.

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you know Indian girls hate dating/sleeping with indian guys right?

You know that Indian men are by far the *worst* ranked men by women of every race, including Indian women, right?

You know that outside of arranged marriages, most indian girls in the west end up dating, fucking, getting into serious relationships with, and marrying whites right?

White anons, how many Indian girls have you fucked? I'm only at 2 myself but prefer whites and latinas.

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I pity you disgusting yellow pigs , i have been to china and all i see is inequality. they have no freedom of speech there.
checlk out china big brother project suzhou

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>27 years old

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Almost fucked a Paki girl once (same shit) but she didn't appreciate my compliment when I told her she was the bomb.

Whats the matter cletus, curry nigger took a dump in your takeaway?

Jokes on u , race traitor

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Lmao I'm indian and while my longest term gf was indian I have fucked multiple white girls. I am by no means a player but I'm buff and exotic looking and it does the trick. Yes, I even had a girlfriend once of German heritage who was beautiful. Not all indian dudes are autists bro.

Whitey LARPing as Indian. Sage goes in all fields, dirty white trash.

Pakishit , they arnt true blooded indian

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Then WHY?
Why do you not POO IN THE GODDAMN LOO?

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u made ur parent proud....


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this is true, I had a good friend in college who was an Indian but was 6'1 and built. He did well with the ladies. It's a 1 in 100 situation though. Congrats on making it breh.

This is mostly true.
Unless your a Punjabi male
>good physique
>light skinned

I think your Amerifats consider the south indian subrace as the phenotypical 'Indian'

fuck, my pajeetness showed.

No thanks. I dated a north indian Sihk. She never shut the fuck up, she had major attitude problems, she had daddy issues, she smelled like curry, and she never wanted to fuck. Worst relationship ever. Ill stick to my italian wifey.

amen , subrace south indians deserve be purge
they make bad name for us in higher Varna.
Jati states u start and end where u belong

Also every attractive indian woman in this thread is mixed with european genes. Were superior, fuck off.

maybe cos u are small di*ck mario

I would happily bleach this girl. You Dravidians keep your filthy eyes off her and at your feet where they belong

That makes no sense. Indian men have the smallest dicks. Fucking idiot. Also im a Joao, not a Mario.

>Anonymous (ID: JP4UX1j/) 03/20/18(Tue)15:30:10 No.8452555▶

italian is considered low born in europe , i dont see ur point. Poverty stricken country fuck off

north indian barbarian pigs lmao

shitty food and shitty people

>Indian women are superior, see pic related
> pic related is Indian woman who is made up to look caucasian

Slow down. Youre comparing cockroaches to beetles here.

u are the worse than whites
grovel at my feet , we northern should eliminate u , but we have better plans , we use u to work in factories for 1$ a week.

facist country pig. JOANO what girl name is that , Maybe if ur parents called u Vishnu or Veda u would have 2 more inches added to ur dick

An attractive white girl is always better than an attractive girl of any other race.

Pol can you fuckoff to your containment board, already enough pajeets shitposting here dont need your falseflag shit added to it.

/3Crypto programmers are indian
Yeah, and no one buys their shitcoins.

Hahah. Joao is John. We superior Europeans have right Catholic names. Jesus willing you will be spared hellfire for the worship of your demonic (sexually ambiguous) blue skinned diety.

This girl's facial proportions are suboptimal and her nose is hooked harder than an ashkenazi

As an Indian myself, I have an average body type, 6 ft tall, and my parents are fucking loaded (8 figures net worth). Only got with one Indian chick ever. She never wanted to fuck. But the white chicks ive been with give it up in a heart beat. What gives Veeky Forums?? Pic related

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90% indian women are fat and ugly.

Indian women are stuck up and self hating for the most part especially if they are good looking. They won't fuck another Indian unless you buy them all sorts of shit. From what I see many Indian girls are spoiled by their families and believe they're hot shit.

U have lots of money, so they fucc

Jump in front of a train

>Picks the whitest looking Indian girl he can find

Reality is that you try to have sex with high cast Indian women and since they are high cast/high IQ they aren't interesting since you're not good enough, genetically. They want the good genes that is swimming in the scrotum of white men. Just accept this. India needs some serious bleaching and it's only rational that we start with the high cast women and work our way down. Being Indian you surely understand the necessity of cleaning your gene pool from swarthy genetics.

I find Indian women repugnant. To me you will always be brown small people who lie a lot on their CVs an shit on the street. Always.


I would pay to see her shit in the street

I'm a paki but I'm exclusively attracted to white girls

Not Gona lie back school there was an Indian girl who had the greatest rack I've ever seen

I appreciate it user

My friend in college was a Chad Indian probably fucked and soiled a different blonde hair blue eyes girl every night

Dude. Indian girls stink.
No one wants to date pajeetia.

Also, shit Bait op. KYS.

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Nope all Indians deserve to be purged. Hope Pakistan nuke you fags ha

>USA has trump.
That’s why we win.

The most outrageous thing in this whole thread is the assertion that Indians are good engineers. Holy fuck the shit code I've seen you fuckers push and the amount of projects I've seen you almost ruin because you can't admit when you fuck up is astounding.

No true at all, whites are exotic at best al the attractive ones look the best
White women from America and Europe are probably near the bottom of the scale in terms of attractiveness everyone knows the order
>South Americans
Are top 3

check out your caste , rajeesh

My half Indian/half white cousin looks like this, and her brother is a total chad. Meanwhile I look like shit (am white).

You’re fucking high.

> Be me, Australian IT Engineer
> Interview douzens of Indians looking for work
> All walk in smiling with 3 pages long resume filled with top companies positions and top degrees
> Can't for the life of them answer simple questions about subjects they should be over qualified for based on their "experience"
> Show them the door after a good kek and expect to see them driving my next cab soon

Jealous brah

It's fucking infuriating eh. They waste so much time but the market is shit.


Absolutely mind fucked by how confident they are to turn up and knowing nothing at all
After 10 interviews, they probably have enough practice to bullshit their way into a job
Scary market but good for qualified people, easy to stand out.
Salary doubled in the last 2 years, cheers pajeets

europeans descend from indians who migrated into colder areas. west europeans descend from arabs/jews

Despite all those engineering students, you still use the same old rail system gifted by the British and shit in the streets.

Well done. I'm terrified.

yeah sure thats why everxy high society from asia, including india is trying to mimic our pale skin,
Go fuck urself you shitskinned poopeater.

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Shit Bait , KYS

you mean this right?

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I am Punjabi m8 still no gf.

I dated one that was easy, met her through a friend who was my boss and ended up getting her the same night, then she kept pushing to date

I left her after 2 months, defiantly a unique experience, I didn’t know how to get out sooner without hurting her too much, she really liked me and kept trying to make me jealous and starting fights and about tiny things and all that. My relationship before that was a lot different and she really wasn’t my type.

The funniest thing though was the guy, the friend that introduced me to her was Indian and it turned out it was his way of getting closer to her. I kept noticing things when we got together him doing weird stuff, weirdest experience she was disgusted by the guy, he was a overweight 27 year old virgin who Literally just shit talked people we worked with behind thy’re backs then we’d see him the next Monday pretending to be best friends and all that, Which I get that happens sometimes at work but this was next level, literally a problem for him like it was compulsive for 2 months

Funniest thing was we eventually figured that the guy liked her and that’s why’d he’d been starting shit with everyone,
You use no idea how scared these people especially the guys are of shit talking, this guy begged me to leave him alone and sent me an essay saying that he was calling the police about words i said to him, he’d litterally spent 2 months doing the same thing but worse to everyone and like 1-2 things happened to him and he freaked out, but he quit his job after that and I left it then 6 months later he spent the next year trying to get revenge, I mean I literally was trying to teach him a lesson that everyone else can do what he’s doing and when it happened to him he freaked out and literally begged me to leave him alone and stop this “war of words”, he was going to call the cops... over a Work dispute he started

I’m not Indian, forgot to mention that

That's just what they tell you when you're hooking up with them. Indian dudes tell white girls the same thing

anything with brown eyes is just shit tier, on top of that, indians just look like they're dirty as fuck. would not bang

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This is very true. I'm a US Indian but there's a lot of Indian Indians at my job. They never admit that they don't know something

I have a friend that's indian from school. He has a really good looking girlfriend

Great guy actually

he's literally right. saying you like "indian girls" and then citing indians with the most eurocentric features possible doesn't really help your case. indian girls genuinely are better than white girls but that's because they're smart and charismatic

Ohh thats a princess there...(fuck...I just swallowed my puke)

Idk each to their own. I have no problem with indian people, I have good friends that are indian.

I personally think it was a cultural clash, he didn't understand Australian social culture cause he moved here at 14 or 16. He never had any friends that wern't also from india except for me. I was actually friends with him for a year before this and he was a bit messed up about alot of things which is probably why he was doing it, he definatly doesn't like me anymore, He hides from me when he see's me, sad really

Sure but they're still Indian girls

There's a lot of gene similarity going on between the cultures ofthat people on this board like to be oblivious to

Christ Pajeets are pathetic. East-Asian men might not be masculine or desired but at worst they're ignored. Only South-Asians actively inspire disgust in women.

Stupid phone - cultures*

How about educating yourself, it's the opposite. The tribe of white horsemen who became europeans come also rode to india and intially chased them from their lands but then took them in as slaves and put themselves as the upper caste

If the only ones you find attractive are the ones who look white then I hate to break it to you user - you like white girls

>Stats don't lie , europe is dying , usa has trump.
>India will be the 1st super power by 2020!

Krautfag here. Not worried at all. If India has got the shit, we've got the road: German Autobahn, the #1 street to shit in.

>not liking small girls
are you gay

you can't say they're self hating and think they're hot shit at the same time retard

that's a dude user

/3Crypto programmers are indian
praise based black kid

White women age absolutely horribly and are legitimately the bottom of the pile in terms of personality also

>white dreads
pig tier

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hair can be changed, unlike the color of someones skin or eyes without making them look retarded

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lmao then why is Europe getting fucked by brown men?

White people are the most KEKED race to exist..