What the fuck is going on

What the fuck is going on

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you tell us user

peopel who didn secure a node are dumping, what did you expect

Same thing that's always happening with this coin: whale manipulation. I don't even bother anymore, all coins are manipulated but Vechain has something extra fucked going on with it.

Honestly I assumed it has dumped so much since rebrand it wouldnt dump more, gdi

dump the news retard, watch it bleed out then after each new announcement pump and bleed back out

perfect accumulation time until mainnet, 3 months of this, thunder x node here i come

It wasn't news though?


not even gonna bothere checking the price. You retards always make threads about the dumbest shit. Probably down like 15 cents

it was an anticipated event, news is just metaphorical
trust me i used to always be like nope it wont happen this time

but literally any event dumps, even a mainnet

we have to wait for these coins to provide intrinsic value
luckily ven already has their product rolled out in adoption and a multitude of partnerships so it will pick up quick once on public blockchain

for now, take advantage bro, sell each announcement in a bear market

Exactly this. The amount of fucking retarded neet moon bois is concerning sell now and fomo back in at $10

You could've sold at 80k sat twice, you could've sold at 60k sat twice, now it's at 40k and will keep bleeding since the nodes are locked up already. I'm sorry you didn't sell in time

Sold this like a Chad on the dead cat bounce to 4.03

Literally will go sub 3$ soon then I'll buy back double my stack

jokes on you faggot I bought at 80k

ouch man you ok?


Kek fcking retard. Stop crypto immediately. Doesn't understand basic enomics lol.

Holy shit I am glad I am no longer holding this embarrassing coin with its embarrassing community. Whenever the value drops everybody starts bitching about those darn whales.

It's like a cult, it's pathetic

"WHALE MANIPULATION" despite the fact that the volume and buy orders look completely ordinary and not manipulated at all. Pathetic!

>not holding the only fucking thing that has actual use because of neets on biz
get out cancer

sold last night and am camping out in icx.

no node retard here

I remember when this was shilled here 2 month ago at $8. glad I didn't buy back then

sold 6k @ 42k today, should've gotten out at 80 or 60. done with their chink games.

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I tried my best to warn you fags. If you're still holding and you don't have a node locked in, you might want to consider selling now, even at a loss, cause this shit is going to bleed slowly for the next few months. We'll see a small bounce in June, but nothing major, then it will bottom out again for the next year or two. This project is not going to see it's ATH again this year. Make your gains elsewhere...you have plenty of time to jump back into VEN if you want to do that.

>What the fuck is going on

Exactly what was expected. Today is the day when the nodes are getting locked in and people are dumping the news/selling if they don't have enough for a node. Everyone who was even halfway informed knew that this would happen weeks ago.

The pump is coming

??? the sats are doing fine? I have no idea what you're on about. It's worth dickall in USD but that's because ETH shit itself

The only coin with use are btc and ethereum right now.
Both half baked though.


The pump is coming? Holy shit dude, how delusional are you? What incentive is there for people to buy VEN now, after the snapshot? This shit is going down....it's not going to pump again until June. I don't expect much action then either.

Haha tard. Announcements will flood in now. Have you seen the new timeline? Fcking retard. Yes it will go up and you wont get extra ven faggot


>perfect accumulation time until mainnet, 3 months of this, thunder x node here i come

lol how delusional are you. it's like you are playing a video game.
>accumulating till thunder x node
just listen to yourself

>extra vaporware.
Don't be emotional.

The market is sick of Vechain's announcements and CCKs cryptic tweets, they're barely moving the price anymore at all. We're waiting for them to start delivering on the promises, but that won't happen for a while still.

if you cant see that the price of once Vechain coin wll be over 1000 dollars in the next 18 months there's nothing i can do to help you. you are literally the same person who called ethereum a cash grab scam when it was under a dollar.

This coin and Walton are fucking garbage. Amb ftw


Artificially pumped coin with paid shill groups, fake overblown partnership, and a inside trading CEO. Total shitcoin, thor will be worth 0,002$

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$1000!?! No fucking way. You know why? Because VENs value will directly reflect the markets consumption of THOR. It can't explode like ETH did with wild speculation.

4 to 1000 is a big return. You refinance you house yet? Taken out a loan? You've made it user! Just have to go all it! lol

VEN reaching $1000 would give it a $519 BILLION market cap. That's more than the entire crypto market is worth right now. Keep dreaming buddy

In 18 months the crypto market will be worth more than 2 trillion. That market cap will be mostly consolidated among the top 5-10 token/coins.

scam coins gonna scam

Its holding up much better than i thought. That 52% in nodes is huge. I think this will receive a massive pump once the mainnet goes live. Comfy as fuck.

If the ceo is pumping it on open marked you bet your ass he sells it too.

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never stated the year dummy

The dude should take an English class

Lol guys nobody thinking about the companies and investors who got in for mere cents who are dumping on idiots that buy at these largely inflated prices? You are the marks here. Nodes, thunder bla bla... theyre dumping their bags into your open mouth.
Just find a promising project that hasn't mooned yet... investing can be so easy...

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I bought 6k for the x node and i'll buy 10k more when it's done dumping.
I'm smart money.

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>activate the yellow salamander protocol

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guess what retard, if you had done what he said you could have easily tripled your initial VEN holding.
You sound very bitter that you have missed three opportunities to now dump and buy back later.

You're kidding, right?
VEN is literally being used by big companies in the real world as I type this to track the life-cycles of products. What do BTC and ETH do again?

What does that mean to track the life-cycles of products? Which companies are doing that with VEN?

fuck off pajeet

can I by venkitties? didn't think so.....

It means that the Vechain blockchain is currently tracking products from the time they are made to the point of sale and everything in between. In addition to this they are also currently tracking an undisclosed amount of products in cold-storage in containers (perishable goods). The people calling it vaporware and not functional are grossly misrepresenting the current state of the product.

You are fucking retarded if you sold an X node. Holy fuck. You'll NEVER make it.

user, I'm holding VEN but we need to be realistic, $1000 is not going to happen.

>What can be done better and more efficient in a database
I need to organize my Book collection
Better slap a blockchain on it.

CCK is vechain pumping up a price. Chink scam coin for sure.

This is what these fucking retards dont understand. ONLY use of blockchain is in actual currencies, as billions would be better of with decentralized financial system where 3rd party cannot stop their transactions. Everything else? Have an sql. I mean holy kek wtf why would BMW use erc20 token from china to track their parts?

a decentralized blockchain ledger is ""hack-proof"" running on something like the ethereum block chain that has thousands of computers keeping and reading the ledger prevents the company from having 1 ledger that is solely kept in a database where it can be manipulated by a single individual.

While i agree with the sentiment that not every niche thing needs a blockchain. It is a better solution than a single database.

Also BMW isnt using VEN to track parts, its using VEN and its app with rfid tech to show buyers in china (VEN is partnered with the chinese branch of BMW not the entirety of BMW) that what they are buying a real bmw and not a counterfeit.
Yes china even counterfiets BMWs and other luxury vehicles.



Pick one

And btw there is ABSOLUTELY no fucking way big enterprises would take a fucking blockchain solution (known for being slow and non scalable) for their OWN parts, assets etc. You people are downright retarded...there is NO point of using blockchain if you are privatly owned company size of MS, BMW or Apple. Not one. None. Zlich. Its no wonder most of "partnership" coins comes from China and not western world.

Brings back memories of skateboards

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Wait didn't they say they are working with BWM together now?

fucking wales

>he thinks all blockchains are slow and non scalable

fucking brainlets lol


Do people actually think the shitcoin is going to make them rich? What a fucking joke

That tweet was to car verticals it’s a shop with Ven in it by some fat Walton bag holder


It's a photoshop. That post was about carvertical. God the FUD over the next few months is going to be unbearable


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JP Morgan
Wal Mart
and IBM are all western companies looking for blockchain solutions

Bitcoin's ledger has yet to be hacked for the decade that its been out to the public. JP Morgan was hacked in 2015 because they had a centralized database that could be manipulated. And was, and lost them millions.

>slow and non scalable

You are basically saying "MS, BMW, Apple wont have a website because they dont need a website, internet is too slow"

Pic related, they were mistaken.

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doesn't mean anything, it's blabbering, and no companies are actually using VEN

>JP morgan was hacked therefore private companies will want 3rd party blockchain solution where they have 0 control over and leave everything to neet basement dwellers even though its their own fucking product
>Linking BMW LITERALLY saying Vechain are participating in their start up POS thar ANYONE can apply to

Damn you are gulible

>participating in a garage start up program


and they fucking announce this as a partnership? there are over 100 other projects participating in this shit

vechain private blockchain has been in use for months and months already. enterprises have already started buying ven off the open market

vechain uses 101 authority nodes to verify transactions. no basement dwellers. weak fud

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>vechain private blockchain has been in use for months and months already
>enterprises have already started buying ven off the open market
literally 'no' proof of any of this

Which enterprises have started buying VEN off the open market? Why don't they buy it directly from Vechain instead of going on Binance? I'd feel better about investing in VEN if I could get an idea about which enterprises use it and buy it.

>JP morgan was hacked therefore private companies will want 3rd party blockchain solution where they have 0 control over and leave everything to neet basement dwellers even though its their own fucking product

If they are the sole people in control then that control can be taken away, they will just be hacked again. I never said they will use some 3rd party blockchain solution. you are the one saying they will NEVER have blockchain in their company, which is strictly false.

>0 control
voting mechanics can be introduced into the system to give themselves some power but again they cant be in complete control of the database, that just risks being hacked again.

>leave everything to neet basement dwellers even though its their own fucking product
their "product" is banking and movign money around, """""""neet basement dwellers""""" are not in control of the product they are keeping an account of the transactions JP Morgan make. They dont control the product.

also read below
the garage start up program, once accepted is a partnership. Anyone can apply for it, sure, but its about being accepted. I dont see how 100 other projects taking part means anything. Was VEN suppose to be the SOLE partner to BMW for everything?

Found it on my own. They clarified it in the same thread. Nothing has changed.

Obviously fucking Veeky Forumstards have no proof, that's why it's 'private' dumbass.

But yeah sure, DNVGL, PWC and Breyer Capital have no fucking clue

Sheeeet. They lie about BMW partnership and I just went all in on an x node :(

Fuck this amatuer hour debacle, selling my bags now and will buy back in sub $2.


Point still stands.They LITERALLY do not need it. If you think these multi billion dollar companies will rather use blockchain from fucking 3rd party small startup from China instead of their own, private and controlled solution, you are retarded.

scammed ching chong wing wong

>blockchain solution
>private and controlled
kek then its no better than a database

Yea sure nothing has changed.

Month ago

>Kek Vechain only applied for startup garage
>lol no, they are partnering, weak fud

>Kek Ven only applied for startup garage program
>Nothing has changed. Chinks are telling the truth. BMW is partnering with Sunny and using ERC20 token to track their parts

Top kek

you really have no idea how much money is lost in supply chain and cold chain logistics on a yearly basis do you? do you even know why the money is being lost?

you're acting like there's no incentive for a company to be transparent about their role in the supply chain either

Well thats exactly the point. They will use database.

>Infinity faster
>100% private (gee its made as fucking in house solution)
>Completely controlled by the fucking company that owns product, database and every single part ever produced

>Bu bu they are better of with ERC20 token from magic china man

>BMW is partnering with Sunny and using ERC20 token to track their parts
you're a fucking retard LOL

>Use a database
>get hacked
>lose millions
If only there was a way for use to store our transactions(which are already available to the public) on a public ledger that isnt nearly as easy to hack

exit scam confirmando

>If you think
he doesn't. He's just pretending to be retarded

>Have database
>Unironically think there is one point of failure

>Get magic chinamans ERC20 token to track your parts
>Get another magic chinamans token to give you that sweet decentralized internet
>Perhaps put servers in space to make it that more decentralized?