OMG proof of revenue

Why does this say that Omises revenue is 0.9m? I thought it was billions?

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Omise isn't as used as they try to make people believe
If you actually go to the countries they pretend to be a big shot in like Thailand and ask random people about Omise, they'll have no clue what you're talking about.

The "user amount" they touted for their non-blockchain business is probably just some bot inflated download count for their app.

Red flags should have appeared for people long ago when they started with misleading marketing like "muh lobby screenshots xD" and "muh mcdonalds" and "muh stickers under the skateboard totally accidental haha xD"

but this shit is valued billions and people are claiming 40bn in revenue and shit yet one quick look shows less than a million revenue WTF

There's a little something something to set your whistle

lol so this shit is a sham then

I suppose you don't have any real evidence of your claims

Market cap =/= their company revenue. They don't hold all of the tokens ffs.

Proof of absence?

no but the basis for the high valuation for OMG is the fact that Omise will be migrating their huge revenues to the blockchain and pay huge rewards. When the revenue for the company is 900k OMG holders are gonna get like 0.01c per token

I was under the impression from everyone shilling this that Omise is a huge company with huge revenues

You don't pay with omise , omise is the platform used to make the payment. You don't know your using omise when you use it , it is integrated into whatever platform your paying with.

yeah but all the valuations for this are based on the supposed huge revenues of Omise which is why plebbit faggots keep screaming $20 per coin payouts kek

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Gross Profit $0
Operating Income $0
Net Income $-1.879
Diluted EPS $0

Something is off here


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The accounts are there