Do you think Balkan countries will achieve economical advancement?

Also what does biz think about Balkan countries overall?

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superpower eoy

Theyre useless

hot girls

Give that rifle, I'm gonna cap this bitch ass pajeet

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Sucks here, DO NOT come, especially if not white or christian

Liking slavs hatin the mudslimes.
So serbia croatia and slovenia is ok

There are muslim slavs in all the countries you named. Also in Montenegro and Bosnia and Bulgaria.


Largely culturally retarded except maybe albania
I know because I play online video games with EUtards and balkanites.
The only external cultural influence that seems to affect these subhumans is gangsta rap and shallow consumerism. That is, the worst aspects of burgeristan.

Obviously mate, man i'm coming from a country which is the melting pot between slavs and germanic people.
But there are way less than in bosnia or montenegro.

redpilled but poor af. Would live there if I was completely broke

>Thinking religion is same as race and nationality
Fuck off pajeet

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Muslimane smo dobil iz bosne srbija/slov3nija j3 bla kebab free mal si preberte papki slovenci - kristjani
Srbi - pragoslavci

Remove Kebab

speak white

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Are you really that retarded?
Its like saying i like citrus fruits but hate the ones injected with pesticides (actually islam is the pest but its just to explain why you are the pajeet)

No kebab here, only Slavic Muslims.

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It is white us slavs dont have black population like u in america

balkans are a sad place

you don't know what poor is

You have to go back, jew worshipper

They don't want to work. They're like niggers, but white. Without hard labor, these countries will go nowhere.

Fiancée is from Hungary (Not Balkan country, but next to it).

Only EU country to stand their ground against the migrant infestation. Don't like muzzies, negroids, asians (bizzarely prominent population of Chinese here, but they're not as bad as the a-rabs and niggers.)

Would move there, but I don't speak Hungarian, and I got a /comfy/ job.

I live in Paris (not French though, thank god). Arabs and blacks are dirty fucking cockroaches with no respect for their surroundings. They litter everywhere, piss on people's doorways, steal shit/assault people, behave like monkies in public. Someone just genocide them. They're a waste on our civility.

Come out little niger, I just wanna talk.

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> slavs are white
That's debatable desu
The turks took a massive shit in your genetic pool for hundreds of years. If you look at genetic studies, southern slavs are removed from other Europeans (Latin, Germanic, Russian, Nordic) and generally have lower IQs.

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>Slavic Muslims.
Is that the newtrend nowdadays amongst the youngsters ?

I would say look in to the caucuses instead, my gf is from Armenia and it's going great

Man, I'm from Balkans and I mostly agree with you. Lazy ass faggots are the ex commies that lived from other people hardwork during Yugoslavia because muh equality.
Most of the people in Balkans doesn't understand basic economics as a result of systematic brainwashing from commie regime that has affected generations that were born after Yugoslavia through their parents. The small number that have entrepreneural way of thinking have solid jobs and businesses.

Yes they did with bosnia, montenegro , albania,kosovo,makedonija but not slovenija

I would stay away. Romania and Bulgaria are infested with gypsies, the rest is full of Muslims and Turk rape babies. Maybe Greece, but it’s still poor and corrupt. People in general are trying to get out of that part of the world

>Most of the people in Balkans doesn't understand basic economics as a result of systematic brainwashing from commie regime that has affected generations that were born after Yugoslavia through their parents. The small number that have entrepreneural way of thinking have solid jobs and businesses.

balkans in a nutshell
you couldn't have been more spot on

slovenia = a crypto trader's tax haven

Hmmm fair point. Slovenia is more part of central Europe than the Balkans imo.

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We love it here (:

I don't like countries with niger or negro in the name or seas called black.

It's ok, that's why bosnians/albanians/kosovians and other ex-yu subhumans infest Slovenia (about 40% of the total population I believe). Slovenia is still balkan.

>tfw legit >140 IQ Bosnian muslim living in central Europe
>fast-tracked elementary school by 2 years and finished university with distinction a semester early as well
>entire family (2-3 generations before me) and relatives are smart as fuck

w e w I sure have some shitty genetics

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In Serbia's situation they are too desperate to join the (((EU))) which means they arent getting into lucrative economic deals with Russia.

Not saying that would lift them out of poverty but it would help.

Bosnia& Herzegovina and Croatia are the least poluted countries in the Balkans.

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>Also what does biz think about Balkan countries overall?

Croatia - Yes
Bosnia - NO
Serbia - buck no

Serbia is an orc hive populated by retarded psychotics. It has no future

I know ALOT of bosnian muslims(I am from Slovenia and they migrated here) and like 90% of them are the dumbest people I've ever met, its like a stereotype here that bosnians have big heads and are stupid af

I'm from the Balkan region and
Sums it up.
Just sprinkle in some national hatred based on religions that barely anyone actually practices, and the abomination called Bosnia who is basically forever screwed by their social experiment of a constitution.
>3 presidents, 2 seperate entities, 13 supreme courts, 2 education systems, 2 healthcare systems, untameable corruption and 100+ political parties all of which are absolute memes.
48% of the annual budget in bosnia goes on administration costs, which is insanity, thanks to the giant government (31% of all working adults work for the goverment in some way, and thus dont generate any income for the budget but rather just take away from it)

I've never heard of a sistem more screwed up

Bulgaria is full of backwards people but it's becoming a very nice location for outsourcing work. My town which is not the capital is filled to the brim with call centres and whatnot. The younger generation is naturally picking up the English language because of all the media and then are baited by the lucrative salary of 700 euro for a call centre job.

Any western europe businessman reading this post - you can get three workers for the price of one if you can outsource any part of your workload abroad.

You can't have an IQ of 140 and be muslim. Go LARP somewhere else.

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>we high in Haplogroup I
kek kinda like how a turd with the most mineral content is "the least polluted"
it's still a turd

law of big numbers

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plz russia can't even lift itself out of poverty

Slovenia is lit af, others are shit


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I'm not larping dude

Svaka cast se strinjam iq bosancou je 70

sorry to burst ur bubble but russians arent really white either.
mongols and tatars raped them for centuries its visible even today
loads of 'russians' have almost squinty eyes

>except maybe albania
tip top kek

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No black in Singapore user only pajeets

A super power with $1.2 trillion GDP could definitely help Serbia who has a GDP of $37 billion and a population of 7 million

also: good public schools and (and) free healthcare.
You need a heart transplantation? check Need need new hip endoprosthesis? No problem
Wanna study medicine and go work in higher paying countries? Check
Tax free crypto gains? Check


are you retarded

I forgot Singapore is part of China

>>super power
>>$1.2 trillion GDP
i guess spain, italy, france, japan, germany, canada, australia are superpowers too lol

With the current governments and overall people attitude, the balkans will be forever stuck in the 70s. Its a shame since they have a cool culture(especially the music), but communism really fucked up the balkans; as othet anons said, most people here dont understand basic economics and have no idea that starting your own business is an option. The majority of people in here(Romania) usually blame someone else(i.e.: americans, hungarians etc) for their own failures and for the fact that the country is just a huge shithole.

Tell me about it im 23 and working for a countrys company i cant say witch but the thing is im always talking about how i will make something that will make me money (company) but older ppl here are telling me otherwise they say that i shous take bank loan for 35years with 5% interest and that i can be happy that i get it sometimes even i cant belive how rearded are ppl here but then again i must say im from slovenija but working with macedonians bosnian croats serbs and ppl from kosovo

And anyone that starts a successful business is called criminal, mobster etc

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You know what's not debatable?
The fact that the "actual" whites will become mutts within a few decades while south slavs will remain the same.

And genetic pool is only slightly tainted in the most southern parts that are sometimes not even slavic.
And if you look at the genetic varations, you'll find that ex-yu are more genetically similar to westerners than russians are and have nothing in common with turks.

>working for a countrys company
>countrys company

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Yeah this too, fuck this place

Self-hating faggot. I bet you go to the mall every weekend like a good burger.

That’s bexausw they are. It’s run by oligarchs you useful idiot.

“Successful business” — and then we get Konzum on every street corner.

Fuck you

Slavs are already mutts m8. Not the prime genetic stock of the white race. But I agree jews have completely fucked us in the West, I’d rather my race survive through slavs than not at all

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Of course, I'm just saying that turkish mixing is one big meme.
We are 100% euro mutts though.

Turks are white.

ok cenk

Croatian here
We are superior,Serbs are ok too.

Well you are if you claim you have an IQ above 120 and believe in imaginary friends


t. Croat

superior how?

Poo of Europe, the people there aren't even white

Feels good to be pure

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balkan countries can never make it due to their mentality

Here we go with all the shit that litters up this place and makes it bad. Too bad, because it's funny as fuck otherwise.

This guy gets it. Crofag here and most of the people are brainwashed. Everything is based around shopping centres, no one knows basic economy. Small business are falling apart.

>Why should I pay 10€ for a product that costs 3€ to produce

Not even larping

Why do you insist on saying you’re different people when you have the same genes, speak the same language etc? It’s really fucking autistic seen from the outside

>...and most of the people are brainwashed

Sunce im kalajsavo

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Balkanfag here, this is spot on. Our political system is a living meme and the economy is consumption-based with little protection for domestic producers but the hope lies in attracting foreign investors. I'm freelance writing and can earn some cash without having to lick party leader boots or ask for favors from wealthy cheapskate cousins.

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Balkanfag here. Sold my IT outsourcing company's shares for o.k. money and I'm movng to Switzerland.

Can't buy a nice car here and live a good life. It's full with envious losers and mobsters.

Fuck this place.