Do you goys have any 100x leverage stories...

Do you goys have any 100x leverage stories? I’ve only done it once and turned $50 into $500 but I don’t have the balls to do it again

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That's a x10 not x1000 faggot

are...are these girls supposed to be 'hot'? They looks like Caitlin Jenner's sisters.

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youre the idiot who doesnt know what leverage is get the fuck out of here

Tattoos on women put them back into the uncanny valley.

That are some next level stank hoes
>Bogdanoff face
>Shitty tats
>Black painted nails with light clothing

Pic related

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what the fuck is that tattoo of a goblin?

kek this is 10/10 bait thank you oldfags

the lost bogandoff sisters

>tfw mirin jaws
t-thanks Veeky Forums

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They’re dudes you brainlet

They're bruce willis' daughters you fucking knobs. Show some respect.

I would impregnate these women just to create sons with godly jawlines. The girls could just get surgery.

could easily see both them having a nicely hung penis between their legs.

hapsburg jaw lives on

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50 --> 500 100x??
Are you FUCKINNG mentally derailed

American math


user I....

idk man newbiz is pretty fucking dumb

He closed his position out after making money. Do you have any idea how longs/shorts even work?

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I would bang them both just to be closer to Bruce Willis.

>56 percent, the post

How much melanin is in your skin? Be honest.

Every time I see an unattractive female, this immediately runs through my mind. Fuck this fucking gay earth

How does the sign stay there if the pit is bottomless?

What happens if you get liquidated? Do you lose it all or do you owe them something?

I met scout at a bar once and spent the evening with her and her friends (we have some in common). Never again.

learn about what a 100x leverage is before you post in a 100x leverage thread

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new people here have completely fucked Veeky Forums

when you see shit like this you begin to question the people behind the keyboards.

Notice how all the ChainLink Shilling has paused...

Veeky Forums is emptying out.

hahahahaha excellent reference stories?

Really bad trannies.

jesus all joking aside that its an example of two "attractive" parents making a horrible genetic mix

Those are the abominations born of the unholy Union of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore.

I’d just bang Bruce

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Definitely not from Demi Moore's side. Remember her in Striptease? Daughters got none of her. Rumor looks like her but that fucking long chin of Willis'. No offense to who they are, but had to. lol