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Over 1.2k in contract
YouTube awareness is growing, there’s like 10 new videos a day YouTube Powh3d
Plebbit is starting to come around too!
Get the fuck in while it’s sub 2k. This won’t be for long

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Fuck off with your ponzi scam.

why scam? care to explain? should i be worried about my investment?

hey hey heeeeeey

It's going to tank to 200ETH any minute, and noone will rebuy

I fucking wish it did

Oh man I wish. The more ppl sell the more dividends I get. And I can reinvest my 5% daily compound interest

So. Fucking. Desperate.

I smell a mass exit, it doesnt matter its a smart contract, massive pump and shilling followed by a huge cashing out of early buyers.

Holy fucking shit you think I'm going to buy your bags you filthy pajeet?

Reported for shitty fucking ponzi.

He calls it a Scam, that just means hes a nigger who cant read code, thw thing is fucking open source any1 can read the code and see Its not a Scam lol, They are just spreading FUD

>invest in transparent ponzi that prides itself in being a ponzi without knowing what it even is
You retards will buy anything.

Do u not understand how this works. If u put in 1eth and everyone is just waiting to dump, then u will get way more in dividends then ur 1eth u invested. There’s no way to lose other then having weak hands u dumb fucking cuck

If people sell u get dividens in pure Etherium, nigtard

The token value decrease can be way more than a shitty 10% recoup. Holy shit.

It doesn't even have approve and transferFrom functions, its coded by literal pajeets.

You had 1 job, follow ERC20 compatibility, but no you fucked that up and can't get on exchanges now.

Good job with your literal shit coin.

The first people to sell and the last people to sell are the ones who profit, those who sell in the middle are the ones losing, Thats Why nobody is selling and price just going up

> first people to sell are ones who make profit
> thats why nobody is selling

hur dur hur dur.

Your stupid af, exchanges would take away the 10% fee distributed on the transfers of tokens.

If u invest 1eth and everyone dumps. U will be getting way more then ur 1eth by far from dividends. If ur the last man standing

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you fucking autist worse possible thing that can happen you will lose 20% of your current value even if it goes to 2 guys left in contract, if you're the last one you ultimately will get away with your money and what you got with divs, but guess what, i'm 2x on initial investement and i don't even give a fuck at this point about those 20%

Fuck it biz wants to stay poor they will fomo in at 2k in a day when plebbit starts to pour in.
Have fun see u at 5k next week on the moon u dumb brainlets

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>types like an illiterate subhuman
>expects people to buy into his scam

They litterly have No fucking idea of How it works and are just mad Cuz They now understand How stupid They are tonot have Bought any P3D yet

>If people sell u get dividens in pure Etherium

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literal. pajeet.

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>trying to shill something when your spelling is worse than the average grade-schooler

is this reverse psychology FUD?

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>10 new videos a day

By people who are going to be locked up for running scams. Well sign me up OP. You know we all got into cryptos to be around loud HIV infected niggers

Trying to help some anons here - token prices went up 10,000x within the first 50 eth.

It then took the next 150 eth to merely double.

The next doubling took 650 eth

From here, you need about 4000 eth in order to double. That's not taking account of the 20% you lose, as well.

This will never get big/smart money because those guys aren't brainlets and know how a pyramid scheme works (hint: it's like a pyramid).

Buying in now is an extremely high risk proposition. Unlike shitcoins, whose "market cap" can move strongly with little actual investment, this is all about real eth and needs real eth coming in to move it, plus the way the price is designed to increase (as above) strongly, STRONGLY disadvantages later buyers. Such as yourself.

Thinking about FOMOing in?

Thinking about when to bail out?

Calculate your gains and losses with this handy worksheet - feel free to copy and share

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thanks thats superb.