Will we see a 100x anytime soon in this market?

Will we see a 100x anytime soon in this market?

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Number 2.

Banyan, TE-Food and Universa.


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100x which direction?

Yes yes yes pajeet food is the best on earth

Yeah the Legendary Spring run of May 2018

>plastic containers
might as well add soy

Looks like amerifat food. Why do you americans eat so much constantly?

That is clearly pajeet food

>tfw i'm accumulating the next x100 coin, and i'm not going to tell what it is

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Rice rice gravy.

Link, no?


Is it skycoin?

Buy in or die poor

me too and it's funny seeing the lowkey fud here in biz of that coin

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This. Banyan's team is fucking awesome and it has pretty much no attention and is only listed on bibox at the moment.

its very clearly mexican


Check 'em --->

Why would u garnish meal prep meals? The cilantro is going to get wilted and gross by the 5th one

Its called working out you limp wristed virgin

We should come back to europe for a third time and show you first hand

It's fucking jnt you idiots


he still doesnt know lol

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You fucks better give me a (You) for this meticulously crafted pun.

Soon relatively to the stock market yes. but it'll still be 3-5 years.

>Its called working out
oh, come on. breaking a sweat while trying to expel constipated fecal matter from your anus due to your terrible diet can't really be considered "working out" now, can it user?

Can I get the ingredients for all those meals user? I plan on meal planning and getting a gym membership when I make it in crypto, or at least get 10k.

yes, bitconnect whales are accumulating

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Unironically ICX

Banyan Network is the only clear 100X I see. It's already started for me, I'm in at $.046


Fat cunt detected