Will 3D printers eventually crash the housing market?

Shit like this can already be built in 24 hours by just a single printer, and the industry is just getting started. Try thinking 10-20 years forward. If you ask me, buying a house is risky af because of this.

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a house 10-20years from now will double in value regardless of 3d printing


property value

Probably not, because "housing" is largely dependent on land ownership, and nowhere that has a "housing crisis" like San Fran or Vancouver will allow these sort of structures to be built. They already refuse to build low rent condensed apartment complexes, I don't see them being eager for an endless landscape of modular homes.

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oh and that looks like shit

only politician standing in the way

Fuck off, the value is not all tied to property. And of course it looks like shit, it's one of the first prototypes, what do you expect?

There's a global housing crisis coming and new policies will be required. If Vancouver won't allow 3D printed houses, why would middle class move there and buy a $1 million apartment when you can get a $20,000 house in another city? The market prices will balance this out and all cities will have to adopt.

>If you ask me, buying a house is risky af because of this

this is the worst fucking board, i'm selling all my crypto

Buying a house is risky, but not because of this codswallop

>the value is not all tied to property
Yes it is, imbecile. Housing value is always tied to propery (location, amenities, neighborhood).
>it's one of the first prototypes, what do you expect?
For it to not look like shit. It's not that hard to pour concrete (which is what this is), in an aesthetically pleasing configuration.

Won't do anything, it's the land that's going up in value. The shack on it is only worth 50-200k. Even if you could print a cheap house on top of valuable land the price would hardly come down because of it

Maybe for burgers who build their houses out of paper.

So you think you can buy land and then build a house there without any capital?

There are already companies who are building good houses within 24 hours. But they don't use some 3D printers. They produce parts of the houses in factories and assemble them on your property how you like it.

Just like Lego in big. Way better than this fidget spinner house in your pic.

>So you think you can buy land and then build a house there without any capital?

Nobody said or implied that was the case, you fucking retard.

(((They))) won't allow for it. They already control all the land and own banks, their plans are to create small condensed apartment blocks everywhere to have 24/7 surveillance on (you). If you want this type of house you won't be living close to civilization, and again, if you're a UScuck you'd probably still need to get permission to build this shit on land regardless of location.
>muh freedom

Why to 3d print when you can buy fake lego per kilo in aliexpress? It is like you hate money ir something...

I am very much interested in these kind of construction technologies, that and the fiber concrete (reminder that no major evolution in construction technology has been implemented for at least 1 century now). I deeply invest oin some start up doing 3D concrete printing. However your statement is wrong, look at the real estate price in Europe, the old stuffs are always much more expensive. This will be clearly a good business for social building and/or migrant temporary accomodations. A LOT of money to drain from contract with governments.

>reminder that no major evolution in construction technology has been implemented for at least 1 century now)

This is blatantly false. Where do you even come up with this shit?

The house is not where the value is. The top three most important aspects of house value: location, location, location.

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Walls are one of the fastest and cheapest construction phases as it is, till we get complete solutions with wiring, plumbing, decoration and windows this doesnt mean shit. We already have fast wall construction with sandwitch systems etc.

In Estonia we have 20000$ modular houses and you can put them anywhere where you have property.
But people still prefer to live inside the city close to work and it's difficult to get good empty property inside the city.

civil engineer here, the reinforced concrete you see everywhere is the same that the one 1 century ago. Some improvement on material (optimisation of the mix + few additionnal chemical), on the type of structure (central column etc...) and on the technical side (moving formwork etc). But absolutely nothing disruptive since 100 years. Prove me I am wrong!

Can confirm, nothing will replace precast concrete, especially for structures with a rebar layout, ie. 90% of constructions. The cost of having pajeets lay the steel and cast concrete is peanuts

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Fiber concrete sooner or later

3D printed housing wont crash the housing market, the housing market will crash itself.

>why would middle class move there and buy a $1 million apartment when you can get a $20,000 house in another city?

You obviously have no grasp of even the most basic concepts of the housing market. Why would anyone live in a city when you can buy a mansion in Wyoming for $300k?

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Its a waste of money in most situations, like with most floors you only need reinforcements on the bottom due to bending you dont need the entire floor reinforced and with rebar you can just reinforce the bottom section of the floor, harder t do with fiber concrete without reinforcing the entire floor

I agree, however the fiber concrete will allow the 3D printing with more ease and that is why the 2 are correlated in their success. Imagine having a 3D printer able to change the type of concrete along the construction (for a slab, 1st layer in Fiber then plain concrete afterward and you have your strength against bending without wasting steel or assimilated - and I don't talk about the benefit in terms of stress distribution along your slab).

But it would still be in uniform layers, I don't see curtailment being possible within those layers unlike steel

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Back in the 60s, a bunch of people did hobbit holes - get some land and build a fucking comfy bunker into a small hill. Costs like 2k for cement (line it so it doesn't look like you're in a soviet missile silo ) and lots of windows/skylights to give it air. Spend the money you saved on Solar/turbines depending where you are. Looking at 5 to 10k tops. Basically like an IRL Minecraft cave. Comfy!

I'm gonna do that user. I've got some old books on it in my SHTF collection. Let's see (((them))) prevent that.

That's interesting indeed. I can imagine having a mixing equipment incorporated to your concrete pump that would be able to "dose" the fiber reinforcement in a proper way. To be on your side and to show you I am honnest in my assessment, I think the most difficult to do with 3D printing and fiber concrete is the connections between the different elements of a structure (I give you that starter rebars are what is commonly used and I cannot see yet how to replace this sequence).

PS: English is not my native langage, I hope I understood curtailment well in your case

need to ship out all the hobos in sf and portland to the nevada desert where they have these.

no more street shitters.

This is why is big business. Go to talk with the mayor of a big city, proposing for limited cost to "clean" the city center of all hobos sending them in this type of housing in the suburb + having a good electoral arguments (a roof on top of everybody). Huge money for you

3D printing can make quite a lot of things cheaper such as dentistry, medicine, manufacturing... but not houses lol.

You're buying land, not the actual property built on it.

It will make the new construction cheaper and the old fashion more expensive (as the concrete house made the construction cheaper but making "renaissance style" stone house cost a fortune if well maintained). Land price trends is obviously something not dependant of what you put on top of it.

Good quality prefab is a bigger "thread", but don't kid yourself. Cattle can't be allowed to live cheaply.
Current situation
>300k house
>200k plot
With new innovative tech
>100k house
>500k plot

>Land price trends is obviously something not dependant of what you put on top of it.
If only. Here they calculate the value of the lot based on the value of the house that can be build on it.

housing market is a racket anyway.

it's like when people claim crypto will overtake fiat... do you really think "they" will let that happen? It's all under control.

Really depends on where you are re: property value. An $800k apartment in Manhattan would cost you $100k to rebuild. That’s an example where most of the value is tied to property. Building a $300k 2000 square foot home in the middle of Arkansas on the other hand will probably result in a $350-400k home/property combo. Good example where most of the value is tied to the home itself.

That being said, appreciation is 100% tied to property value. If you expect your home to ever be worth more than you paid for it, you’re banking on property value going up. A home itself is a depreciating asset, like a car.

> you may valorize a land with the projection of what you can build on it I agree. But that is abstraction (and I do not deny the impact on a price land but I think it is limited). But after that if you want to build on it a metal sheet shed or a little Versailles, it won't be relevant.

So what? That's what sellers and owners are doing. Doesn't matter what you want to use the land for, they will sell based on the most value that can be gotten from it.

and it ain't the cost of a 3d printed house. go ahead and print your house but dont moan when you have nowhere to put it cheaply

will it ever be possible to escape "them"

up in space? meditation?

>Doesn't matter what you want to use the land for, they will sell based on the most value that can be gotten from it

Why are so angry user? It is exactly what I said, the price of the land does not matter what you will put on it. Chill down dude!

The problem is that government has control over which areas get assigned to be residential.
Speculators can buy land from farmers. Local government has to buy from the speculant. And the developer buys it again from the local government.
This creates a system where the local government has an interest in scarcity because high housing prices means their ground is worth wore. And government always wants more money of course.
End result is that the citizen pays to much.
The only party that really benefits of high property prices are banks. Since higher mortgages means more money from interest payments.
Governments really don't benefit in the end. Since all the money that goes into paying the mortgage can't be spend in the local economy.

Please Jesus and KeK, let this be what destroys the boomer once and for all!

this guy gets it
when it comes to homes you pay for the location, not the building
just explore rural shitholes in your country, guarantee you will find houses for less than $20,000

I understand what you mean but that is included in the price of the land initially, does not matter what will be actually put on it afterward.
if you want to buy a swamp it will cost $.
Now if you are buying a 150sqm land in a cute housing suburb where the sqm is 1000USD. the land will be a % of the potential 150sqm house you can built on it, the land will cost you $$.
Now again you are buying a land in a city center where you can build a 10 floors building at @ 10000USD the sqm, the land will be a % of this potential , the land will cost you $$$$$. After if instead of optimising your investment you prefer building a shitty 20sqm house, it is your problem.

Honestly, I want to build Rapture if I had billions. Bottom of the fucking ocean. Fuck em. They can fight Cthulhu to get to my front door.

Own a few acres, can confirm. My house was built by a bubble eyed retard, and needs lots of cosmetic work, but it sits on a decent chunk of land in what's soon to be prime real estate. Thanks for the low prices gen x and boomer fags