If this isn't at least 80% of your portfolio, you're not gonna make it

If this isn't at least 80% of your portfolio, you're not gonna make it

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But this isn't REQ user.

req is a fucking meme coin you people are delusional

Especially conpared to jnt honestly, im not even invested in jnt but ive done my research and even jnt which has only been on exchanges for like a month shits all over req

If you read anything outside of Veeky Forums and reddit you would have dumped req a long time ago, ow tour a dumbass with a coik thats like 1/5th of its ath with no hype around it other than people on message boards, no significant partnerships other than ycombinator, and a use-case which relied entirely on it being adopted on a mass scale

Yeah you people are delusional if you think thats a sound investment in this space right now.

>he bought req at 1.20
>he sold req at 0.15
>he is so salty that will miss the req moon mission in Q2
When will they ever learn?

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I bought at 20 cents and sold at 30 to get into ven at 60 cents which was a way more profitable trade

I bought req below ICO and sold at $1 just because I need money (lucky me). Rebought 250k at .30 and going to ride at least to $5.
>use-case which relied entirely on it being adopted on a mass scale
completely ignorant
>no significant partnerships
at least one big partnership is sealed. They will announce it literally any minute
>no hype around
buy high mentality. I see

Req is p small-scale conpared to a lot of other projects sitting at similar market caps.. a lot of things id rather invest in desu. Its an ok project but there is better stuff out there for your money imho

Like what?

>market recovers
>jnt under 30c
>fuck you biz

Platforms, projects whose value isnt attached to just one use-case. Projects that enable stuff like req to work.

I just think there is more interesting/promising stuff to invest in. I would maybe put a nominal amount of my portfolio in req at the absolute most

>VEN 3,5
>ICX 2.1
>NEO 70
>EOS 5

Are you retarded user? Market recover lmao

>just one use-case
req has tens of use cases, 42 teams are already working on their projects using req as a platform
>Projects that enable stuff like req to work
I don't see any reason how KNC or ZRX would outperform something that is focusing on real world instead of just crypto space. Their mcaps are higher as well
>there is more interesting/promising stuff
share it then

Have I been warned?

Can you guys make a big FAQ and summary copy pasta thing so we don't have to answer the same god damn questions every single thread?

Soon the medium post by talal will answer all the qurstions.

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>Talal misses a coma in the post

80k jibbies will allow me to quit wage cucking in a year or two r-right guys? plz...

If you don't believe it yourself, your weak hands will fold way before then.

When moon?

Very soon according to the medium article they just posted

Made me check

>Entire market drops 20%
>So does JNT, ratio unaffected
>"What went wrong?"
>"Goatfucker coin, biz BTFO"
>"Absolute state of jibbies"

They deleted it I guess

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I wonder how disappointing and underwhelming this article is going to be.

REQ is a platform you mouthbreathing retard.

son of motherless dog...small wind from snakes hole...shoe of a million small feet...father of small stinky smell...aaaaaaa

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>relied entirely on it being adopted on a mass scale
this can be said about literally any and every coin. and request mainnet hasn't even launched yet. were you expecting widespread adoption on the testnet?

Eh, if it clarifies some things I'll be happy.

in other words you only invest in hype projects that pump "partnerships" on twitter and deliver nothing of value. that worked last year but people have caught on to the BS. 2018 will be the year of real world adoption.

I doubt it will clarify anything. Will probably get a dump after the timeline is longer than people think.

It's not gonna be the roadmap though, it will be an easier explanation to JNT mechanics, which should clear up some brainlet FUD or... confirm it. I hope they have some easy to understand examples of how JNT works.

People already think holding at least to DAO release or even to the 2019-2020...which could be either deluded or one of the smartest moves... nevertheless the article will go into further details about the SEED partnership, that alone is worth the wait

sandnigger coin, scam, don't trust arabs etc etc

Go look at the telegram. Do you think those people are holding long term? The SEED details are probably going to reveal that it will take course over six months which makes sense with the korean news. That combined with the actual timeline makes me pretty confident of people losing patience.

The CryDR explorer was supposed to be Q1 as well so it clearly got pushed back.

The TG group is a total mess like any other TG group. What is your point? You think the people with enough purchasing power is spaming TG groups? Who cares about those people?
This will be one of the confiest long term holds and people who have sth to say know that, btw in the top 40 holders rn

Regarding your CryDr explorer this was already mentioned in the boxmining Interview if i remember correctly.

The promised new website and new roadmap is imminent too.

Fuck the TG group.

Wojack, Frank, and Dat Boi ruined it. Also, that guy Enrik keeps asking the dumbest questions

Exactly my words. The JNT TG group is just another big Veeky Forums thread

>tfw I looked at which number wallet I am yesterday

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Which is fair enough. I just don't think most people are in for the long haul. It's easy to hold in a bear market because everything else is also going down. But when something or most things are going up while this remains stagnant people are going to sell. Assuming of course the post and roadmap aren't extremely bullish and there isn't a binance listing.

>tfw barely in top 200
Probably not gonna make it brehs

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There is some stinky linky has that 600K Link and JNT.

Yet nobody can explain these questions :

1) Why was JNT need. All of the answers explain only how JNT works in this system, not thinking that this system works without the need of JNT.

2) Why would any financial institution bear the double cost of tokenization when they can get the same on-chain/off-chain arbitrage without having sleeping money.

I'm still waiting...

What kind of fucking name is "Jibrel Network". What's a "Jibrel", do I have one in my pants? Does Rush Limbaugh go on about the "Jibrel Media"? Who came up with this shit?

It's not going to make it due to the name alone.

what a meme king

As expected, no one can answer this. Next thing I expect is some calling me an dump fuck for falling for their shitcoin and lies

Dump fuck for falling for their shitcoin and lies.

Honestly though go on telegram and ask Talal directly. We are a bunch of retards on a Nigerian Competitive Hopscotch forum. What do we know.

Yeah, I was trying to figure out where this name came from. Now it all makes sense.

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How do you expect to have a decentralized consumer bank without a DAO and corresponding dedicated on-chain liquidity?

If Jibrel was only fiat -> jCash back and forth then I'd agree with you. But the project is much bigger than that.

If you disagree, please present a model of a decentralized bank without any form of DAO with sufficient liquidity.

>All of the answers explain only how JNT works in this system, not thinking that this system works without the need of JNT.

That is most retarded sentence I ever read in jibrel threads. If YOU think that system can work without JNT, YOU should prove it, not your opponent.

ww@ senpai?