Guess Ledger and Trezor are even now

Guess Ledger and Trezor are even now

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yes goy, better store them private keys on a txt file on your nsa infected pc ... no problem here (((HEHEHE))))

Pen and paper wins again

Fake news.

Don't bother reading this bs, skip to the bottom and you'll see he conveniently waited until then to state that this only works IF YOUR DEVICE HAS BEEN TAMPERED WITH BEFORE USE.

This is common knowledge, and as long as you are ordering from ledger directly instead of a retailer, and ensuring it has not been tampered with, you're in the clear.



update your firmware. I have been able to update my ledger to 1.4.1 firmware without any issues. And have been able to install my apps with no issues. I wonder why other people were having problems. I use Linux.

implying ledger is not

Why do people FUD hardware wallets? Are they accumulating?

Ledger most definately has NSA/Israel backdoors, it uses proprietary hardware. It's good protection against everyone else though.

If you wanna hide ur crypto from the authorities use airgapped computers that dont have any wireless chips wifi/bluetooth/3g anything

they either use another wallet or they dont own crypto at all, i.e old Veeky Forumstards mad at the state of this poor fucking board.

Setup an air-gapped computer that has never touched the internet. de-solder or disconnect any wireless internal antennas or network cards. setup linux but compile everything from source code yourself, and audit all source code first. setup a paper wallet generator using a cryptographically secure source of random entropy.

transfer your BTC to the public key address you generated offline for your paper wallet. now your coins are safely stored offline and can't be hacked. the next step is critically important. take your paper wallet with BTC on it, and the next time you feel the call of nature, wipe your ass with that paper wallet and flush it down the toilet because that shit is worthless.

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>what is an AES 256 encrypted archive file on a PC with no internet access
comfy hodl life

>Don't bother reading this bs, skip to the bottom and you'll see he conveniently waited until then to state that this only works IF YOUR DEVICE HAS BEEN TAMPERED WITH BEFORE USE.
this is not just bs, because nano ledger were always saying it's safe to use the ledger even bought from 3rd party as long as you generate a new seed, turns out it's not, ledger company should be held liable for saying that

in fact is has much bigger implications, after this you can no longer consider anything stored on ledger safe, because even the company itself or an employee could use that vulnerability

>Guess Ledger and Trezor are even now

Wat tha fck u triena say niga?

Thats literally me kek


wew good thing I ordered directly from them

they would need physical access to my ledger still

I download the coins to store on my ledger like a flash drive

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and they do before they send it to you
you know what I meant, it's a commonly accepted simplification to say that your coins are stored on the wallet even though it's on the network

The people losing their coins before were buying the ledger nano s off of 3rd party vendors and using the seed the third party included in the package. That's like going to the bank and using the bank account number some guy outside gives you for deposits. Not arguing tbqh but people gotta realize most security flaws are user error because people don't take time to learn the basic concepts. All a ledger nano s really does is makes you verify transfers with a hardware button and makes it so you don't need to pull out a paper wallet to access coins. They aren't some magical device to make your coins untouchable.